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    Very interesting and beautiful pieces. Themistoklis would you like to share what looks like a very complicated technique with us please?

    Themistoklis Moschidis




     Good morning from Athens It’s not that complicated as a technique. It is a construction for activating the water we drink. It is a plaster orgonite that contains, 5 coils of quartz and copper, my intention to purify the water. A large spiral of copper and incense. Also the water I used is spring water and I cleaned all my ingredients with herbal smoke and singing bows. For me being Greek and having a deep connection with the symbols of Mythology, I painted the Goddess Athena and Hercules as a symbol of strength

    For us Greeks, mythology is not fairy tales. It is the de-symbolization of universal laws, including the way orgone acts in humans! That’s why I choose designs from ancient Greece to multiply the action of the plaster orgonite