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    True…But…there it comes….doing this for two years now and as reported the first time I made good plasterite after advice of Timo and some members of the old orgonite plus club it truly got pumping, four huge cones I made in a weekend and that s when all hell broke lose , out of nowhere the helicopters came
    daily, got fed up with it and intuitively gifted one of those, that lured them away rather efficiently, put it somewhere a couple of miles away and they got confused so …you know…just calling a dog a dog here, that s all I do..Two and two equals four, I am that straightforward..I am not going into hoopla, just show things as they are…It is up to the individual to do their own reasoning about it.
    As I said the program is on, the aerosol we can discuss into infinity whether it is good or safe or jadijadija….the program continues so…
    anyway it is good folk see what s going on….this applies to all orgonite basically or any other activity that gives a cog in the wheel as they say.