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Robert Virginie

Hi Stephen, Thanks for that, I did see the original post but wondering about a few things. It doesn’t seem to have any metal shavings at all.
The Orgonizeaustralia post also shows sea shells.
Do they help with the energy?
and the original life pillow had other herbs and rare earths.
Would you know what they are?

Thank again.
Stephen Geddes That was Josh’s exclusive , 23 minerals, gems and rare earths…he trialled many things , but that formulae above , he shared with me before his passing…in his revealing his formulae on ogoniteplus, he said that quality beachsand and kelp seaweed was sufficient to work…

in his resin life pillows, he used acorn caps…, they contained the growing end…hollow space… sacred geometry to resonate through the piece…the pillow mix he sent me to trial got through customs here (they had already taken a leather life pillow apart) but not the pile of acorn caps accompanying the mix…on emailing him (we shared a lot of stuff) I asked if sea shells would work as they contained the Fibonacci spiral,, , he got excited and said yes indeed which he started using as well…. so the acorn caps and seashells help to resonate the frequency…(sacred geometry)

Robert Virginie Great, Thank you. I’m thinking of adding some canabis extract and comfrey for their healing properties and some other healing stones too.

Stephen Geddes Love to hear how they come out,,,maybe a picture or two would go down well too.
Robert Virginie Won’t get back into making any orgonite until next month and will share the outcome them.

Yes … any quartz sand will work but beachsand (quartz type as on most Aussie beaches) seems the best as it’s been charging up under the sun for millennia ,,,I collect from the tidal zone, that way you get a bit of salt with it too
The glowie stuff is just bling…..ignore that…..the energy of the life pillow and orgonite combo is multiplied… They offer EMF clean up as with orgonite, but the life pillow mix will clean up food , water, medications, smokes , alcohol, sometimes pain…, virtually everything…it changes the spin of anything harmful down to an electron level,,,,,,,the result is tasty food and somewhat safer….mine are in use everyday…by my reckoning , worth their weight in gold.. !

Stephen Geddes The double dipping sealed in the pillow mix with a glass smooth finish… a couple of air bubbles can be filled in with a couple of drops of resin later…..concerning techniques…if you make the resin form of the Life Pillow , mix it quite thick and let sit for half hour or so before adding the hardener,,, it should be thick, just pourable…I add a wee bit more hardener as well … must stir really thoroughly, even stirring between pours if doing more than one piece…let harden and double dip in the same moulds … enjoy

Stephen Geddes

Sheryll and Robert….I asked Josh at one stage , why use kelp seaweed and is there any other plants worth using…? His reply was that he’d tried quite a few energy plants with some varying success….

Apparently native american tobacco was one that worked quite well…some varieties of pine too….he suggested to enquire about the medicine plants of the original people of my area and trial them .,…

At the time …ground kelp seaweed had the best results..