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    Stephen Geddes

    This post is dedicated to my mate , Josh, who passed away earlier this year.Josh was a legend, a pioneer orgonite maker and gifter and will be sadly missed.But I feel he’d be excited to have his innovative techniques shared .The Resin Life PillowThe original Life Pillow came in a quality soft leather wallet that was carried with you…You could wave it over food, water , medications , smokes , alcohol , pain..etc…it had the ability to change the spin of anything harmful in the target, resulting in improved taste and somewhat safer. This is the original info………

    A bit later Josh revealed his formula for making the Resin Life Pillow, a somewhat hardier and long lasting technique and stronger than the original leather wallet.What a guy. !!!!….typical of his sharing and caring nature.
    I must say, these Resin Life Pillows are among the best pieces I make and really do work as claimed …truly amazing Please take the time to research Josh’s Forum …orgoniteplus.Truly one of the most innovative orgonite forums around without the fantasy and BS
    And to Josh , mate , you are legend , I tip my hat and raise my glass …cheers ! (6 photos)


    About time I shared this great new technique…I’ve been trialing for a couple of months now. It’s called Josh’s Life Pillow and can be ordered from

    Basically, it’s a soft leather pouch containing 23 diff. gems, crushed, two rare earths and three herbs. When you pass it over food, water , virtually anything , it reverses the harmfull negative spin to a positive within a second. If something is harmful to us , it has a neg. spin, the more poisonous, the stronger the spin. I emailed Josh…was this spin stuff at the electron level or what ?

    ..He replied that a collegue of his former work stated the if you focus a special beam at an object and capture its reflection you can see the spin state. He could see this reversing using the Life Pillow but could not understand why and how quickly this was happening. So what does this mean? By passing the Life Pillow over a substance..within a couple of cm… it will be “purified” .Food tastes wonderful…plain homecooked throw together tastes gourmet….every night ! Take away junkfood….if you like that stuff …..actually can be eaten safely and taste good ! Water is charged to taste sweet and lively…leaving a crisp tingle on your tongue…totally enjoyable….chlorine taste just disappears

    The Life Pillow also has a profound benefit to one’s health. I took my pillow to school and showed students how to use and passed around.
    when I mentioned energising water…there was a rush on pillowing their waterbottles…it was just priceless watching their surprised faces when drinking the energised water..
    Couple of times there was a fall or accident in the playground…the pillow was held over the pain and eased considerably in a couple of minutes…..the students hunted out the pillow at recess and lunch time to pillow their food…kids are great at trialling stuff…they don’t bullshit..

    My phd science mate stated that he could feel energy travelling up his arm when he held the pillow. He said it might work on energy meridians as in accupuncture points…as the energy centered around a blockage in his shoulder and freed it up ! Then he was totally blown away when we pillowed a glass of water and compared tastes to a second glass. I pillow water used in drinking of course but also for energising water for plaster orgonite. I sleep with the pillow and have noticed the whites of my eyes much clearer and the red veins
    shrinking. A friend ordered 2 Pillows through me, after playing with mine, The day I delivered them, she had a painful crinked neck. She sat among the desk full of paperwork , holding one pillow either side of her cup of tea . After about 20 seconds, she moved her head from side to side and said she heard a click and then with a huge smile stated that the pain has vanished. ! ! A week later she rang saying how fantastic the pillows were and asked me to order 3 more !! Lucky family and friends I reckon.
    I’ve heard many reports of arthritis sufferers reporting relief and symptoms disappearing by using the pillow as a squeeze device in the hand…

    All sounds too good to be true.?

    I hold a pillow either side of the fuel hose when filling the car…Just scraping the surface for uses of Life Pillow,I’m looking forward to my gourmet meal tonight……as usual. !
    Master Chefs….eat your heart out…..Ha Ha

    Further info can be found at…

    Yo……….Enjoy !

    July 8, 2010 at 4:58 AM


    Posts: 112 I have been experimenting with these for a while. Really good for resting or sleeping with
    to alleviate aches or stiffness, although I recommend doing serious yoga as well.

    I haven’t noticed as much difference with the food, but I drink water that is already well filtered and
    energised; probably the cherry on top. I also try to cook very healthy vegetarian food which isn’t toxic
    or unhealthy to begin with. I suspect it might be a useful way to amplify conscious energising of food and
    drink which is good to practice even with out pillows.

    I have lent mine to a few energy sensitive people I know to play with and they liked it; thought it was
    more subtle and perhaps worked differently to orgone devices.

    Testing continues.

    July 8, 2010 at 7:45 AM







    Hello beautiful Australia

    This is what was told to me by a chemist friend, he said that by shining a polarize light into any substance, the reflection will show you the direction of the spin, and at this point it would be good to make something clear: the reflection will show the reverse of what is happening within the substance, so if the reflection shows a strong left spin, it means that the substance has a strong right spin , and vice

    So the statement that I made a while back saying that right spin is good and left spin is not so good is actualy wrong ; it is backward………………………………………..but, BUT it is my first mistake this year, so I’m doing OK:), and last time that I made a mistake it was………now lemme see,,,,,,,,,1946…… 1945 :lol: :lol: :lol:








    monsoon gecko

    Josh…Ha ha… :lol: :lol: .Thanks for clearing that up, your version sounds better. Yesterday, friend came back from a fishing trip with hand and
    wrist very swollen from reaction to sandfly bites…uncomfortable and very itchy….Gave her the pillow saying rest this on your hand.
    She took it home and returned next day…swelling gone down, back to normal… anti-histamines.

    Posts: 112 Hi Josh…by spin do you mean that there is like a spiral vortex of energy around the food like a mini cyclone or hurricane?
    Perhaps being in the southern hemisphere, it’s reversed and in fact you’ve led an exemplary life without a single mistake…
    …hehe. :^





    bluegum at July 8, 2010 at 8:38 PM

    Hi Josh…by spin do you mean that there is like a spiral vortex of energy around the food like a mini cyclone or hurricane?
    Perhaps being in the southern hemisphere, it’s reversed and in fact you’ve led an exemplary life without a single mistake……hehe. :^]
    From what I understand it possible to see the the spin from this reflection, so we have the polarized light (not vibrating all over the place as regular light) hitting the substance and bouncing back out, it is only showing the spin down the molecular level, so there is no physical vortex, (gosh my IQ is only 23 and it is a bit of a problem) here is an example. The man made ascorbic acid has a left spin, so it is not so good for you, but the vit. C from orange juice has a strong right hand, that makes it OK
    One thing that help a lot, as you know most medical pills have side affects, you pass the pillow on the pills for a second and they become less noxious Now for this southern hemisphere thingy, if I move there would it reverse all those years of being a dork?, if it is the case, I will make a very large pakage with our politicians in it:roll:

    Well…….for my self………it would be hard to improve on perfection hA HA HA………this was really a BIG JOKE




    Posts: 112 Dorks are universal…

    …I think they originated from the far side of Neptune. One of their mantras is “dorks shall inherit the
    Earth”…apparently later plagerised by another well known text, although debate still continues along the
    chicken and egg line. $^]




    monsoon gecko

    Yo…gifters…Update…a lot has happened since last post,
    The lady who ordered more pillows reports very happy results.She gifted one fellow who has on going medical problems,regular hospital, major operations, parts taken out, continual pain and ongoing complications…now his life has smoothed out,pain and problems diminished and reports more daily energy andenthusiasm for life…..what a blessing ! He carries it everywhere.She’s much the same, along with her husband. He checks his pillow under his pillow..(ha ha ) every night in case she’s hidden it ! ha ha

    So I decided to order 6 more pillows for family members.Customs( AQIS ) impounded them , possible threat to Aussie agriiulture etc..many emails back and forth , (Thanks Josh) At one stage they wanted to radiate..gamma..Josh said not a problem..the pillow works on EMF protection, will probably stuff up machine, but that would take 6 to 8 weeks so I elected to give permission to unstitch and examine contents…they emailed back it’s full of powder…Doh, slaps in forehead !… I’d alreadytold them originally, all they’d find is seaweed, sand and powdered
    minerals. They wanted more info…for the record… so we gave a partiallist with which they were happy…thanks again Josh.Eventually , they arrived…worth the hassle as now, anyone elseordering a Pillow or two will get no such problem.

    Of course..regular gourmet food and tangy water…but recentlyhad a stressful day at school and arrived home with very stiffneck…I could feel a kink coming on and didn’t feel like 2 or 3days of not being able to turn my head without pain.I leaned back on lounge with Pillow on neck for 10 minutes and noticed easing of muscles, then I lowered pillow a bit for a short while, then lowered further for a bit…this process continued a couple of minutes for
    the rest of my spine untill I got to kidney area… funny…I could feel each vertebrae tingling as the pillow moved down,,,,Next morning, big toilet flush out….gratitude !On…they are finding more profound uses.This may be…no….IS the best money I’ve spent in a long time,seeking techniques that work. !





    monsoon gecko
    Posts: 591 I continue to enjoy daily benefits of the Life Pillow..
    This has to be one of the best techniques that works , so far .
    Just wave or hold for a while….I,m starting to believe in counter clockwise spin.
    A year 6 boy fell heavily onto one of a row of metal bag hooks outside the classroom . Mate, he was down for the count ! Caught him in the ribs under his arm. After a couple of minutes ,I helped him to sit up.Gave him the pillow and told him to hold it on the area..He was happy just to sit there , not moving cause it hurt too much to move…Totally refused to go to the office..He aeemed ok for the moment …I returned to the orgonise them…and mmm…forgot about him…oops , who said that?
    So , about 15 minutes later, he comes in, hands me the life pillow and says he feels better….Wow..I’ve cracked a rib or two and know it ‘s not like that ! Amazing and not the first time…confirmation that applying pillow to injury soon after happening reverses it…this has happened time and again at school .Think I’ve mentioned a few in previous posts, but there’s been many more.
    Life Pillow…The best asset a family can have.. just the daily wave over food and especially water is invaluable !





    monsoon gecko
    G’day …dry season appearing at last, but chemtrailing ongoing.
    Keep your orgonite close and pillow your food , water and everything else..
    The Chemtrailing getting nasty!
    Enjoy and share
    For some reason it won’t take…just highlight it and click search in the google window

    April 20, 2011 at 5:35 AM



    monsoon gecko
    Posts: 591 Outstanding update….. Life Pillow info. for EVERYONE…!
    Yo , Josh, mate…u r da man. !

    May 29, 2011 at 8:08 AM






    monsoon gecko
    Posts: 591 Yo…anyone made their own resin life pillow lately ?
    Made a few now, but keep going to new homes..

    You must check out the above link…

    Josh shares Life Pillow formulae…ongoing info..too easy for such a blessing/resource !!!
    Here’s a few shots of my latest trial with acorn caps as the phi resonance know…amplify the energy !



    Now they are REAL charging plates….far superior to my orgonite ones.
    For full running commentary, you’ll have to view the above Orgoniteplus thread.

    monsoon gecko


    Posts: 591 Yo…..who’s made a few ? Good results ?
    Josh suggested enhancing results with part of the original formula. Beachsand certainly works but additional crushed,powdered quartz combination even better.. 1 tablespoon to 1 litre of powdered kelp Clear quartz,smokey quartz, amethyst, citrine and rose quartz..equal parts.

    Recently spent an arm and a leg for this beautiful silicone mould……..I figured well worth it seeing I love making a few.
    The Flower oF Life…perfect for the orgonite component of Resin Life Pillow charging plates..sacred geometry and orgonite long known to boost energy. The flower of life insert is fine copper, with small quartz points placed in pattern..It is about 5mm thick… another one, brass keyshavings with copper pattern interplay… All have a large amount of either sea shells, or acorn caps…the phi ratio is captured in the hollow air space..resonating the life frequency..

    These are real charging plates, a jug of water, food, virtually anything you place on it will have the spin of anything harmful in it , reversed…
    Profound stuff indeed.Strongly recommend you splash out and make a few for family and friends,Of course a pocket piece of orgonite and pillow mix can be a multi-purpose blessing when out and about.
    Cheers you mob…would be nice to hear from you..

    Forum is pretty quite these days, yet I feel the frequencies rising.
    Exciting times eh ?

    Oh, almost forgot….the silicone flower of life mould came from the US

    The flower of life insert is fine copper, with small quartz points placed in pattern..It is about 5mm thick… another one, brass keyshavings with copper pattern interplay
    All have a large amount of either sea shells, or acorn caps…the phi ratio is captured in the hollow air space..resonating the life frequency..
    These are real charging plates, a jug of water, food, virtually anything you place on it will have the spin of anything harmful in it , reversed…
    Profound stuff indeed.
    Strongly recommend you splash out and make a few for family and friends,
    Of course a pocket piece of orgonite and pillow mix can be a multi-purpose blessing when out and about.

    January 10, 2013 at 8:53 PM






    monsoon gecko



    Bummer … after Josh’s passing , orgoniteplus forum seems to have gone down..
    So I will share his Life Pillow formulae that he passed on to me… the original formulae contained 23 or more minerals and gems ….
    Here is the one that works beautifully

    Ground Kelp seaweed
    5 types of quartz ground to a powder …clear , smoky, citrine , rose and amethyst For one litre of pillow mix stirred into resin , add two tablespoons of crushed quartz and a handful of quartz type beachsand. This pillow mix always needs the mould preglazed and more often than not , double dipped … it is highly volatile to moisture and will blister out of the piece.There you have it ..the Resin Life Pillow….worth it’s weight in gold !!!


    Robert Virginie

    Hi Stephen, Thanks for that, I did see the original post but wondering about a few things. It doesn’t seem to have any metal shavings at all.
    The Orgonizeaustralia post also shows sea shells.
    Do they help with the energy?
    and the original life pillow had other herbs and rare earths.
    Would you know what they are?

    Thank again.
    Stephen Geddes That was Josh’s exclusive , 23 minerals, gems and rare earths…he trialled many things , but that formulae above , he shared with me before his passing…in his revealing his formulae on ogoniteplus, he said that quality beachsand and kelp seaweed was sufficient to work…

    in his resin life pillows, he used acorn caps…, they contained the growing end…hollow space… sacred geometry to resonate through the piece…the pillow mix he sent me to trial got through customs here (they had already taken a leather life pillow apart) but not the pile of acorn caps accompanying the mix…on emailing him (we shared a lot of stuff) I asked if sea shells would work as they contained the Fibonacci spiral,, , he got excited and said yes indeed which he started using as well…. so the acorn caps and seashells help to resonate the frequency…(sacred geometry)

    Robert Virginie Great, Thank you. I’m thinking of adding some canabis extract and comfrey for their healing properties and some other healing stones too.

    Stephen Geddes Love to hear how they come out,,,maybe a picture or two would go down well too.
    Robert Virginie Won’t get back into making any orgonite until next month and will share the outcome them.

    Yes … any quartz sand will work but beachsand (quartz type as on most Aussie beaches) seems the best as it’s been charging up under the sun for millennia ,,,I collect from the tidal zone, that way you get a bit of salt with it too
    The glowie stuff is just bling…..ignore that…..the energy of the life pillow and orgonite combo is multiplied… They offer EMF clean up as with orgonite, but the life pillow mix will clean up food , water, medications, smokes , alcohol, sometimes pain…, virtually everything…it changes the spin of anything harmful down to an electron level,,,,,,,the result is tasty food and somewhat safer….mine are in use everyday…by my reckoning , worth their weight in gold.. !

    Stephen Geddes The double dipping sealed in the pillow mix with a glass smooth finish… a couple of air bubbles can be filled in with a couple of drops of resin later…..concerning techniques…if you make the resin form of the Life Pillow , mix it quite thick and let sit for half hour or so before adding the hardener,,, it should be thick, just pourable…I add a wee bit more hardener as well … must stir really thoroughly, even stirring between pours if doing more than one piece…let harden and double dip in the same moulds … enjoy

    Stephen Geddes

    Sheryll and Robert….I asked Josh at one stage , why use kelp seaweed and is there any other plants worth using…? His reply was that he’d tried quite a few energy plants with some varying success….

    Apparently native american tobacco was one that worked quite well…some varieties of pine too….he suggested to enquire about the medicine plants of the original people of my area and trial them .,…

    At the time …ground kelp seaweed had the best results..

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