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    You mean ” craic 90″ Caroline ? :D
    hehehe…maybe if she has some pictures or whatever…she can share if she wants to
    yes she has an account here…well we dont need the masses but a few wont hurt..ha ..
    nice to hear something more positive than my ranting against the crazy machine
    amazing work….that s a lot !!! And yes we have to slow down..our batteries are getting a bit low…so much to do
    healing the world can be done in a somewhat slower pace…without running ourselves out etc

    @ Terry
    well yes he is right on the ball there…as the geo engineering, still a fancy word for chemtrails and haarp, bring us into agenda 21, coming to a place near you very soon now…this sustainability post industrial crap for the zero growth society…this ” free trade ” rubbish
    global corporations chew the planet…Did you know the elite talked about this nonsense in Melbourne it was in …hold your breath… 1929 joke…got the documentation…a sort of CFR meeting, in those days they did publish books about that stuff
    they dont do that anymore…it is all done in secrecy…we are completely kept out of the picture…on all important topics now
    they talked about making China the manufacturer of the world…sixty years down the line…well , there we are
    as the globalist work on their agendas, carbon tax, tax us into the ground, just for breathing I guess
    all that nonsense and most folk are so trained they will never figure it out
    and those who catch on , slightly will be pushed in all sorts of direction, like the global warming con, this ” protect us ” thing again
    divide and conquer, fear, you know the deal by now…works great on the public

    yes maybe you can take the time to work on that topic
    the marketing so to speak LOL
    we dont just live of love and air you know…a few bucks wont hurt…as these are serious issues
    but you are right if seven show up it is a good day ….do what you must do…..and that s what we can do…dont forget your elderberry tea
    bródúil asat
    choimeád ar bun ar an dea-obair

    dheagh shlàinte