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    so what we see is they start to tie in the geo engineering, after some twisting, with the carbon con
    so these planes we see they are “just” big CO2 emittors you see
    that s how they will bring it or are already bringing it across to the public
    in that way

    what a smart trick
    so you point to the chemtrails and they say , no that word is taboo
    you cannot use that
    or Haarp, or weather modification, etc
    those are taboo

    you must say …..CO2 polluters

    oh Jenn, please, sometimes you have to see the irony or sartire in this whole thing
    we have to get over the depressions here hehehe
    we really have to

    you know what I mean

    they play the public by all the tricks of the book

    s not contrails Explorer.jpg

    I know the cold shower was not so pleasant
    just flush it off
    take a deep breath …you carbon polluter LOL heheheheheeh

    and have a feet massage or something
    beauty farm, god knows what girls do , shopping or something
    or kick a tree in the forrest – environemental criminal LOL LOL

    yes it is all sad , so it is

    just say


    88 to the sheeple and continue
    when the weather is warmer it is really to cold to be doing that sort of good work now
    dont let the psychopaths steel our light
    I feel great
    really do
    sure I dont like what s happening but if I am honest I must say saw it coming from miles away
    history often repeats itself
    and that s the way it is
    there is still a dynamic going on and somehow light will always be around

    you have a lot of good folk around you
    that s worth a lot
    there are a lot of good people supporting the real ones
    not the phonies

    yes we all know the feeling
    especially during gifting
    all alone against the system
    there is a lot more to awarenes meetings than can be explained with a few words
    there is a lot to it

    a lot has been accomplished please dont gloss over that too swiftly
    like it s you know
    taken for granted , it is not
    a lot has been reached
    and those little puppies you trained will grow and you know
    make new puppies LOL

    dont let the evil spirits get hold of you
    it s not worth it
    we dont belong there

    it was a bit rough
    it will settle J
    dont get overwhelmed by the darkness

    take a big Gin Tonic and show the one finger salute and you ll be just fine


    I ve had several ” encounters ” with the you know, boys in blue
    during gifting
    they always do those things
    to train us into the obedient behavior mindset
    to give up
    crack up
    bla bla bla
    that s how the world is run
    yes I was a bit pissed by it to be honest
    did not see it coming
    just teasing
    no plasterite with me at that point
    what were you doing before we stopped the car
    oh just sightseeing officer
    and you look him in the eye
    giving him your best ” bambi look”
    and think to yourself


    it was just a small tour
    maybe twenty kilo
    so the next week
    what are we gonna do
    make it two hundred , just for the fun of it
    make the sylphs dance
    make the sky blue
    let the people feel good and the helicopters go wild

    and just dont let it come to you
    the indoctrination
    you know you are all doing the right thing
    and that s good enough
    to know
    all the rest is crap anyway

    you are all great

    Artist, Rebecca Allan, Explores the Influence of Charles Burchfield in Her Work .jpg
    Artist, Rebecca Allan, Explores the Influence of Charles Burchfield in Her Work