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    I made contact with Lady Catherine yesterday. The last we saw each other or talked was after Jacques funeral service. She had called me a couple of days after the service, so that I might consider returning to Asheville to rescue Jacques dog Shima Girl. Shima is a mix between Pit Bull and Dalmatian, and was rescued from the shore of the French Broad River, after some heavy flooding back in 2000. She was nothing but skin and bones, but Jacques had her healthy in no time. Upon my return to Asheville to get her, I noticed her ribs were sticking out and she was very weak. She had bleeding ulcers on her underside, eventually getting her some surgery after they found Cancer in her breast area. Shima Girl now has six kids and one grand child to watch over, and she is deliriously HAPPY most moments!

    Catherine mentioned it had been a very tough couple of years, I know she went through quite a bit while Jacques was sick… he fought her tooth and nail in his determination to battle the cancer through alternative methods.

    Her painting of the plasterite was always my very favorite thing to behold. The Energy of the Creations was always awesome. By naming and painting each piece, they “seemed” to take on a Life of their own…. literally! :)

    What I would share today is something Josh and I discussed at length in our never ending quest to find better ways to Create, and better ways to use what Nature has provided us with…. So in that vain, one thing my dear friend was always fascinated with, was the occurrence of the Fibonacci sequence in Nature. He would find pine cones and put them in his plasterite. He would use the caps from acorns too! Together, we had studied and marveled at different possibilities with utilizing the benefits of CSE…. or Cavity Structural Effect. A bee hive is the best example of CSE. But you can find that even a small acorn cap could produce the same effect. And when placed within the plasterite Creation, I could feel the CSE acting like a carrier wave, for the highly structured Energy from the plasterite! Amazing! :) Here is a link if anyone is unfamiliar with this concept….. Various size sea shells often made their way into Josh’s creations too!

    We always looked for help from Nature. One of the last things we were attempting to do, was to map out the Ley Lines in and around his property. Since these lines make up part of the Earth Grid, my thought was to use this “information highway” that held things together, and to basically bum a ride upon it! LOL So in theory, we find our Ley Line on our own property, through dowsing, and we find what I will call a Node, or Energy Center on the line. It would be THERE, that we would imagine placing our Creation, and instructing it to FILL the Earth Grid with it’s higher vibrational frequencies…. Still on the draft board of things to do…. :) The other network we discussed that we might be able to tap into, is…… The Trees!

    Trees are Natural Orgone generators. In the right Light and circumstances, with the
    Sun behind a tree, you can see the Energy coming off of the tree, like a huge wooden antenna, broadcasting LIFE everywhere. Their roots often mingle and touch, they communicate in ways we are only starting to understand. Hugging trees is but one method of “feeling” something special from them. In thought, we would place our Creation within a hole or indentation of the tree, or simply put it near the base…. burying the piece would also work, but we might consider putting it in something water proof like a zip lock bag, depending on how large the piece is…. Probably perfect for some of the smaller molds we used, especially the 4444 molds… :)

    In our various Creations, we often would “listen” to any suggestions that might pop in. In my making orgonite and plasterite, I would often use Essential Oils, Frankincense and Myrhh, in their gum form, even specially charged water or ORMUS. The fun part was sometimes, the additions made the Creation cure haphazardly, with lots of holes and irregularities! All part of the learning curve for us. Like Emoto, we would label either the water or plaster of paris, or both! The WORD is power itself, and can enjoin frequency to matter.

    In closing, we often discussed and thought about exactly what we were trying to do with our Creations. We not only wished to have clear blue skies, but we wished to heal and help everything that lived, between us and sky. Everything that lived IN the sky. So we also wished to include healing frequencies to be broadcast as well. Keshe, the Iranian scientist that is taking the world by storm with his free energy systems, has introduced us to concepts of nano coating and GANS. Mayhap we may see even more cross polarization with his technology and ours? Itching to make some of his GANS and include it in some Creations! Check out some of the videos that are now out using his tech, there are pain pens and caps, and even coils being used in cars….

    So many possibilities….. :)

    Blessings and HUGS!!!!!!!!!!!