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Avatar photoEK
    combo pieces eh ?

    During the session it were new pieces I made , they have finally hardened now
    put them on the stove for a week and as light as a feather and strong as a bull
    have you read Tony s story J ? There is so much in it
    Maybe you can sort of filter out some topics and put in on a sheet for your future workshops
    for easier teaching etc
    I fully stand to his story , that is the way it is although I could never explain it that clearly
    good communicator too
    took me two years to understand that, just that part of it
    the bigger picture
    I think our modern disconnection from nature has a lot to do with it, most of us being so detached etc
    on purpose yes
    the last thing they want us to find is truth
    Have had one experience that was a good resemblence of what Tony had in Jacques garden, this sudden implosion of knowledge, awareness, this connection to totality
    Happened during my gifting trips on the battlefields
    Needed two days to recover from that
    shreading reality
    it is not for everyone
    but once you “break through” so to speak
    so in that sense this natural powerful method can be used as a lever to kick you out this reality, but never completely
    you always keep one foot in this reality
    and it does not necessarily take huge amounts of these tools of light
    funny enough I had almost nothing with me
    just a bag of plaster hearts
    go figure….

    but something happend on the hill
    must have done something right I guess
    hard to explain
    but I know the way now to open the door when I want to
    but I dont have to , it is very powerful so I use it seldom
    only when I want to
    when I am ready to the bigger truth
    may not always work but nice results do show up always if done with the right intent
    I dont know the English word for it
    we call it ” onberispelijk” an English word would be like ” immaculate” or irreproachable
    in your intentions , not just intentions, it is more than just that, it is the way you go about while preparing, while you do the thing Tony describes as that s what I did, a year ago
    and be irreproachable
    that s why I have good results away from residential areas where it is easier to do that
    without being distracted or disturbed

    the holding of tools of lights, in my case, is just a method to make it easier to slip into the stream
    it helps me
    like the natives use their tools, like the pipe, certain herbs, etc, I dont have that so I have to be creative, works too
    just as well