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Avatar photoEK
    We are just heroes , all of us, by default. :-)
    We are doing great, keep the vibes going J and all
    keep the vibes going
    I know it s rough out there and will get rougher
    nothing new under the sun
    nothing we cant handle
    we just need more life force energy
    we are just starting up you see
    next year we ll go for the ton
    the show aint over till the fat lady sings right
    haven t heard her yet so we do fine
    it was a good year, really so
    the best untill now for me
    lots of breakthroughs
    lots of new folk
    doing something good
    each in their own capacity
    learning curves
    will think about sunday , making a wishlist thing
    I am not so talented as mr Tony, but I ll look into it

    we will see about that

    Listen to Ray
    get orgonised
    great job Ray

    good vibes this man


    keep the awareness days going
    it is important
    stay away from the green mafia
    pump out lots of those plaster hearts
    for the benefit of all
    thank you

    tá a fhios agat gan tú , bhean J , seo d’fhéadfadh riamh a tharla
    go raibh míle maith agat
    go leor de na buíochas





    M & J - good hearts.jpg