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Avatar photoEK

    You know , just seeing that device here, that sexy ….hmmm, see the wiring J ?
    It is somebodies trademark
    Guess that s from one of the best orgonite teachers on the planet
    showing off again LOL
    talking with that strange funny raw accent living in the land of kangaroos and koala bears..just guessing…nod nod…
    I know who that is ..wink wink..
    Ooh…I see the shape has been …..improved :D

    yeah and than they say plasterite is ” feminine” …yeah…;right
    if this beauty is feminine than I am mickey mouse


    MG - SG - Australian Mega Output.jpg
    MG – SG – Australian Mega Output
    :-) SG’s quote:Latest broadcaster , replacing the one I gifted to a friend … is running from the poweroutlet to the fridge…. sweet orgone field for the home , plus benefitting all the neighbours too,,,,(y) .that’s a 30 metre heavy duty extension cord and still has room for more wraps !!!