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Hi Jenny, no, I don’t mind at all. In the biggest sense, there really is no privacy anymore, so once you “think” something, let alone voice it aloud or through writing, it is OUT there…. :lol: No paranoia or fear here, I take each and everyday as a true BLESSING. In regards to Jacques health decline, and even my own, we could certainly speculate as to the what, where or why.

But both of us knew and I still do, the “risks” involved with being actively sharing and Creating such things.


There are so many stories I could share, that might possibly give credence to such thinking. I guess, now at least, I can share one that involved the two of us Creating something that we had to un-create, due to massive response from the planes and copters. There are many pioneers out in the world who do share, and that will always allow us both in the mix or in the fringe, to benefit. I had read about a gentleman that was using LOTS of copper wire to create some really, really big coils, and some amazing and unusual results from doing such. I won’t mention his name just because, for now. If I remember, I had to buy a really large spool of wire while down in Asheville, so I could make what I wanted….

I remember telling Jacques my plan, and his face lighting up with delight, when I described what I wished to build. So we had to put some stakes up out in the yard, and I believe the total length was over 1000 feet of wire, and we wound, and wound, and wound, for hours, a scalar cancelling coil around a very large crystal point that I had bought from a local crystal reseller in nearby town. We wound this huge coil around the crystal, and I left about two feet coming from the crystal so I could take the wire leads, and connect them to a “zapper”….
I can remember to this day, the Lady Catherine, and her decidedly NOT HAPPY face, as the two of us chortled like two bad kids!
Sooooooo, I just had to turn it on. I could’t help it! LOL I was so sure this would be a very special and BIG tool for us to use…. *blinks hard* smile emoticon Well, I did turn it on, and we set it outside, and then ate some dinner and wound up our evening….. except, we started to get some very low and close fly overs from several choppers, then small planes too! And it continued throughout the night, almost non-stop! I was outside in the “back”, having a smoke, and was looking up at the constant air traffic, and naively still wondering why….. I finally went to be, after waving at our friends for a few minutes. Upon awakening, a very sad, and a very humbled looking Jacques greeted me. He told me he turned it off, and destroyed our coil. WHAT, was all I could think to say! Well, he said, the Lady was FURIOUS!
She couldn’t sleep at all that night, and “heard” we had went to far…. that the device was sending / broadcasting past the Moon, and that we had every agency on the planet looking for “us” and what we had created! OH SHIT! And other fun words of such passion! Like a very unhappy boy, I went and grabbed the crystal and stuffed it in my bag, and I promised, in my head, someday I would make it ROAR again…. LOL but I didn’t, not wishing to wonder why I am might have unwanted visitors, again! They don’t always come in physical form to find you, come after you, so I learned so many crazy lessons. So, like the ostrich, I try to bury my head from time to time, so that I might keep it….. :P Blessings and HUGS!!!!!!!!!! Tony

Murielle wow.guess you didn’t take any pictures of that device… sounds cool… and very tempting to make. Maybe, just to play it safe, on a smaller scale. If you have any sketch we could try out a mini version ;)

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Ah Stephen,
That is one nut buster, my friend. Well freakin’ done!!!!!! I LOVE coils, have played with so many types and combinations…. Before I joined the Joe Cell group so many years ago, I had browsed and read some of the group material. I was fascinated. I was hungry. I was eager. I couldn’t imagine such a thing might exist. So before I could create my own Joe Cell, I had to do SOMETHING!!!!!!!!!! LOL I grabbed some copper wire, can’t remember the gauge, and created a small coil…. and got some 9 volt batteries, 3, and connected the together in a chain, two on one, and connected that, to a coil, in a glass jar, filled with tap water. smile emoticon It bubbled and fizzed, and I fainted with delight. It changed the water before my eyes, and I knew then, I was truly in love with freaking everything possible! Now to make it even more “fun”, the smoke alarms in that condo, started to go nuts, with making these long, but really eerie, wailing noises. Two of them did it, while I was powering the coil in the water, and I’m happy as shit!!!! LOL Didn’t have a clue why it was happening, I just knew I had did something ridiculous and crazy…. smile emoticon Back to your device, VERY STRONG! I LOVE IT! YES!!!! ;)


Even though we’ve met a couple of times Jenny, i’m kinda in the dark & shocked at the skullduggary going on from seemingly awake people. Why would people who know & respect the power of Orgonite attack someone who has a new version if their hearts were in the right place? When you first gave me Plassterite I wasn’t an instant believer I never am until I have some experience of ssomething but my wife took a piece an the next day confirmed it possitive effects. Then i noticed the dog acting very playful everyday after we made the big cone, that was out of character for him lol. Since then I seen its potential but until you try something you cannot judge it, so why would anyone suggest Orgonite works but plasterite is rubbish. Were meant to be united in this struggle building positivity, not getting egotisitcal & bitchy. I’m saddened to hear assholes have been causing pain in your life. Blank all negative people that intrude in your happiness. Don’t engage!


Lovely to hear from you Fintan Mc D. What I was talking about happened some years ago, at the start of the whole Plasterite story, I’m happy to say things seem to have settled down now, or maybe the negative people just continue on their paths. Please keep up the gifting work with Juliet, it’s all very much needed as you know. Murielle


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