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    ) Have heard exciting news from Ireland, seen some videos too on how they do good work and it is very intense and honest , also we see there are more people aware than in my country for example. Here literally nothing happens, except for gifting etc, it is good so see some interviews and the good work of those people , of course as it is grassroots there are not that many , it is the real deal and I know most members by name now. I love the video that has been made on the Irish work to me that means a lot, it is real and honest and it is something we do not see too much of….as such movement once they grow get taken over and the agenda changes. It is amazing to see how well prepared they are by providing facts , not just hocus pocus and wild assumptions, as most things that are going on can be proven if you really look for it, patents, reports of all sorts, all nicely kept out of mainstream etc
    …..Also I am aware some members have had several breakthroughts that please me tremendously
    gosh does that sound odd, saying it that way eh , it is such an eye opener
    so we see , in my opinion, the most interesting techniques picked up and used in a wonderful way
    really an uplifting event if I may say so….a breakthrough yes…honestly so

    we never hear of the strongest tool of light , the Blue Sky Broadcaster , and now they are made and I have seen some of it, intent is so important , it just is so…when dealing with plasterite especially…took me a year to understand and not ridicule it as most do….or blush too much :)
    It is all in the documentation in the end as folk like Josh showed you all you need to know
    But we are a bit slow …and it took us time to really go deep in it to grasp all those concepts
    the tools of Light I make now cannot even be compared to what I made in the early years
    it is almost of a different order…I always underestimated the spiritual side of it all as that realm has been infected with propaganda all over in general…just mentioning the word makes the average sheep jiggle
    Still most founder members talked about that part of it intensively…and I thought they were just a bit you know…different … :? :roll: ;) ….no they were not…..they were right on the core of it but we did not get it , that s all
    but I do now and I see lots of newcomers grow so fast it is beyond me…newcomers like DustSand for example they just blast the skies…they have a sort of gift of tapping into knowledge once it is explained they understand and need no further lessons………they run out of the classroom and start working with it , finding their own individual way with it.
    so rewarding
    learned most of them how to work with it , showed them routes and all of that what is not so easy to document
    and I am very proud of them….also a bunch of silent horses who prefer to remain backstage, proud of them as well too.
    It is not my knowledge , it is Timo and Josh work and the healing club , I just make sure it keeps flowing
    that s all to do my part in it as that is a small price for such power given.
    I just hope Jenny wont mind too much , but the interview is so GOOD, I just cannot leave it out
    I also like the Paul Mac marches and the work of Max Bliss and some other real folk out there.
    Mrs Murielle figured out the polarizer fast, very fast….and oh boy she even made a few of them
    real life pillows..
    ….total astonishment
    seen some broadcaster that make your stomach rumble
    very impressive pieces….and, if that is not enough, there is a gifting angle involved as during those manifestations, free plasterite hearts are handed out to the public
    I am very happy about this….a new sensation for this grumpy young man who always battles the system
    making me see there are many more sides to this…being in the fronline for two years , one year non stop without leave can make a person a bit rough , silent and hard…blasting holes so big into this matrix you would not believe
    had to break of two gifting trips due to helicopter harrashment…making gifting impossible at that moment
    It is an uphill battle and I stick to that term as that is the heart of the matter…as George Carlin said ” the table is tilted folks” and it sure is…since recently as these dicussions with Ireland shone a new light upon the whole orgonite issue
    my plasterite making has improved due to those insightfull experiences
    of real folk sharing real knowledge , things I never considered
    left out of the picture of the gifters mindset…
    Seeying a thousand dollar chembuster does me nothing…it is crap as it is cashing in on our misery
    that s what it is I am not talking about individuals who throw out some nice metal resin pieces, etc
    that s fair enough…it s that massive control grid as I ve shown you all that keeps pounding on free solutions
    relentlessly, that s what s wrong with it.
    seeying folk do the right thing , themselves, unfunded, ridiculed
    as individuals and do some gifting at the same time, like MG did at the schools,
    and others too I might add … :) …..THAT is impressive and carries my full support and appreciation.
    and just like these awareness protests etc, sure most wont bother, but there are always the few who can still think
    maybe later on and say hmm lets look it up that geo engineering, chemtrail, etc and they will break free
    maybe just one out of a hundred,but those will break free others, etc so yes it is paying off, but dont expect big propaganda , msm to jump on any of it….Most folk simply cannot even imagine there is another reality
    behind the veils of the wizzard of Ozz :)
    Some pictures of those wonderful work have been given to me so I feel proud to present you something that is ,for a change, not my work :)
    the life pillows are “spunky” Murielle s work ;)


    10494590_914136035317380_5084197669868998796_n (1).jpg
    11064792_913700238694293_5188466829680895481_n (1).jpg



    the plasterite goes on Jenny s account. :)