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    Life Pillow from Ireland

    Yo J, WTF ??? whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa so you did it
    you truly did it :)
    thought you would
    sure you would, but still, did not think you d be so determined
    but you are

    you are so amazing
    and I thought you were joking, can t believe it, will keep it under my pillow alright
    you champion

    a real warrior princess you are, besides from the selenite Queen

    Oh yes so lady J spiced me up with a real Irish life pillow, polarizer, a healing device, and gorgeous she is, smooth with a lot of curves, everything you could possibly want…the life pillow that is …
    it is superb
    and is that real leather, feels like it, very smooth, mine feels like elephant skin, thick leather, very robust for sure, but, this is a really classy piece
    real artwork too, very creative , never seen something like it.

    humbly bow down with a huge grin

    you are something Jenn
    you got the right stuff

    you got the right stuff

    big smile
    Wow a real life pillow , ah cant believe it , the healers spirit continues
    we would not have all these things without Josh and some others
    Highly appreciated
    MG gave me a medium LP , resin flavor in the past, top toy , really top
    now I bought a big one, actually I bought the best life pillow on the planet but please keep it quiet, dont post it on FB or something , you might start a riot
    we must see we get something going as they are for the benefit of all
    as MG aka Stephen Geddes​ covers the resin area we might hop in to the natural products. We get that going this year
    one way or another
    I can use the big life pillow now you see and shipment from Australia will cost you an arm and two legs, at least…
    it s terrible, postage is a killer
    maybe I ll send something fancy over, something no one has seen yet.
    have to think about that
    what is that smell, lavender ?
    to cover up the seaweed haha
    Megacool and doubleplus good

    oh I put my own next to it , it is enormous
    you could tame a rhino with mine you bet
    really cool

    2016-03-19 15_31_59-Orgonite from Plaster.jpg