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by nepipemi on Tue Jun 01, 2010 12:01 pm

When I first received the Life Pillow (LP), I had only just learned to sense the energy from crystals and orgonite through my hands as a palpable sensation. I could not tune into the LP as easily at first but after about a month, I began sensing it very strong. It has a strong pleasant tingly sensation. Waving my hand back and forth over it is a similar sensation as if I would quickly through an evergreen shrub. As a comparison, orgonite feels like a strong push-pull magnetic or slightly electric sensation.

My father was over and I showed him the LP for the first time. We were drinking tea and he added stevia extract to his cup so I offered to treat the tea in his cup with the LP. As I waved it over the cup in his hand, he said “Wow, I felt something, a tingle!” so we did it again to see if he could feel it again and sure enough, he felt the sensation again.

I use the pillow to treat my food and drink, my aluminum kitchenware, and even my amalgam fillings. I know that it must be doing something because I can feel its’ energy though my hands 4 inches away.