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I posted on OrgonizeAustralia about using the pillow for a tick bite … helped, and I hope to think of it sooner next time ….

I am very excited/pleased about an incident yesterday ….

I’d been a bit seizure-prone the end of last week … could feel one around Thurs & Fri (I get warnings, feel out of balance) … it came on Sat arvo, so I did my usual (ran to the bedroom, Rescue Remedy, etc) then thought of Josh’s pillow, which was under my pillow so I grabbed it ….. the energy subsided almost instantly! the seizure stopped!! :D

because I do get auras (warnings), I get time to do things that I know help, and can often abort the seizure, but it usually takes a bit longer and it happens differently ….. it eases off slowly …. not within 3 seconds …

I am stoked! the pillow was instantly grounding … felt almost like it created a grounding anchor to deep within the earth …. (the final trigger had been the high-pitched sound of the computer … electricity isn’t my best friend, energetically :| ) …..

Josh, you’re brilliant! & I am very grateful … had I had the seizure, I would’ve lost a day recovering from it, but that didn’t happen!!!!!! :D :D :D