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A bit more The pieces that you have seen from Catherine are quite lovely but for the pieces that are going to the school they are not like that, for example I make for her lots of little hearts , basically the size of a TB, small stars, small pyramids, many other things that she will paint with only one or two colors.

One some of them she will glue a crystal on the top, but here is the big thing; it feel stronger after it has being painted One of the larger cone she used a sponge to put the color on it it is very good looking To have to smaller pieces it is so easy to do, you can use the same muffin pans you use for cooking, the same as the TBs, and you wash them and keep on cooking with them, the plaster is not grievous like the resin .

I am going to post some pictures of those pieces we have been giving to schools and other folks, you will see the simplicity and the size as well with the different colors, so hold on Catherine will help me with this most technical endeavor

Try one piece just with sand and plaster, there is such a purity about it Josh