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A wonderful post, thank you Dan

The biggest effort to be made is to not believe the dream/life that the parasites are pushing down our throat.

To free our self from this insistent nightmare we must turn our back on all of their imposed fear, laugh at them and start living/dreaming the life
/reality we prefer.

It may be that as we “fight back” against the chem trails and their deceptions, we may be playing into there hands simply because we are in the game with them, well it may be best to no longer want to play ball with them; let them play……all by them self

One of our stumbling block is their insistence to look and pay attention to their demented way of life, the enormity of the events are requiring our attention, it must be a concentrated effort on our part to focus solely on our real/dream world and let the illusion fade in the sewage it came from.

This beauty is waiting for us, to turn away from the puppet show