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    All of us have done much with our gifting on all possible fronts with all kind of modalities,
    and yet our reality is still within the dream of what we do not care for, so let us see if there is
    a way to turn this around.

    As we look at the state of affair on our world, we can sum it up with couple of words: it sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The parasites are still, so it appear, have the upper hands.

    Well then!!!, why can we not change our reality, our dream of what we would like it to be.

    From what I can figure and hear so much about is that we create our own life, our own reality. I think there is more to this.

    As we look upon our today, outside reality, it leaves a whole lot to be desire, so it may be well to live in a different world, a world where all is to our liking.

    How do we do that: as we desire an existence of peace, gentleness and freedom, it is just that: a desire, I think we can do a little more to have it become real.

    As we see, imagine, live, dream, taste a life of beauty, and as we are experiencing this “new” state, we are creating an etheric existence, and as the focus on that dream happen more and more often, it become more and more real.

    So what we are doing is not only attracting a new life for our self, but it is a two prong effort, first this new life is attracted to us because of our focus, but also we are attracted to it because it is a great deal more pleasant, it is indeed like a magnet.

    Let us see where we go with this, I am certain we can refine it and come up with wonderful ideas, there is lots to comment and share



    Thanks for those inspiring thoughts, Josh.

    There are those who would respond by asking: ‘what can possibly be achieved by dreams?’
    On the surface; they may have a point (albeit a rather uninspired one).

    A dream only becomes a reality when we begin to live the dream, regardless of the ‘accepted’ view of the world and its [negative] influences.
    The ‘parasites’ only have the upper hand if we allow them to.

    They rely almost entirely on their deception being regarded as reality (and an ever-growing proportion of the population is not so easily taken in).
    There are many influences that work in the favour of the Parasites.

    Chemical influences (flouride, Chemtrails etc).
    Electromagnetic influences (ungifted cell networks etc).
    Media influences (pop music, movies, nespapers, magazines, TV etc).

    All these influences seek to poison our minds and bodies and render us defenseless against the
    continuing onslaught of the media deception.

    As you mention; many of us have done much to counter the electromagnetic and chemical influences in out respective areas so we come to your point concerning what else might be done to realize our dream of a wholesome existence for all.

    We can live our dream.

    Behave as though we do not believe the lies and deception.

    Act as though we are above the Parasites influence.
    Speak the truth whenever we converse with others.
    Live our lives in line with our own view of the world.
    Laugh at the pathetic efforts of the Parasites to influence us.
    Pity them for what they have become.

    Our example will open minds to the reality and dispense with the deception.

    We have gifted our orgonite; now let’s gift the truth that we each understand so well to those less fortunate.



    A wonderful post, thank you Dan

    The biggest effort to be made is to not believe the dream/life that the parasites are pushing down our throat.

    To free our self from this insistent nightmare we must turn our back on all of their imposed fear, laugh at them and start living/dreaming the life
    /reality we prefer.

    It may be that as we “fight back” against the chem trails and their deceptions, we may be playing into there hands simply because we are in the game with them, well it may be best to no longer want to play ball with them; let them play……all by them self

    One of our stumbling block is their insistence to look and pay attention to their demented way of life, the enormity of the events are requiring our attention, it must be a concentrated effort on our part to focus solely on our real/dream world and let the illusion fade in the sewage it came from.

    This beauty is waiting for us, to turn away from the puppet show



    We have a saying in French :

    le combat cessa faute de combatants. meaning, the battle stopped because there was no one to fight.

    Here a short video that tells much.

    http://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/fo … ead=194004


    josh, edostar, thank you for the beautiful words.

    I believe we are going through the wonderful times, and the earth has made a wonderful decision to ascend to the 5D. if the ascension process has started in 2003, and all cells in our bodies change in 7 years, then we are a completely different beings today and are now fully equipped to continue the journey I think we are all feeling/experiencing the changes in the earth and the cosmos, and that is helping us to wake up, and see that the dream that was always part of us -is coming forth i can see a wonderful, peaceful, loving, balanced place, where there is no fear, hatred,domination and greed… I think the changes has started already, and there is no way back now!!!

    Peace, Love & Light,



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