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      Alan: It was a form of it, yeah.

      Jackie: Okay, Fat Boy and Little Boy.

      Alan: And Little Boy. Fat Man and Little Boy. Jackie: Fat Man and Little Boy.
      Alan: And of course, in the Batman, you have Batman and Robin, who’s a little boy. Because in the
      ancient philosophers, who helped set this system up, always had their little boy. Anyway, the top
      Guardian class, and then the dominant minority, that would be the ones who were shown to the public
      as being in charge of affairs, the actual workers on a higher level, there you could definitely
      point to the guys like Kissinger, who has always been involved behind the scenes in politics,
      and obviously takes his orders from a higher source, not presidents.

      Jackie: Yeah. Would Rockefellers and them be?

      Alan: Rockefeller too, no doubt about it. They said in the 1700s that they would dominate the world
      by what they called philanthropy, philanthropic methods. Meaning, if they could give the big money
      to create charitable organizations with what would appear to have good social values, then they
      would eventually end up making the social values and the policies, which they have done. All
      policies now have their champions, and the NGOs are all funded by the big philanthropic
      organizations. And the Rockefeller foundation is now in charge also of a couple of other ones. Like
      the Morgan Trust was one of them they took over. Like the Morgan
      Bank. And so they have these charitable trusts, where they can choose which NGOs they will finance.

      Jackie: And they are tax free.

      Alan: And they also, every university, in the States, the US and in Canada, gets funding from these
      philanthropic organizations. And Rockefeller funds every university in Canada. But along with the
      funding comes little requests, not to talk about certain subjects, you see.

      Jackie: We have a call. Shall we take it?
      Alan: Yeah.

      Jackie: Hi, you’re on the air.

      Caller: Hi, yes. Hello. I just have a question for Alan, and then I’ll hang up, so I can hear him.
      I want to know the play of, the position of, I’m sure he may have heard of it, of the place called
      the Bank for International Settlements. There was a woman on I think Joyce Riley and Dave von
      Kleist show and gave a website, I think it’s And she said that was.

      Jackie: That was Joan Veon.

      Caller: Right, right. And she said that every month, all these big banks, the banks that run the
      Bank of England, the Federal Reserve, they all, they have chairmen, the chairman’s appointed by
      directors of the board, that Greenspan is the chairman and the other bank is the Bank of England,
      they all have to report once they actually go there physically. I mean, it could be done

      on the phone or the internet, but they go there physically, once a month, to the Bank of
      International Settlements.

      Jackie: What is your question, Storm?

      Caller: And also, if the Bank of International Settlements has a website, or something, if he
      could, you know, find out.

      Jackie: Okay. What is your question, Storm?

      Caller: Well, what I want to know is, that bank, is that the top bank that runs these other banks.
      And this woman, she was talking about Seth and Lucifer and all that. Is that really true about this
      Lucifer stuff? Because, as far as I know, what Cooper….

      Jackie: Okay, just state your question, honey.

      Caller: Oh, okay. Well, I want to know if he could elaborate on that, on the Bank of International
      Settlements, who runs it. Because I know, you know, the Federal Reserve is run by Rockefeller,

      Jackie: Okay, okay. Thank you. Okay, thanks Storm. Caller: Okay, bye.
      Jackie: Sorry about that, Alan.

      Alan: Yeah. It’s just a sidetrack, that. Jackie: Yeah, it was a sidetrack, wasn’t it?
      Alan: Yeah. To get us off in a whole bunch stuff of stuff they can find on the Internet themselves.
      The International Monetary Fund is the big boy. The rest of it is just the compartments of the
      legal system.

      Jackie: IMF is the big bank, the big one. And isn’t it interesting that the Secretary of the
      Treasury of the US is the governor of the International Monetary Fund.

      Alan: Yeah, well. Everything is connected.

      Jackie: I know, Alan. But, you know what, you know that. But when it can be connected for others.

      Alan: Well, if they’ve been listening to Joyce and Dave, I’m sure they know it all. And Joan Veon
      just happens to get into all these meetings. Maurice Strong, who was the second in command at the
      UN, and in charge of the World Bank, put there by Rockefeller, knows her by first name.

      Jackie: According to her?

      Alan: Yeah. Now, you can’t get near that guy with all his bodyguards, you know, unless you’re
      really in there. And I understand her job is international investments.

      Jackie: Yeah, it’s an international women’s group, is what it’s called.

      Alan: Yeah, of investment companies. And what they do is they go there, and they find out where the
      US is going to plunk more money, which country, and then they tell all their members, you’re
      guaranteed this is going to be a winner, because the US is financing it. This is a con game. It’s a
      con game. So, their job is to go round and make sure you’re terrified by what’s coming. They have
      no answers for you, but they make their living on it. A very good living, by the way. In fact, Veon
      couldn’t survive in the lifestyle she must live, without the World Bank and the UN. International
      investments. That’s all I have to say on that.

      Jackie: Okay, thank you, Alan.

      Alan: So, if we get back to Plato and the Republic.

      Jackie: Okay, yes, and you were explaining, or giving us some examples of the dominant minority.
      And that would include the Rothschilds also.

      Alan: Yeah. Those that are visible to the public in high social managerial positions. Jackie: Okay.
      And today, who would be the Fat Man?

      Alan: The Fat Man is a collector who goes round. They also call him the Grey Man. And the Grey Man
      is the person who goes between the ones who are never seen by the public and brings the policies to
      the presidents, the advisors to presidents. So the Grey Men take that position as well, on a higher

      Jackie: They’re the advisors.

      Alan: On lower levels, on high Masonic organizations, the Fat Man, as they call him, goes round and
      gets all the info.

      Jackie: We have another call here. Hello.

      Caller: No, very quickly. I wanted him to elaborate on Benjamin Creme and this Lord Maitreya
      business. Who is the Maitreya? Is he real? Or is this something fake? A representation, or what? If
      he could just elaborate on that. He was on the George Noory Show and…

      Jackie: Well….

      Caller: I know. But what’s funny is, when they give themselves away. George Noory played Van
      Halen’s Running with the Devil, before he put him on. And I said, what the hell is this?

      Jackie: Okay. Thanks, Storm. Caller: Okay.
      Alan: These are just distractions we’re getting here. Jackie: Yeah, do you want to….

      Alan: Benjamin Creme’s name tells you all you have to know if you understand Freemasonry. Jackie:
      Well, tell us.

      Alan: Ben is son of, in Hebrew. Jackie: Son of.

      Alan: And jamin is from James, I am. If you take the y and put the I there from the Latin to the
      Aramaic. I am the son of crem. Crem is fire. I am the son of fire. It’s Masonic. That’s all you
      have to know.

      Jackie: Son of fire. Well, what does that connote?

      Alan: It tells you that it’s another Masonic sideshow.

      Jackie: Oh, okay. The Maitreya, is that the same thing?

      Alan: Everyone who has seen the light, or broken through into the real world, is called,traditionally, everyone, a Maitreya. So, you can call yourself one, if you want.

      Jackie: Oh, okay. Thanks. (Laughter)

      Alan: Yeah. That’s Hindu philosophy. And anyone who has broken through is a Maitreya.

      Jackie: Okay. I’d like to go back. This is for our listeners. Of course, this whole conversation is
      for our listeners. But when we were talking about the economic units, the herd, the cattle.

      Alan: And Plato, by the way, I should say this, when we’re on that word, unit. He said that the
      Guardian class, the helpers, the military group that would interbreed with male and female
      warriors, in the final days of this system, which we have today, and all the ones beneath that were
      raw material. All the common people were raw material, and they were called not people, but its.
      And Unit is the French, Un is one. That’s what it means in French. The UN means one. So you have
      one it. So, you are a one it, a unit. That’s from Plato, right up to
      today. Hasn’t changed. It’s all coding.

      Jackie: I wanted any of our newer listeners, in case that you have any doubts about this portion of
      our conversation, there is an article by Cindy Weatherly, Are Your Children Human Capital? and
      underneath that article is an executive order that was signed by Bill Clinton, and it basically was
      a commission that was to study capital, and it includes in the executive order, that they will
      study all kinds of capital and including human capital. And then they were supposed to report, and
      part of the report was on the depreciation of capital. Alan, how do you depreciate human capital?

      Alan: If you depreciate them then you simply either breed more, so their value is less,
      really. Many hands make light work, as they say in China. Or you can go the other way, and you can
      start the culling of them.

      Jackie: That’s what I was thinking. The depreciation of capital.

      Alan: Of course the men in the West are becoming sterile with every yearly UN report on male sperm
      count. Last year, the sperm count was down 75% in the average Western male, aged 25, compared to
      1950 levels. So, he’s almost sterile. He’s only got 25% of live sperm, as opposed to his father or

      Jackie: You know where I was with that? When people are no longer “on the tax rolls” they’re
      considered useless eaters.

      Alan: That’s right.

      Jackie: And I was thinking about that as the “depreciation of human capital.” That when you become
      a useless eater, you need to be sent elsewhere. But yet on the other hand, what you’re saying is
      the depreciation of human capital could be the reduction of the numbers.

      Alan: Absolutely.

      Jackie: Oh, Alan. I got. I hadn’t thought about it that way. Wow.

      Alan: Yeah. And I should tell them too, maybe, about the three books I’ve got. Jackie: I think you
      Alan: Because I go through Freemasonry from ancient times, long before the guilds, all the nonsense
      they tell you, oh, they began in the Middle Ages with the guilds. No, they were on the go thousands
      of years ago, much higher orders of course. The guys in the Blue Lodge are at the bottom of the
      heap. They don’t know there’s anything above them. I go through the
      history. The monetary history as well. The history of commerce from thousands of years ago. The
      introduction of money. How the money boys took over the ancient countries one by one, by forming
      standing armies, which they then sent off to invade other countries. And, so I show you that
      nothing has changed. And today, the US and Canada and Britain, are simply finishing off the task of
      bringing the Muslim countries, who don’t allow usury, they’re bringing them into this system called
      democracy, with a centralized bank, a debt system, and a bunch front people we call politicians,
      who were chosen by the elite above them. [See ordering information on transcript.] And I sent a
      stack out just this morning. So, they’ll be getting them soon. So, I’ll have to get another bunch
      printed up, if I can.

      Jackie: Okay, good. So, people who have ordered whatever books they’ve ordered, they’re in the

      Alan: They’re on their way.

      Jackie: That’s great. You, Alan, you were mentioning in your books, you know, about the democracy.
      And I’ve been, oh, my goodness. I’ve been in JINSA’s website. That’s the Jewish Institute of
      National Security Affairs. And they had a press release welcoming John Bolton as the, they call it
      now, the permanent, this is the way they said it, anyway, the permanent representative of the US to
      the United Nations. And I recall, and the reason I recall it, is because I bolded it, when I pasted
      it in, that he was bringing the understanding that democracy is a higher form of government. Now,
      what does that mean, Alan?

      Alan: Well, it does mean, it’s more governed from on high, meaning the people who really run the
      show anyway.

      Jackie: Democracy.

      Alan: I mean, people in Britain have known for centuries that democracy is simply the facade for
      the public. And they call it the establishment, are the ones who really rule the country. And no
      one bucks the establishment. And these are the ones, the old aristocracies, that have always run
      the country. Politics and democracy are simply a pantomime for the public, to believe in and get
      involved in. But it’s a pantomime none the less.

      Jackie: Well, basically, they say that democracy is mob rule. Alan: But it’s not.
      Jackie: Yeah, exactly. It’s elite rule, isn’t it?

      Alan: It’s elite rule, and they simply use the majority. They use the majority to bring in new
      forms of whatever. They’ll say, “well, what’s your problem. Everyone else has accepted this.”

      Jackie: That’s right. Alan: That’s the idea.
      Jackie: They get the majority to go along with them.

      Alan: Because they know that 87% of the public in all ages, in all countries, will always go along
      with any agenda they’re told to go along with.

      Jackie: 87%.

      Alan: And therefore, for the ones who hold out, they’ll say, “well, what’s wrong with
      you. Everyone else have accepted their ID card, you know.” That’s how it works. That’s why they
      love the term, democracy. But it’s certainly not mob rule, because the mob truly have no real say
      in anything.

      Jackie: Well, no they don’t. But they think they do. That’s the whole point. Alan: That’s right.
      Jackie: That’s what’s so slick about this plan, Alan. It appears that the people, it’s the people
      who want this, and really, the people, the majority of the people, have been so mind controlled,
      that they want whatever they’re told they want. That’s it. They say whatever they’re told to think.

      Alan: Exactly.

      Jackie: And they say, this is what I think.

      Alan: Well, Brzezinski said in the ’70s in one of his books. And he should know, since his
      speciality was mind control on a mass scale, with psychotronic warfare. He said, shortly the public
      will be unable to come to a conclusion by themselves. They’ll simply come to the conclusion they’re
      given by the media on the previous night’s news. And that will be their topics

      of conversation at work the next day. So, they understand all of this, you know. And strangely
      enough, even Madame Blavatsky knew this was coming. Because she announced a way of manipulating the
      minds of everyone was available in the 1800s. And she was afraid this would be used for all the
      wrong purposes by a few of the elite.

      Jackie: Well, what do you mean she was afraid that it would be misused?

      Alan: Well, Blavatsky herself was a stooge. You see, all people who come out as a front are often,
      not that she was well meaning, but many of them are well meaning stooges, who have been told part
      of the plan, but not the whole thing. And they’ve been told there would be a utopia, etc. But she
      did know that there was talk in her day of using this technology on the minds of the public.
      Alexander Graham Bell’s father was using forms of mind impulse, or vibrational impulse to get into
      the heads of the deaf people by bursting, very controlled bursts of sound waves, which would hit
      the skulls of people, and they could maybe hear the
      messages. You’d hear it inside your head. That technology from the 1800s is way, way so advanced
      now today.

      Jackie: Oh, my God.

      Alan: And the CIA admit they were using this stuff, back as early as the 1950s.

      Jackie: Okay, I want to get back to Blavatsky. Are you saying that she saw this, she saw the
      potential and thought it could be good?

      Alan: She saw it, but she also had, I guess, a little bit of warning that maybe the plan that she’d
      been told about wasn’t the whole plan, and that there was more to all of this. She had to have,
      because the doors were opened up for her wherever she went, but she didn’t know the whole plan, I’m
      sure. She was more of an actress than anything else, you know, who was playing a role.

      Jackie: We’ll take a call. You’re on the air.

      Caller: Yeah, I was going to say, if anybody is interested, you can get H.P. Blavatsky’s book from And also, there’s another author too. Have you ever head of, well, I’m sure you’ve
      heard of him, Manley P. Hall, The Theosophical Research Society. But Lucifer Magazine, it’s
      surprising. I didn’t think that Kessinger still published those old magazines.

      Jackie: Oh, My God. You know, I’ve always wanted to see those.

      Caller: Oh, they do. That’s what I don’t understand, it’s so crazy about this. If Alan is listening
      to me, he may answer. I don’t understand. Why do they have all the stuff so open?

      Jackie: It isn’t open.

      Caller: You know what, I don’t care.

      Jackie: Kessingers is not open. Thanks, Storm.

      Caller: Oh, yes it is. Anybody can get it. You don’t have to be a Mason or belong to secret lodges
      or anything to order it.

      Alan: The reason it’s given to the public is that they want a lot of public support. A lot of
      people read this stuff, and it’s formulated in a way that there’s a lot of things you can agree
      about, what they’re saying.

      Jackie: There are. Yes, Alan.

      Alan: You just simply don’t, you miss the fact though that there’s little twists in it. And before
      you know it, they’ve got you where they want you. Your mind has followed their story, into their
      conclusion. And that’s how simple it works.

      Jackie: And even if it isn’t their plan, that they’re talking about it, like it’s benevolent, and
      it could be, but it isn’t.

      Alan: It’s not, no. They will never ever give the…

      Jackie: Oh, thank you, oh man. You have just, you know what, that, that’s the razor’s edge, Alan.

      Alan: It is. And also, don’t forget….

      Jackie: Wait a minute. We’re out of time. Well, I’m not going to say that. We’re out of our hour.
      Will you come back tomorrow night?

      Alan: Sure, I will.

      Jackie: I want to pick this up right here. Okay, oh, thanks. Folks, we’ll be back with you tomorrow
      night with Alan Watt, and thanks for being here. I’m glad you are. And God Bless you folks

      Jackie: Well, good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for joining us tonight on Sweet
      Liberty. It is Wednesday. It is the last day of our broadcast week. It is the 10th of August, in
      the year 2005. And Alan is with us, Alan Watt is with us again this evening folks. And if you
      were not listening last night, there is a possibility that Alan is not going to be able to continue
      his work, unless there’s some help coming forth, and maybe Alan, we could mention it just briefly
      for our listeners who weren’t tuned in last night. But I, folks, I think it behooves all of us, to
      extremely appreciate and listen, and to what has been offered, what has been presented. Alan Watt,
      I said this a long, long time ago, he brought us out of the Dark Ages, and into the beginning,
      coming into the light, if you would, of the truth. And I would really regret if we wouldn’t be able
      to have him on, or if you, those of you, many of you I know, who’ve had conversations with Alan
      wouldn’t be able to get a hold of him.

      [Technical difficulties at radio station]

      Jackie: Well, what I wanted to talk, remember last night, when I said there was a subject I’d like
      us to address, you to address. What I, and I know that we touched on it. (Phone rings) Yes.

      Caller: Hello, Jackie. Yeah, this is Jim again. You’re on.

      Jackie: Thanks very much, Jim. Bye. Alright, we’re on the air now, for our shortwave listeners.
      Folks, I’m sorry for that mix-up. No, I’m sure WWCR is sorry, because it wasn’t us. But Alan, what
      I would like you to address tonight is the Israel identity, Christian
      identity. And I know that you’ve said, well, it’s all part of the thing, and all that. But there
      are a lot of people I don’t think who understand what that entails, where did it come from, and all
      of that. Would you be willing to kind of expand on that?

      Alan: I don’t really like talking about it. I’ll tell you why. Jackie: Why?
      Alan: We’ve done it before. Jackie: But not to any length.
      Alan: And also, it’s like going back to kindergarten. And if people can’t understand the basics of
      what’s happening in their lives at this precise moment, they don’t stand much of a chance of

      what’s rushing down upon them. It’s almost like trying to start right back at scratch, square one,
      to bring them up to date, and there’s no time. All we need to know is that Christian identity has
      royal approval. It’s chartered by the British royalty. It’s part of the British Empire movement to
      convince the public that Britain, or London, put it this way. See, we get confused with terms of
      nations. These aren’t nations. These are capital cities with elites living in them. And so, London,
      really, about 200 families in London run the British Empire. And, of course, they use every
      psychological means to do so. And there’s nothing better than appealing to people’s ego, telling
      them they’re superior or special, and using religion to back it up. That’s an ancient technique
      that’s been used for thousands and thousands of years in all empires, and all the British Israel
      movement is another one towards that global agenda. And the idiots that follow it I have no time
      for, to be honest with you. I think they’re petty little elitists. Even the poor
      ones. There’s nothing worse than looking at someone who’s poor, but believing they’re superior
      because God told them so. And looking down their noses at other people. It’s a snobbish thing. It
      has snob appeal. And it also, as I say, furthers the whole movement of globalism, which
      will not end up with a utopia for the people. It’s going to be hell for the people, but a utopia
      for a small group of elitists who’ve used them all. And it’s chartered, as I say, all of these
      movements that are interlinked, even, I might even say the latter one, who was just on the show, in
      your time space. It’s all part of the same thing, whether they try to deny it or
      not. They’re all part of the same grouping, of elitists, you know. And that God has made them
      superior, and it’s their right to rule the world, us against you. But it has royal charter
      approval, and that tells you all you really need to know.

      Jackie: You’re saying that British Israelism has royal charter approval.

      Alan: It’s registered, it’s chartered by the British royalty, like the banks are chartered in
      Britain by the royalty.

      Jackie: And this is where the whole Israel or Christian Identity movement came from?

      Alan: Yeah. I mean, it started off with a nutcase, back in the 1800s, who was eventually locked up
      by the royalty as being insane, because, well, he thought, since we’re all the children of Israel,
      then I’ve traced my lineage back to David, so I’ve got more right to sit on that throne than you
      do. So, Queen Victoria had him locked up in an insane asylum, but then her advisors thought, “you
      know, this is a good idea. If we can con the people of the Commonwealth to believe that they are
      the real people of Israel, then they’ll go forward with our agenda for globalism, and say that it’s
      God’s work.” And that’s been used ever since. And of course, they use racism, they use everything
      to justify it. And they have the white Anglo-Saxons at the top, and Germanics. And then they have a
      category, a sliding category, right down to the dark- skinned people. And you’re graded like eggs,
      you know. Grade A, B, C or D. And if you’re a D or C, then tough luck, because you’re not supposed
      to hang around in the near future. So, this is the whole nonsense with this movement. It’s a
      snobbish, elitist-run, political agenda, using religion for the idiots that actually follow it. But
      then, followers are always pretty well idiots, and they’re always used. And it’s going to simply
      end up with globalism. And at the end, they better pray to their deity for help, being so special,
      because I don’t think they’re going to get much, when it all comes down, unless they belong to the
      inner circles of the elite, which very few of them do.

      Jackie: I guess I always have that hope in my heart, that there will be people that will hear and
      suddenly see, you know, the idiocy of it, because it is idiocy. It’s beyond my

      comprehension. And I just always think, maybe there’s somebody out there or some out there who
      suddenly will get it, Alan.

      Alan: Well, I’ll tell you, as I say, we’re all going round in this big whirlpool right now. And
      there are thousands of organizations and religions all fighting each other, all fighting petty
      differences, each one given to the people, each one of those religions given to the people, like
      tailor-made suits, and they bought them. And they’re all fighting each other, as they go round and
      round and round in this whirlpool, and they can’t even see, as they fight each other, the big drain
      hole at the bottom that they’re all getting sucked into. And that’s all intentional. When you
      create chaos, or an age of chaos, you use every group that you have created to fight each other and
      keep the confusion going. And that’s where they all are right now. They’re going down that big sink
      hole, because every day there are laws added upon laws, and Joe Public is too busy with his petty
      little hobby or his favorite topic, which is generally himself or his religion, to see what’s
      really happening. And to deprogram people who’ve chosen this is too strenuous a task, and there’s
      no time left. It took centuries and centuries to build up this technique of deprogramming people,
      and right now, we’re at a stage where we don’t have the time to go after individuals and do it for
      them. We’re running out of time, very fast. You know, I was watching traffic today, as tourists
      were just going north, and I thought, you know, not one single one of these vehicles will have an
      occupant who’s even aware, or is even thinking that this lifestyle will end
      eventually. They truly believe that this is going to go on forever. Jackie: And they’re going to be
      able to afford the gas to take their trips. Alan: Even as they’re scraping to do so now, yeah.
      That’s right.
      Jackie: Yeah, and you said Rumsfeld had made the statement, maybe we didn’t hear it here. I’ve not
      seen it or heard it, but that, here in the States, that they’re going to be actually doubling the
      present cost of gas.

      Alan: Yes, and that was the same speech that he said that they might use tactical nuclear weapons
      on Iran.

      Jackie: They’re real crazies, aren’t they?

      Alan: No, they’re not crazy. They planned this a long, long, probably before I was born. Jackie:
      You don’t think that’s crazy, Alan?
      Alan: Yeah, it’s crazy with an intellect. So, sure. They know what they’re doing, because they plan
      it so far ahead. And I have no doubt something will happen this October, because that’s when Mars
      will be the closest it’s been for thousands of years.

      Jackie: Oh, the warring planet.

      Alan: And of course, the Red October was the revolution for Bolshevism. And red is their color, by
      the way. That’s why the British army had the red headband round the officers’
      hats. Wherever you see the color red, that’s their color.

      Jackie: They had red coats too, didn’t they?

      Alan: Yeah, but nowadays they still have the red band around their hats. And so, by the way, do the
      Chinese officers, you’ll notice. Because the capitalists in London created the communists. That’s
      why. That’s why you had Red Square. Gene Roddenberry is the red berry, you know, of the Star Trek

      Jackie: Roddenberry. Rodden, Red.

      Alan: Their color is red, and it’s been red for thousands of years. The mystery religion. That’s
      their color. And they run all religions. That’s why the symbols, all of the symbols that the
      British Israel Movement used were all taken from the mystery religion. And the idiots that follow
      it, don’t even know that. Even their logo, which is the Templar type cross, which means the sun,
      the S-U-N, is superimposed over the Saint Andrew’s cross, which is the X, and of course, that’s the
      illumined man. That’s the symbol of the illumined man. They don’t even know that. They’re very
      ignorant people. They only know what they’ve been told. And it doesn’t occur to them to investigate
      it themselves.

      Jackie: Oh, you know what. Some of these people have, of course somebody probably taught them, but
      I read a thing the other day. In fact, I put it in a file, because it was amazing how this
      individual went through the “scriptures” and of course, they never talk about some of those
      statements that don’t make any sense at all, that the special and chosen people are going to loan
      to nations and borrow from none.

      Alan: Well, the main thing that the British Israel are always quoting is that the promise given to
      Abraham and so on was that his seed would be as, you know, the stars of the sky, and the sands and
      so on. And of course, they say, “well, it can’t be the Jews, because there’s not enough of
      them, so therefore the British Empire was the biggest one in the world. So, it must be us.” That’s
      the con game that they go with. That’s what they play by.

      Jackie: Oh, they go through a lot more than that.

      Alan: But that’s what they play at. That’s how they keep trying to justify this pathetic movement.
      And by the way, the British Israel movement is the World Federalists Association. It’s one in the
      same thing. They’re both chartered under the two names. It’s the
      same organization. They used to call themselves the world parliamentarians. And now it’s the World
      Federalist Association. And they get massive funding from all the foundations and Rockefellers and
      so on, to make everybody, all these gofers, work towards globalism. And these gofers think it’s
      going to be a Utopia for them because they’re God’s chosen people, all these British people,
      extract, or Germanic and all this stuff, and they’re all slated for extinction, once their job is
      over. That’s the traditional way of things. Those that run this system are cost effective. They
      don’t believe in useless eaters. So, once the job is over, there will be no North America, as you
      know it, or Britain. Britain has already changed so much so that you wouldn’t know what country it
      was. You might think it was from India.

      Jackie: In other words, and we were talking about that earlier, or in another conversation, that
      for the time being, although Canada and the US and Mexico have been merged, they’re still playing
      the game with passports and stuff like that at the borders.

      Alan: Yes, but you see, the idea of that is to bring in the universal identity card. They’re
      already advertising on radio and television that you can get a quick pass, a quick pass, a
      pre-screened pass through your border with this new ID card that you apply for.

      Jackie: Oh, my, you’re kidding. Alan; No.
      Jackie: And it’s the same one that England is putting out now. Alan: Same company that
      manufacturers them. It’s the same card. Jackie: And it’s the same card that will be the Real ID.
      Alan: And your bank card.

      Jackie: They call it here in the US; and do they have a name? Are they using it in Canada now too?

      Alan: They’re going to start issuing it with the next licenses I think, this coming year. So, as
      you get your license renewed, your driving license, you’ll get the card instead. But you’ll have to
      go in and get fingerprinted and eye-scanned.

      Jackie: Well, I’ll tell you what. I read the bill myself, and what they have done is they said,
      they laid it out, you know, what requirements are going to be, the identification requirements in
      order to get this ID card. But it also says that the Secretary of Homeland Security can add any
      other requirements that he feels are necessary.

      Alan: Yeah. It’s wide open.

      Jackie: So, it’s a Czar. It’s a Totalitarian. Yeah, and I wanted our listeners to think about this.
      I know that I did say it earlier when we talked about this, Alan. But it isn’t just, you know one
      of the things that it said in the bill, is that the States are not mandated, you know, to implement
      it. However, any state that doesn’t, nobody in that state will be able to board a commercial

      Alan: That’s right. The same in Canada, that was announced.

      Jackie: That’s right. Well that’s because the federal government has control over the air

      Alan: The powers of the air.

      Jackie: But what I want, with the first thing that came to my mind are the federal highways,
      because the States have been very, very busy turning their highways over to the federal government.
      And I talked to a rep in Illinois about this, and he said, well, it’s because that way, they have
      to maintain them. And I said, yeah, but they take all the taxes out of the states to

      “maintain them”. And he admitted that they use the road taxes to blackmail the states into passing
      particular bills. But the point is, there are federal highways. The main thoroughfares where people
      do their traveling are federal highways today. And if you don’t, and this, they call the Real ID,
      Federal Identification. And it has to meet federal specs. And, so therefore, my thought is, if
      you’re on one of those federal highways when this thing has been fully implemented, and you don’t
      have a Real ID, you’re gone.

      Alan: Yeah, or if your vehicle is not up to what they call federal standards, which are
      international standards.

      Jackie: It will no longer be the state that makes those, well, they don’t much anyway, they’re all,
      but, I mean, at least at the present time, it’s, how do you call it, if a state decided, like
      Alabama. It’s been some time, but when the EPA mandated the MTBE to go in the gas, Alabama state
      legislature just passed a bill and said, no, we’re not going to do it, and they didn’t. But see,
      the other states go along. Same thing in Arizona, when they said that ozone is no longer
      usable. And for our listeners who may not know this, Dupont was the company that produced ozone,
      and about three years before their 25-year patent ran out, that’s when they began to talk about
      global warming, folks. And the hole in the ozone layer. And that we’ve got to quit using this
      Freon, because Freon was doing it. Well, it was Dupont that patented the new coolant, which,
      there’s reports on it, Alan, that it just tears heck out of the equipment. And it’s nowhere near as

      Alan: It is effective. It’s so much effective that it keeps breaking down. And they’re guaranteed
      after-sales parts. That’s where the big profits are.

      Jackie: Yeah, exactly. And much more expensive. But, Arizona, and I’ve got the bill, actual bill,
      the state of Arizona, or Arizona state passed a law and said that we find that there is no harm
      from ozone from all of the, there is no hole in the ozone layer, etc, etc. And so, in Arizona, we
      will manufacture and we will sell and we will use ozone. Now, I don’t know if they’ve retracted it
      since then, but it was a bill, and I actually saw the bill signed. I mean, I got an actual
      photocopy of the original bill. So, what I’m saying, long story short, is that there were certain
      states that did certain things at certain times, and they got away with it, because they could.
      But, with this real ID thing, they really got slick with it, didn’t they?

      Alan: Well, all must become one.

      Jackie: They didn’t have to, the states aren’t mandated to use it. They don’t have to. We can’t
      mandate to the states.

      Alan: Yeah, so all they do is the big companies say that it’s impossible to make a special
      different gasoline for you, so, if we do, it’s going to cost you twice as much, and they cave in
      and they go along with it. You can’t fight, you can’t fight the corporations. This is the system.
      It’s like Carroll Quigley said. The corporations will be the new feudal overlords, and
      that’s what they are, you know. They’re dictating our public policies to the people. And they’re
      doing it via governments, which they already own, and in fact, most of the politicians have worked
      for these corporations, and then, when they leave politics, they go back into those corporations.
      So, yeah, this is the ping-pong. They used to call it fascism at one time, but that’s gone out of
      vogue. But it’s the same thing, you know. They dictate their policies to us, yeah.

      Jackie: Well, like Rumsfeld was on the board of the Searle company that manufactured Aspartame.

      Alan: That’s right. That was me that first came out with that.

      Jackie: Well, they tried forever to get it through, and they knew it just wasn’t passing, it wasn’t
      being approved, because how dangerous, and it’s a killer.

      Alan: And he’s a director on the board of Searle. And he’s the guy also, Searle is just a part of
      the company of Monsanto. And they are the ones, a company which is a drug manufacturer which
      specializes in psychotropic drugs for psychiatric illness, is hand-in-glove with your main food
      producer, that should ring alarms in everybody. It really should. And if it doesn’t, well, I’m
      sorry for those people.

      Jackie: Monsanto. Searle? Alan: Searle is part of Monsanto.
      Jackie: Okay. And folks, in case you wanted to do some research… (Commercial Break)
      Jackie: Alright, we’re back with you folks, with Alan Watt. The volume was turned down a little
      bit, and I did not hear the warning, so we were talking into the commercial. And what I was saying,
      in case any of you want to do some research on this, Alan had told me about the company Searle, and
      I read it, and saw it, regarding aspartame, and wasn’t pronouncing correctly, so I wasn’t
      connecting the dots. But that company is spelled Searle. And as Alan just told us, it is part of
      the Monsanto Company. And Searle is a pharmaceutical, Alan. Well, how did a pharmaceutical produce

      Alan: Well, aspartame is a chemical. And they’re all offshoots of the chemical industry, the
      pharmaceutical industry, in fact, the whole pharmaceutical industry is an offshoot of the chemical
      companies. So, sure, what they can’t use as drugs they’ll call something else and try and
      sell it for any other purpose, as they do with the aluminum oxide that they put in as fluoride,
      you know. That was aluminum waste. So they found a purpose for it through ALCAN, the Bronfmans in
      Canada, when they owned it. And that started the ball rolling for nice strong healthy teeth, you
      know. So, sure, aspartame was basically some byproduct of some experiments within Searle company.
      And, as I say, this company specializes in pharmaceutical drugs which deal with psychiatric
      problems. And aspartame is a very good, in fact, it’s very similar to cocaine in a sense. It makes
      the people hyper. And it can also cause seizures in a lot of people. So, once they come off this,
      you’ll find that the hyperness goes away and so do the seizures. It’s a very potent drug.

      Jackie: Oh, it causes cancer tumors, brain tumors, and all kinds of things. It’s totally

      Alan: But Rumsfeld, he’s always been a main salesman for the big chemical companies. In fact, the
      CBC television after 9/11 showed when the US was selling the various chemical weaponry to Iraq,
      back in the 70s, it was Mr. Rumsfeld they showed you shaking hands with Saddam

      Hussein. He was over there to sell them all these weapons. And when he’s not selling lethal weapons
      openly, he’s flogging other weaponry through your food or your drink. This is what you have at the
      top of your government. We have tyrants at the moment.

      Jackie: What is your prime minister’s name? Alan: Oh, at the moment, it’s Mr. Martin.
      Jackie: I knew, I remembered the Paul. I couldn’t remember his last name.

      Alan: And his father owned the main Canadian, they still call it the steamship company, that does
      international cargo trading. So they made their money off governmental projects where the taxpayers
      paid for cargoes of grain or food or whatever to other countries. All the boys at the top are
      interlinked through the same very, very high Masonic organizations, way above, way above your 33

      Jackie: You know, Alan, I know, because we could just keep repeating and repeating and repeating,
      and it’s coming to the point where people hear it, and if they don’t do their own research, if they
      don’t believe it, and they don’t do their own research so they can see that it’s so, then it is too
      late. And this is way off topic, and maybe it isn’t. I was talking to Amber today, and she was
      telling me that she made character council. This is a twelve-year-old girl, okay. I said, well,
      what is character council? Well, we teach character. I said, are you telling me that they have
      twelve-year-old children teaching character? I said, at twelve years old you’re building your
      character. Don’t you think that’s a pretty big responsibility, honey? That you’re going to
      be teaching other people character and what does it mean? And then she said, well, we
      just get together and we plan dances and stuff. And I said, well, like student council? Yeah, it
      used to be student council, and now it’s character council. So, I looked it up on the
      internet. It’s a damn international not-for-profit organization. International, and they named all
      the states that are character states. They named the cities within the states, the counties within
      the states, and they named the countries that are, that are….

      Alan: Promoting it.

      Jackie: Promoting it, Alan. Now, folks, let me say this. If you have children in school, by hook or
      by crook, any way that you can, if you, it sounds stupid to say if you love your child, but isn’t
      that part of what loving is, or the main thing when a child is a child, Alan, is protecting those

      Alan: It’s supposed to be, yeah.

      Jackie: And they have to be taken out of the schools, because, you’ll lose them, unless it doesn’t
      matter to you. You will lose them. They will lose their minds, because their minds are being
      stolen. And I just wanted to say this about that.

      Alan: Well, see, you’re not going to stop this, because this all part of a….

      Jackie: I didn’t say stopping it. I’m talking about people who are listening to this broadcast
      right now, Alan.

      Alan: Yeah, but what I’m trying to say, Jackie, is that people have been saying the same thing for
      a hundred years. Because when Bertrand Russell brought his first book out on this very subject, he
      was part of the experimenters for these schools. And he brought it out in 1905. Of course, the
      media went into action. There were still some people who had a voice in those days, and they said
      the same thing, that this was an attempt, it was more than an attempt, it was a plan.
      And Bertrand Russell said it, he said, if we can get the children for even four hours a day, he
      said, away from their parents in kindergarten, he said, we can indoctrinate them with the new
      values for the world. And he said the parental input will be of no effect, because we are using
      scientific, socialistic, indoctrination techniques. So this was known for a hundred
      years. And people have been bashing at this for a hundred years. And then, at the same time, you
      know yourself that most people are so dependent on this only system that they’ve been given –
      there’s no alternative to it – that they either can’t afford private schooling, or they’re run off
      their feet trying just to pay their home and their car and all the rest of it. So they’re trapped
      within the system. And the law says you must send your child to school, one way or another.

      Jackie: No, the law does not say that.

      Alan: Well, teach them, regardless. But the fact is, you know that they’ve made it almost
      impossible for the average person to teach themselves, teach the children themselves. So, you’re up
      against a monster that goes over the future like generals over a battle plan. And they look at all
      the possible conflicts, the repercussions, and they literally plug every hole. And that’s where we
      are with this.

      Jackie: No child left behind.

      Alan: In the Communist system, in the Soviet system, the whole Soviet Bolshevik system was planned
      at least a hundred years before they took over, because they knew exactly how to set up the system
      they had in mind. There was no debating about it. They went into action immediately. And they had
      children in the Young Communist movement doing exactly the same thing, and that was going around
      the schools and so on, twelve year olds, ones who were specially hand-picked, and it was just
      political correctness. It was the new agenda of the
      day. And they were basically parroting what they’d been told. They had little gold stars or red
      stars for saying the right things, and of course, that was being promoted. You can call it whatever
      you want, it’s the same program. It’s the same program, under a thousand
      names. So, you’re under attack from a thousand directions right now. And your eyes cannot be
      everywhere at once. And that’s what I’m saying. That’s where we are right now, in the whirlpool.
      And you can’t even keep up with what’s happening.

      Jackie: I know.

      Alan: So, the international system has been established, you know. It’s actually been here for a
      long time. And they simply kept the borders there and the pretense of nations, so they could keep
      taxing you. That’s basically it. And the US is simply finishing off the last vestige of a different
      type of system in the Middle East. And once that’s done, well the British Israel and the Identity
      movements and all the other gofers will have no jobs to do. They’ll be equal down to the peasant of
      China. That’s where they’ll be.

      Jackie: Oh, the peasants of China are doing well today.

      Alan: Yeah, because now the new catchphrase they’re using on the media is that gee, we must
      compete with China. Well, that’s a race to the bottom. And that’s what’s being promoted right now.
      And anybody with any part of gray matter left in their brains that still has a spark in it, must
      know that if we try and compete with labor in China, our standard of living is obviously going to
      plummet. And that’s exactly what is planned. That’s exactly what is planned.

      Jackie: China, I read about a magnificent, whatever we would call it, where the elite go to
      vacation now. And when I read that, it gave me chills, because you can see how China is being
      promoted to be, what? I just guess the destroyer?

      Alan: Well, they have to, according to the 1937 minutes of the meetings they held in Melbourne,
      Australia, for the Royal Institute of International Affairs and the CFR, and I have their books.
      They said, in 1937, China would be the sole manufacturer of all goods for the
      planet. And when they said that, China was a third world nation. That’s how far back they had this
      planned for China. They even talked about the coming war with Germany, and that they must save the
      Soviet system by all costs. They didn’t explain why. Escott Reid from Toronto, who helped draw up
      the charter for the UN with Alger Hiss, the Communist, so this Canadian, Escott Reid, put his own
      memoirs out. And I have the book from 1937, where his kin even said, we are here to discuss a
      global system, a World Government. This was all discussed in 1937, in Melbourne, Australia. And I
      have a list of all the politicians from America, from the US, from Canada, from all over the world
      who attended it, because their names are all in the back of the book. We are simply living through
      a script written long, long ago. And in that same book, in the 1937 one, they even had the
      immigration quotas from China, right up until the year 2000 and just after, that they would need to
      be the middlemen for the trade goods, for smoothing out the trade difficulties between China and
      North America. They had the quotas of immigrants they would need, for the West Coast of Canada,
      like Vancouver. So, that’s how detailed they make their plans. And when you find this stuff,
      and you go through, and you check up what they’ve done, they tally exactly. They know exactly
      where. The world is just one big business program. That’s all it is. It’s a business agenda, and we
      are the business. The business means buzz. We are the bees, you know. And of course, that’s what
      we’re here for.

      Jackie: We are the economic units.

      Alan: Yeah. We’re living a script, a business plan, and we’re going through it. And, as we go
      through the Age of Chaos, which they said they’d bring on, there’s no better way than to bring all
      of this, this whole brand new way of living that will emerge out of the other side. That’s what
      they keep telling us. A completely different way of living, as they bring us into the vortex, and
      to bring us through it, or the ones who will come through it, they have everybody fighting
      everybody else on petty nonsense from a previous age. This has been done before. And they’re doing
      exactly the same thing again. The intellects way above the politicians are way beyond people that
      you’ve met in your daily life. These are real intellects here. We can’t dismiss that. These are not
      politicians above the ones that we generally see. These are the rulers. And these people have minds
      almost like computers. And they have no compassion, whatsoever. And I mean no compassion on an
      individual or even a national or even a global scale. They will do whatever it takes, as they keep
      telling us, the end justifies the means. In other words, if they need part of this agenda rushed
      through, they’ll do whatever it takes to n Towers was nothing to them. These are the same characters that
      brought on Pearl Harbor and World War II.

      Avatar photoEK

        Jackie: And sunk the Maine.
        Alan: Yeah. And meanwhile, everybody is fighting everybody else over religion, or the race issue,
        and all the other stuff that they know so well. They’re old tunes they can keep playing over and
        over. And everyone has been programmed to dance to these tunes when it plays, and they do. And they
        can’t see beyond it all. And this is the time now when you must see beyond it all, if there’s going
        to be any survival for anybody at all. Because we’re going through it.

        Jackie: What about people, well, look at even with yourself, Alan, as you were talking about last
        night. You’re not sure you’re even going to be able to survive the winter.
        Alan: That’s right.
        Jackie: And there are people, so you’re not in the city. But, of course, they’re making it nearly
        impossible for people to live in the country, because of the increase in gas.
        Alan: And taxes.

        Jackie: To get you to the store. The property taxes are increasing. Alan: Environmental laws.
        Jackie: Well, yes. And it goes on and on. And then we have people who are in the cities and do not
        have the means to leave the cities, as much as they would desire and want to do it. So, you know,
        it comes back down to making the time, to be like parents with their families,
        Alan. With their families. They have to work. They have to work to be able to pay the bills. But,
        instead, maybe, of parents sloughing the children off to a babysitter, so they can
        go. Maybe the most important thing that people can do today is to be together, and really, just
        cherish the time, every precious moment, and give to your children, not $80 tennis shoes and trips
        to Six Flags and Disney World, because that isn’t really what children want anyway, Alan.

        Alan: No, that’s what the system wants.

        Jackie: That isn’t what they want at all. They want their parents to look at them and see them.
        They want their parents to hear them when they talk. Not just listen, but really hear them.

        Alan: Well, what they need is direction. And children who don’t get direction from their parents
        will take it as they did in the Communist system, in the Young Communist movement. They’ll take it
        from the leaders. The Hitler Youth were the same, because children need direction. And if they
        can’t get it from their parents, the state or the system will give it to them instead. That’s
        traditional. That’s been used for thousands of years. Again, it’s another tune, and they know how
        to play it, and we know how to dance.

        Jackie: Well, you mentioned Bertrand Russell. And I’ve done this before, but I’ll do it
        again. The statement that he made, he was a, maybe still is, I don’t know, but at this time a
        UNESCO advisor. He said, “it may be hoped that in time anybody will be able to persuade

        anybody of anything, if he can catch the patient young, and is provided by the state with money and

        Alan: Well, the two main books, and anybody who wants them and can read it all today, apart from a
        glowing tube in front of their face, they can order them. And it’s Roads to Freedom, is the one
        book, that gives you the global agenda with adults and children, and Education and the Good Life,
        is the one about the whole education program that they have used right up until the present time.
        And that’s got it all in there. All of it.

        Jackie: Well, there’s one more sentence here that I want to do, for our listeners. He said, when
        the technique has been perfected, every government that has been in control of education for a
        generation will be able to control its subjects securely without the need of armies or policemen.

        Alan: Yeah, once you all have a brain chip, there’s no problem. I mean, that’s what the function of
        all this is.

        Jackie: Roads to Freedom and Education and the Good Life.

        Alan: Yeah, the whole scientific technique. He put out another book, it was on science, basically,
        and he laid the whole thing down, to do with scientific techniques, including the same stuff as
        Aldous Huxley was on about, the brain chip and so on, and how they could use all this to control
        everybody. And once that happened, the people had no individuality in them, then they’d have their
        utopia. But they, the elite themselves, would not change themselves. That’s what they said, because
        they must retain their survival capabilities, but the public won’t need them anymore, since the
        state will be making all their decisions for them.

        Jackie: What do you say to a person who calls you and says, I’m not sure what to do, I’m beginning
        to see the light and it’s very frightening. What do you say to them, Alan?

        Alan: It depends who they are.

        Jackie: Well, okay. What would you say to me?

        Alan: Again, it’s not something you sum up in a couple of minutes. You go through the whole person.
        You’ve got to get the persona and the person. You’ve got to break down all the different parts of
        that person, and then give a response that’s suitable to that individual person. You can’t give
        the same talk to every individual. You must tailor-make truth to jump over the hurdles that
        that person has in their particular individual mind. And everyone has a different response to
        things, and they have different hurdles or walls in their mind, so you must literally tailor-make
        it for the individual, so that they can jump those walls themselves. And it must be done by
        themselves. You can show them how, but it must be done by them. That’s why it takes a lot of work
        for every single one. But I should mention the three books before we go off the air. They’re called
        Cutting Through 1, 2, & 3. And I go through the ancient Freemasonry system, prior to the guild
        movements of the Middle Ages, and right up to the present day. I give you a lot of the Masonic
        coding that’s used. It’s all through your language;
        in fact they created your language for you. And the third one goes through the history of this, as
        well as the history of the money system which they brought in thousands of years ago, and how they
        used it to implement their system, which they call civilization. That’s what they mean by
        it. It’s their system. And how they control nations one by one, through takeovers, financial or

        through using warfare. [See ordering information on transcript.] But that’s what I’m
        saying. You can’t just give a pat answer for a mass of people, because everyone has their own
        particular walls and variations of them, in their mind. And you have to literally go through dozens
        of them with each one. And you must be able to see into that person, in order to do
        so. And that takes a lot of work.

        Jackie: And you’ve done that with people?

        Alan: Yes, and as I say, it’s a lot of work. And it can take years sometimes, on a one to one basis
        with many, many different people, but individually, one on one, to get them right up and out of it.

        Jackie: And then what happens when they get out of it, Alan?

        Alan: Then it’s a whole new journey from there on. And again, you don’t hand that truth to
        everybody either. You just don’t hand out truth. Most people can’t handle the truth. Some things
        are very, very, very precious. And most people are so stuck in what they want themselves that they
        can’t handle the truth. And that’s what they mean, they trample it underfoot, because they don’t
        see it for what it is. So you don’t hand it to them until they’re ready for it.

        Jackie: Well, we’ve sure been doing enough of it.

        Alan: We’ve done an awful lot. More so, I’d say, than any other program. And we certainly don’t do
        it as a business. That’s for sure.

        Jackie: That’s for sure. And folks, we’re out of our week.

        Jackie Patru: Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for joining us tonight on Sweet
        Liberty. Tonight is Monday, and it is the 15th of August, in the year 2005. And I’m glad that
        you’re with us tonight. I hope you had a lovely weekend, ladies and gentlemen. Actually, it’s more
        than a weekend now, isn’t it? You get, I get, we get, from Thursday until Monday, or we have until
        from Thursday until Monday. So, three nights a week, and it is a possibility that we’re going to be
        cutting back to two nights a week. I don’t know if, I don’t know if it is for the broadcast.

        [Technical difficulties at radio station]

        I’ll tell you what. For our internet listeners, if you would just begin, and I can take another
        phone line, and call WWCR and see what’s up.

        Alan: Oh, okay.

        Jackie: Okay, thank you. This is Alan Watt, folks.

        Alan: Yep, once again, we’ve got a mix up at the shortwave station, where they’re playing another
        broadcaster’s tape. We don’t know why, maybe it’s God intervening, who knows, because that’s what
        he goes on about is Old Jehovah and how the British are really the Jews, you see. But what I should
        say, to start off today, is that I have three books for sale, because I’m filling in for Jackie,
        while she straightens out the short wave station. And these books go through Freemasonry, from
        ancient times, not just from the usual guilds they talk about in the Middle Ages, because the
        secret brotherhoods have been here as long as money has been here, in all of its different forms.
        And I also go through how the money boys took over even the ancient world, and how they created
        nations, and had wars going on between them, while they profited from loaning to all the countries,
        which they’d helped to create, and they sold them all the weaponry, too. No different from today.
        And how they benefited from keeping the people in debt, which ensured that they kept running the
        system. No different at all from today. [See ordering information on transcript.] And I’ll get them
        out to you as soon as I can.

        Now, I don’t know what’s happening with the short wave station, but that’s the second time that
        Pastor Pete, with his British Israel, has been on, when we should be on. And I think, yeah, he’s
        still on the shortwave. So I guess there’s a debate going on whether they should flick the switch
        or not, but we’ll find out pretty soon.

        Jackie: Nicholas, if you’re available, would you please come on the line. I had a call from one of
        our listeners. I gave her four numbers that I have, to call, to possibly get a hold of somebody at
        WWCR. But if Nicholas, if you’re listening, if you would please come on the line with us, if you
        would please get a hold of them, and let them know that they’re doing it again. Alan, my,
        my. Well, we do have internet listeners right now, so we’re not going to act like we’re not on the
        air at all. But this appears to me to be intentional.

        Alan: Well, Pastor Peters last week boasted that he now has 400 hours with WWCR, so I guess the
        muscle has been put into motion.

        Jackie: The muscle has been put into motion. I just want you to know that I don’t know how it is
        for our listeners, but your volume is down so low I can barely hear you. I can hear you, but I can
        barely hear you.

        Alan: Yeah, you’re down. You’re down too.

        Jackie: Am I? Okay. Nicholas, WFAR, Nicholas, if you’re there, will you please come on the line
        here and let me know if you can get a hold of WWCR. One of our listeners called in, as I told you,
        and she’s trying the numbers that I would have been trying, Alan.

        [Technical difficulties at radio station]

        Jackie: Well, there we are folks. Well, now we just talked to an engineer at WWCR, and what he’s
        saying is, is that the satellite feed that they’re getting is really great. So I’m hoping that you
        can hear us tonight, ladies and gentlemen. What I’m going to do, and I will do this tomorrow night,
        is have a number for you to call. If you’re listening on shortwave, and the program before you is
        good, and the one after you is good, and this one is not, it would be time for you to call WWCR and
        see if you can find out what the problem is, because what we’ve discovered is that sometimes people
        go, if you have a shortwave radio that can go from 5.070 up to 072, 073, 074, sometimes, they catch
        it clearly almost at 5.075 or below. But if you’re not getting it in good, then tune it down or
        tune it up, so that you can hear it. Because, what’s happening folks, according to the letters that
        I get from our listeners, you can hear us. And I understand, if you can’t hear the broadcast. Those
        of you who have hung in here, through thick and thin, you’re to be so deeply commended, that you’re
        still here, because it’s a wonder, it’s a miracle that we haven’t lost all of our listeners. Alan,
        Alan Watt is with us tonight. And Melody said that your volume is very low.

        Alan: So is yours. When you’re on the phone here with me, I can hardly hear you at all.

        Jackie: Yeah, well, evidently, the volume was low coming into WWCR, and I don’t know how it is. If
        Eleanor is listening, Eleanor White. Eleanor is a, she monitors for us, and lets us know, because
        sometimes when your volume is low to me, in my headset, Eleanor calls in, and says, don’t worry
        about it, Alan is coming in loud and clear. But Melody said tonight, from WFAR that your volume was
        low. (Phone rings) Oh, here we go. Hi, you’re on the air. Thanks for calling.

        Caller: Hey, I can hear you, and Alan sounds real good. Jackie: Oh, thanks, Mel.
        Caller: Okay, alright. Jackie: Okay, bye, honey.
        Alan: Now, we can’t hear each other.

        Jackie: Yeah, we can’t hear each other, but they can hear us.

        Alan: But I know on the shortwave, there’s over-modulation there, because your voice is muffled on
        the shortwave.

        Jackie: Right now? My voice is muffled?

        Alan: Yeah, it’s not as clear as it should be. In fact, I tuned up to 5074, and it was clearer

        Jackie: At 5074. Well, then, we would ask Jason, I guess, who is our engineer tonight, to please
        make a check, Jason, and if we’re over-modulating here, do what needs to be done. Because I’m not
        over-modulating, Alan. If they’re getting it crisp and clear from the satellite, which is where
        we’re broadcasting from, if the shortwave is over-modulated, once again, it’s coming from WWCR.

        Alan: Well, that’s that old Wicker Man up to his tricks. [Technical difficulties at radio station]
        Alan: I can hear you now, you’re clear on my phone.

        Jackie: Okay, well, that’s good. Thank you, whoever is responsible. Alan: That’s because I said we
        should join the British Israel Movement. Jackie: The British Israel Movement. That would probably
        be our…
        Alan: Then God’s on our side, you see.

        Jackie: That would, oh, then God’s on our side. Yahweh is on our side. Alan: The big boss.
        Jackie: You know what, okay, what I was going to say, when we came on the air tonight, is that it
        has become more than that you’re a guest on this broadcast. It’s as though you’ve become a co-host
        here, Alan. And, folks, the reason, well, it’s not that I have to give a reason, but I ask Alan to
        come on. We get into conversations. And for those of you, and I know there are many of you who so
        appreciate the information that we have received from Alan and the broadcasts that Alan and I have
        done together, because my questions, evidently, are important to you, which is what I get from my
        correspondence from you, that our interchange has been very much of an opening for many of you. And
        so, therefore, Alan is with us again, tonight. And I appreciate it very much. And Alan, thank you
        for being here.

        Alan: It’s a pleasure, when we can be heard.

        Jackie: When we can be heard. When I can hear you.

        Alan: Maybe it’s a gimmick to make people listen more intently.

        Jackie: Well, I’ll tell you what. I want to say again what I said at the beginning of the
        broadcast. Well, you see, our sponsorship has dropped off. However, I know that our
        listenership has dropped off. Because, even the people who send donations for sponsoring the
        broadcast tell me the frustration that they experience. I was talking to a gentleman from Michigan,
        recently. He said he was outside working, I think working on his boat or
        something. He had the broadcast on prior to Sweet Liberty. He said it was crystal clear. And then,
        Sweet Liberty came on, and there was very little of it that he could pick up, and right after Sweet
        Liberty it cleared up again. And the best suggestion that I had for him, was to call WWCR, because,
        I’ve tried. And I get angry response from management. I’ve had the phone hung up on my ear. In
        fact, one time the phone was hung up, I called back, because I thought it was rude, so rude.
        Sometimes I just ignore it, but I wanted to speak with him, and then I was told that he was taking
        a walk. And the person that I talked to, I said, I just had the phone hung up on me, and I would
        like to finish this conversation. And, Alan, what I’m told is this. If you don’t like it, if you
        think that we are sabotaging the broadcast, go someplace else.

        Alan: Well that’s a Christian message. Jackie: It’s a Christian message, yes.
        Alan: Well, sure. I mean, it’s a business. And all media is propaganda, I don’t care who runs
        it. Because an all-seeing eye did not miss a hole in its net, you know, and it never did. And the
        CIA started up the shortwave back in the 50s, using Christian radio, and I doubt they’ve ever let
        it go, especially nowadays, because they need it. They need the confusion, to keep this age of
        chaos running along, you know. Now, of course, they have their superstars, because the public have
        been trained to look for superstars, like the general television, your Doctor Phil or Oprah, or
        whatever, and Albert Pike said we always give the people their leaders, so they must present
        superstars, who are professional talkers. And of course, they have staff there to help them with
        their spiel, as they say. And of course, it’s a Wizard of Oz type thing, where, behind the curtain,
        there’s a little guy making all this noise. But behind the little guy, you’ve got a whole staff of
        people punching up things on his screens, where he sounds terribly informed.

        Jackie: You know what? This is, I think, in fact, I know what I wanted us to discuss tonight, but,
        because you explained it, you explained it more in depth to me, because when you first mentioned
        it, I didn’t get what you were saying, but you went through the process. Would you do that, Alan?
        For example, you know, we don’t have to name names, but, let’s say a broadcaster, when people call
        in, no matter what they’re talking about, the broadcaster seems to have in-depth information about
        it, as they know everything about everything.

        Alan: Well, it’s history, because in every century, they give you heroes to follow. They always
        call them geniuses. And they give you ridiculous stories about them, be they composers or
        scientists or whatever. But they make up these.

        Jackie: Alan, can you hold just for one moment. We have a call coming in. Hello?

        Caller: Oh, hello. I just wanted to let you know that here in the upper peninsula of Michigan, I
        listen to you every time you’re on, and it is over-modulated or something, all the time.

        Jackie: All the time.

        Caller: Maybe one time was very clear.

        Jackie: Over-modulated, and it isn’t over-modulated coming in. Caller: It sounds like you’re
        talking in a pillowcase.
        Jackie: In other words, what, I want our listeners, if they can hear me, to hear this. Because we
        were told by Jason, the engineer, at WWCR, that the feed that they were getting from the satellite
        was very crisp and very clear. And so, what our shortwave listeners are getting, from the shortwave
        station, is over-modulation.

        Alan: You’re plus-forty here, that’s the end of the scale. Caller: And my shortwave is 5070.
        Jackie: Okay, thank you so much. Please don’t go away, honey, okay. Caller: Oh, no. I love your,
        whatever you’re talking about.
        Jackie: Thank you. Who are we talking to? Caller: Mary Jane in upper Michigan.
        Jackie: Do you know that I’m a Michigander? Yes? Caller: I do.
        Jackie: Oh. From Flint, Michigan.

        Caller: Oh, that’s way down there. I’m way up.

        Jackie: Yes. My summers were spent up at Bear Lake, near Grayling.

        Caller: Oh, okay. I’m way over up, Lake Superior, up in the upper peninsula, over Lake Michigan,
        over the Mackinaw straits.

        Jackie: Thanks for listening, honey. Thank you for calling. Bye-bye. Okay, Alan, now. You know, I’m
        not a, what do you call, technician, but it makes sense to me that if the satellite feed coming
        from WFAR is crisp and clear, and if the reception that our shortwave listeners are getting is
        over-modulation, it makes sense that it has to be coming from the shortwave transmitter.

        Alan: Well, yeah. Sure. And plus-forty, that’s the end of the scale. It’s right on the right-hand
        side. You can’t go any further with the signal strength. It’s over-modulated.

        Jackie: Oh, you’ve got. You’re monitoring it there? Alright, folks.

        Alan: That’s as high as it goes.

        Jackie: We’re going to be back. Alan, we’re at the half hour here. We’ll be back right after this.
        Folks, don’t go away. Alan, maybe they can hear you. If they can’t understand. Why would I be
        over-modulated and not you?

        (Commercial Break)

        Jackie: Alan is with us, Alan Watt, and from what I’m gathering, our listeners, Alan, would you
        explain once again what you said, why it is that you wouldn’t be over-modulated, but I am? And I
        want our listeners to know, by the way, that you and I are, what should I say, we’re both on the
        same phone line. Folks, Alan calls me. And then I conference us in together. So, he’s not calling
        from another phone. He’s not calling from a separate phone line into the station. And if it is
        coming in loud and clear from the satellite, it would follow that our shortwave listeners should be
        getting loud and clear from both Alan and I. And would you explain what you said, how that could
        happen, Alan?

        Alan: Yes. Every studio, whether it’s a radio or a music studio, has graphic equalizers. Jackie:
        And you were in the music industry or business.
        Alan: Yeah, years ago.

        Jackie: So, you know what you’re talking about.

        Alan: And when you want to phase out a particular tone, or a pitch, say, or bring it up, even, you
        can do either, just by adjusting the slides, and you have a whole battery of slides, sometimes 48
        of them, and you can literally phase out any instrument or vocal sound, or any singer in a choir,
        with a different voice. You can phase them in, or phase them out. And of course, male and female
        being different, it’s much easier to adjust that way.

        Jackie: So, let me ask you this. It doesn’t mean that there’s somebody sitting there working at
        these slides, but if they just get their frequencies or whatever tuned into my voice, they can
        literally obliterate it.

        Alan: Or, once again, boost it to such an extent that it would become muffled. They can boost it.
        They can actually bring it up, as well, and make it muffled. You know, any sound can be distorted
        by over-amplification or modulation. So you can do the same thing with a graphic equalizer. You can
        literally bring any sound up, as well as down, you can bring it up and over- modulate it, until
        it’s distorted.

        Jackie: So, let me ask you this. If I could talk higher or lower, would that foil the?

        Alan: No, because you’re still within a certain frequency range, as opposed to me. Mine would be
        different. I mean, I’ve seen it done with orchestras, where you can bring in a violin, just by
        sliding the switch, or you can phase it out, or you can bring up, say a trombone, even. So you can,
        there’s a whole range of spectrum with sound. So they also do that. They use similar

        equipment for spying on people at long ranges with boom microphones. And they can literally phase
        out the surrounding nose from cars and automobiles and buses and things.

        Jackie: I’ve seen that on movies a long time ago. Alan: Yeah. This is old technology.
        Jackie: We have a caller here. Hi, you’re on the air.

        Caller: Hi Jackie. This is Kate. I called WWCR and talked to Jason. And I said, are you trying to
        sabotage Jackie? And he said, oh, no, we wouldn’t do that. But, as I’ve been listening to you, week
        after week, you are very muffled. And I think Alan has a point there. And I don’t know what the
        reason is, other than Alan brought out another good point, that we have superstars on the
        shortwave, that to me have taken over, and I feel like I have no free speech.

        Jackie: And you have no free listening, Kate.

        Caller: No, but all of a sudden, we are religious? Is this the main theme of the shortwave, to lead
        you into the abyss of religious propaganda?

        Alan: That’s pretty well it.

        Caller: I resent that. There’s too many horrible things out there, that we should have freedom of
        speech. And I’ve noticed that on other programs, certain people are jammed constantly until the
        King comes on. So, I don’t know where we go from here.

        Jackie: Well, who is the king, honey?

        Caller: You don’t know who the king of shortwave is? We’ve got a king and queen. Jackie: Well, I
        don’t know who you’re talking about, would you tell me?
        Caller: Well, we have Miss Nightingale, right? Jackie: I don’t know who Miss Nightingale is.
        Caller: Florence Nightingale.
        Jackie: It’s okay, Kate. Until we’re off the air, we have freedom of speech here, so just say what

        Alan: Well, the listeners do.

        Caller: Well, you know, the continuation of Joyce Reilly….Pastor Stair, and Mr. Pete Peters. You

        Jackie: And they all come in very clear?

        Caller: Oh, yes.

        Jackie: Alright, thank you.

        Caller: If we can’t express what we feel, we the people, and we have to adhere to the kings, and
        especially Georgina, you know, Bush.

        Jackie: Thanks, Kate.

        Alan: Well that’s how it is. They know, you see, they’ve trained the public. And let’s be honest.
        Everybody has been brought up in an artificial system, and yet, we’ve taken it all for granted as
        being normal, simply because everyone else thinks it’s normal. But there’s nothing normal in it.
        It’s a designed system, scientifically designed, as Charles Galton Darwin said, in The Next Million
        Years, he said, we’re just creating a more sophisticated form of slavery. And they’ve trained the
        public since television was invented, to go for the superstars. You follow your stars, the
        wandering stars. They’ve used the same expression back in ancient Greece, when they brought in the
        traveling players that gave them their culture, and changed their culture, with the authority, of
        course, of the elite. And it hasn’t changed until today. So they bring out these people in every,
        every generation to lead the people around in circles and take over as the main voice, and say that
        they’re fighting the New World Order on their own, single
        handed, in between making movies and going to the gym and being on countless radio stations and
        television stations every day, I mean, “that’s a super-man, and I want to follow him,” you see,
        “and I couldn’t do that.”

        Jackie: I was looking at a bio of one of the kings that Kate was talking about. He’s been evidently
        mentioned in the Wall Street Journal. He’s been on CNBC or ABC, it’s what you’re saying, Alan, is
        when we see these people mentioned on mainstream.

        Alan: It makes it more legitimate in our minds.

        Jackie: We had better damn know that they’re part of the program.

        Alan: Well, of course, absolutely. That’s why they were thrust out in front for the people to
        follow. And they’ve done this over and over. They always give us the superstars, whether it’s Oprah
        Winfrey on regular media or Dr. Phil that tells us how to behave, or one on
        shortwave. It’s the same technique. It’s by the same people at the top. And, as I say, they always
        give you someone who’s been trained to do exactly what they’re doing, and I should also say, that
        the purpose of psychological warfare, which is counter-intelligence, by the
        way. Psychological warfare has an intent, and the intent is to overwhelm the public, or the enemy –
        and which the public, they are the enemy, you see – with so much negative, terrifying information,
        in a machine-gun fashion, or a shotgun fashion, they scatter it at you, until you can’t duck out of
        the way anymore. And when that’s all you see coming at you, all you do eventually is mentally
        collapse, because, what they’re telling you is, this system is so awesome and powerful, and King
        Kong is growing three miles a day above you, that there’s nothing you can do about it. And that’s
        the purpose of psychological warfare.

        Jackie: Alan, would you compare that, to what you just said, to what you and I have discussed on
        the air? Because sometimes…

        Alan: I’ll cut to the chase here. Jackie: Please do, please do.
        Alan: Because, what it is, the difference is, that you see, people go into shortwave looking for an
        alternate view on things, alternate information. And so they tune out the regular media. Now, when
        you start to get people reading the AP Wires, and what’s on the regular media, and even giving you
        more than you get on the regular media, they’re doing a better job than the regular media. So,
        rather than get away from it, they’re actually giving you more of it. It’s a day-by-day blow of
        what’s been done to you. And that’s its purpose. That is its technique. They read the AP Wires and
        Reuters stuff, and international stuff. And now, people obviously in the staff are pushing this up
        on his boards, so he can parrot it off.

        Jackie: You know what. You were talking about that, and we had to take our break. But you took me
        behind the scenes in a conversation that we had. And then I saw it. Would you continue what you
        were explaining. Explain this to our listeners. In other words, well, what I remembered you saying,
        is that somebody calls in, and they say, okay, what are you calling about, and the people say what
        they’re calling about. Or there’s a particular conversation going on, and there are people, a team,
        that do a search, bring up information, put it on the screen for the broadcaster, and that

        Alan: Sounds like a genius. He’s got all facts and figures. He can throw dates, names, times out at
        you. And of course, the person, the people who are listening say, “my God, I couldn’t keep up with
        all this. This guy is a genius.” And what we do, you see, if we think someone is a genius, is we
        put our own discernment to the side and we parrot them, we follow them. That’s how you create a
        leader, you see, behind the scenes. That’s how you do it. This is an old technique. And it’s being
        used today.

        Jackie: Isn’t Noel, you know, he’s very, because he’s got that different accent, but doesn’t he do
        kind of the same thing?

        Alan: Well, his whole business is selling gold and silver and so on. Now, from Rhodesia, who
        created Rhodesia? Cecil Rhodes created Rhodesia. And he was sent there by the Rothschilds, to take
        over the diamonds and the gold and silver of Africa. And who comes out of Rhodesia, amongst all the
        real, genuine people, who got thrown out of there, were the gold
        merchants. And here they are flogging the same stuff here, under the pretense that you’ll need this
        to survive. And I can tell you, if you have to try and trade gold, even today, in a hurry, go and
        try it, and see how fast you can sell your gold or silver. Because you’ll have a hard time doing
        it. It’s a con game. And their technique is always to throw all the fear at you, of what’s coming.
        I noticed too, there’s a doctor going all around the place, all the shortwave stations, giving this
        spiel about the coming avian flu. And after terrifying the listeners for half an hour, then they
        come out with the solution. And the solution is, the doctor has all these antidotes and herbs and
        stuff that you can take for it, so if you send to his company, he’ll send them to
        you. And they split the loot. That’s how the whole thing works. It’s fear-based techniques selling.
        You see, every ad is fear based. Every single ad. They couldn’t make a market outside of the
        shortwave fear-based radio, because the people are all asleep. So, what do you

        do? You make the market. You go where the market is, and people are terrified on shortwave because
        of the traditional hype, and they sell all the products they can’t sell anywhere
        else. That’s how it’s done. It’s like the back pages of magazines, you know, where they sell all
        this stuff about your balding hair and just splash this stuff on and it grows back, and you don’t
        need Viagra anymore, you know. It’s the same rubbish, that stays always hidden in the back pages of
        cheap magazines. It’s the same stuff that’s sold on the shortwave. It’s the same
        old. It’s all fear-based selling, and you’re listening to an hour of advertising, and you think
        it’s a show. You think it’s a show.

        Jackie: It is a show, Alan.

        Alan: Yeah. They think it’s informative.

        Jackie: It is a show. That’s why we don’t call Sweet Liberty a show.

        Alan: I mean, if I wanted to and I was a real crook, I could do the same as certain; yeah, Miss
        Nightingale is a good term. Mind you, old Flo Nightingale in the history books was labeled as a
        psychopath. The real Florence Nightingale was labeled as a hysterical psychopath, you
        know. Because she used to get hysterical blindness and have tantrums and seizures if she didn’t get
        her way.

        Jackie: And who was Florence Nightingale? Was she the nurse?

        Alan: No, she wasn’t a nurse. No. She was from an aristocratic family. Jackie: But who were we told
        she was?
        Alan: Oh, the lady with the lamp, you know, on the occasional visit round the hospitals, which they
        had to set up, because all these British were coming back from all these wars with no limbs. And
        they were dumped on the street where they died with infections and so on. So, it was a sort of
        cover, where the British government put out a pittance to set up field hospitals for the first
        time. Before that they didn’t bother because you could always recruit more
        peasants. But it was becoming so highly visible with the British Empire taking all the countries
        over, that there was a massive fallout dumped on the streets of Bristol and all the other ports
        where they were discarded. And there was no pension, either, for these soldiers, so they just lay
        there and rotted and died. So they brought up a few hospitals, stuck old Flo at the top of it, and
        made up a myth about her being so compassionate and all the rest of it, you know. That’s the
        reality. But getting back to what I’m saying. The one on the shortwave. If I wanted to be like
        that, and make a killing on money, I’ve got lots of clay around here. I’ve got lakes all over the
        place. And you could probably eat this clay as well, because they’re selling it on that show, you
        know. And this thing will literally, will literally cure you of every disease, you know. It will
        suck every toxin out of your body. It will grow your hair back. And men will get erections, and
        women will get back their monthly cycle. So, I mean, it’s just a wonderful thing. So, I could do
        all that rubbish if I was a con man, but I’m not, you see. I’m not. But that’s what feeds,
        unfortunately, the shortwave business.

        Jackie: Well, obviously, I’m not either, Alan.

        Alan: Yeah. It’s a business. Jackie: You should say, we’re not.
        Alan: I mean, what person, apart from psychopathic people, can take advantage of terror and fear,
        use it for their spiel before they go and sell you their stuff, after terrifying the life out of
        you? “Oh, but here’s the antidote.” But they do it every day. Every day. And because the public
        think they’re being informed a little bit, no you’re not, you’re being conned. You’re being conned
        all the time, over and over. And, you see, there’s so much money to be made in misery. That’s the
        health profession….

        Jackie: Misery and fear.

        Alan: Especially misery. Because people in pain, and I know what I’m talking about, because I’m in
        it. But they’ll generally spend their last penny, that they don’t even have, on some bag of grass
        or something that they chew, that’s supposed to have miracle cures, simply because the propaganda
        says so, you know. You’ll do anything to get rid of pain, and when traditional medicine fails you,
        yeah, you’ll go through all this massive array of shark cartilage and all the rest of the rubbish
        they sell out there. And there’s been millionaires made off the shortwave from selling all this
        stuff. And for five years they’ll try the shark cartilage, and then they’ll jump to the next thing,
        and then the next thing, and then the next thing, because every five years they’ve got a whole
        bunch of new listeners.

        Jackie: Yeah, you don’t hear anything about shark cartilage anymore.

        Alan: No. Well, you know the reason why they were flogging the shark cartilage for arthritis? Do
        you know the reason for it?

        Jackie: Because they found that sharks never got arthritis? Alan: Sharks don’t have skeletons.
        Jackie: No, but is that why they were saying it?

        Alan: They said they don’t get arthritis, because they don’t have any skeletons. They have no
        bones. They’re all cartilage. That’s why they don’t get arthritis, but they didn’t tell the public
        that. And they took millions from the suckers who fed into all this stuff.

        Jackie: Well, and to call them suckers. Alan: It’s suckers, because….
        Jackie: I know, Alan, but…

        Alan: And you have to admit when you’ve been one. If you don’t admit it, you’ll do it again with
        the next con that comes along. And there’s lots of them out there. There’s lots and lots and lots
        of these cons out there. And these people make a fortune. We’re a world of schmucks, you see.
        We’ve all been trained to be schmucks, and listen to the professional people. I’ve had two

        professions, and qualified in one, and that was medicine, and I walked out of it, when I saw the
        corruption in it. I would not do it. I will not do anything that’s corrupt. But if I was, you know,
        a man of the world, or joined the Freemasons, and they would say, well, look, you’ve got to take
        advantage of the profane, those that are unenlightened. Yeah, I could have done that, but it’s not
        my nature.





        Jackie: … I wanted to let our listeners know, Alan, I don’t know if you’ve been hearing this or
        not, but that Bush and Cheney and his gang have been indicted by a grand jury in Chicago. Well,
        that’s not the truth.

        Alan: No. I’m not surprised. All these rumors that go around all the time, it’s just distraction.

        Jackie: Right, well, this, I believe there is a grand jury sitting in Chicago, and it has something
        to do with Daly, the Mayor. But I’ve gotten two or three or four of them on the internet, and I
        received one today, and this woman said, this is a hoax. It isn’t true. Because she had called, and
        wanted to know when they were going to make the announcement, and they said, there has been no
        indictment, because there’s been no grand jury sitting for that purpose. And I got one just before
        we went on air, and evidently, one of the superstars interviewed, oh, I know who it was, Tom
        Flocko, today. And they said it was confirmed, that you could take it to the bank, basically, that
        this grand jury in Chicago had indicted Bush and Cheney and the gang. And so, I wanted our
        listeners to know, that the information I’ve got, is that that is not true. So, don’t take it to
        the bank, folks.

        Alan: There is no complaint department for any of this.

        Jackie: No, there isn’t. We were talking about that, yesterday, with the gas prices. Now, I got an
        email today, and evidently, there’s a group of truckers that are protesting the high gas prices. Of
        course, it will, any independent truckers that are left.

        Alan: Yes, there’s very few.

        Jackie: Will be, yes, will be going down the tubes on this one. And that was a comment that I made
        to you. I said, my God, everybody is complaining, but we complain to each
        other. Because, what do you do about it, who do you talk to? And like you said, in this system,
        there is no complaint department. You’ve got the corporations, that are controlling, and you’ve got
        bureaucrats that are not answerable to the public.

        Alan: Yes. And that’s what Carroll Quigley said, in Tragedy and Hope, that the new system would be
        basically a new feudal system, run by international corporations, with members jumping in and out
        of governments and back to the corporations. Which is exactly what we’ve had for many years. So,
        yeah, there’s no complaint department for the spraying in the skies, or for anything else that’s
        happened. There truly is no complaint department here.

        Jackie: Well, as far as those chemtrails, I’ve talked to several people, who when the planes are
        flying in their area, they’ll call the airport, or they’ll call if there’s a military base close
        by, an air force base, or whatever. And there the planes are, spreading their joy around the sky,
        and they’re just told, that according to our radars there’s no air traffic out there.

        Alan: Well, you’re seeing things. That’s it. They’re all told the same stories, and fob the public
        off with silly answers, because they can’t admit. See, they’ve gone too far now that they can’t
        trace back their steps. They’re into the killing phase. That’s what’s happening. And they can’t go
        back and say, yeah, we have been hitting you hard with this stuff, and it will increase the death
        rate. Definitely with the very young and the elderly, especially. That’s what generally happens,
        with anything foreign to the body. And so they can’t go back and tell the public that now, that
        they’ve gone too far. They’ve gone too far.

        Jackie: I was talking to my friend Mel, today, from North Carolina. And they had a storm there. He
        said, it was straight-line winds, that’s what they called them.

        Alan: Yes. There’s another term they used in Canada, when it started 3 years ago, and the announcer
        said the brand new phrase they were using. I can’t remember what it was. But he said, it’s a
        strange phenomena, that we have these straight winds cutting swathes right through forests in a
        straight line, and it was as though the loggers had been through. It literally is a straight line,
        going on for maybe half a mile and then just stops. And nothing in nature happens in a straight
        line, you see.

        Jackie: Well, this of course isn’t in nature, but now with saying that they had almost hurricane
        type winds, and it was one of those 20 minute, 30 minute ones. And he was telling me that the rain
        was actually coming sideways. Remember when we had those storms, I told you, and the wind was,
        okay, this was the day before yesterday, we had two of them. And they come right out of nowhere.
        Now, the Weather Channel is calling them pop-up storms. And your weather, your sun will be bright,
        and suddenly the cloud is, the sky is overcast, it’s cloudy, and there it comes. And I was in the
        family room, had the hallway windows open. I was a good, at least 8, maybe 10 feet, away from the
        windows, and when that rain hit, it was landing on me. And by the time I got the windows closed in
        that direction, I had water everyplace. And then by the time I got the windows closed, it was done.
        The sky, the sun came out, and about two hours later, we had another one, just like it.

        Alan: They’re using advanced science on the public, and of course, they never write about these
        sciences in the Popular Science magazines, or anything. And so, Joe Average will think, if you
        mention this stuff, well, that’s impossible, we don’t have the technology. But yeah, they do have
        the technology. The real technology is never given to the public. And whenever they write that
        they’re working on something, that’s old news, they’ve had it. It’s probably obsolete by now,
        really. That’s how they keep us in one reality, while they have the toys in another, you
        know. So they’re very, very advanced with the science. They’re also coupling HAARP with arrays of
        satellites and boosting the signal. And they can actually bring it right down on anywhere on the

        Jackie: In other words, pinpoint it.

        Alan: Yes. It can be done to an individual or to a whole state.

        Jackie: I wanted to thank my new friend, Tim Thomas. He’s a radio broadcaster, in Cornell, a
        morning show. And Tim has offered, he’s got all the radio equipment, for me to give him a call, and
        Tim, if you’re listening, I will be calling, and thank you so much for your offer. Because, what he
        wants to do is some testing on my radio equipment, to see if there’s anything that can be done to
        tweak it or whatever; but meantime, he had mentioned in his email, that they had a tornado there.
        He’s around Corning area, and I read the newspaper article, and they were talking about the strange
        phenomena. And I think, if I’m not mistaken, they mentioned the rain coming in sideways.

        Alan: Yeah, I had that today, too.

        Jackie: That’s the way it’s coming in. It’s coming in sideways, Alan.

        Alan: I had that today, it was a sudden storm. It started very quickly, and I had to run and close
        the windows, and when I was, oh, twelve feet from them, the rain was hitting me. A very strong
        wind. And it only lasted maybe ten minutes, and the heavy downpour.

        Jackie: Just in time to get all the windows closed.

        Alan: That’s right. I think they’re trying to frustrate us all. That’s it. They are using all this
        technology. And they’re going through their long agenda, their planned agenda for an age of chaos,
        and it has to take in everything, everything that they can possibly manage and bring the chaos

        Jackie: You know, I remember, when I first started getting involved in waking up, getting
        politically involved at that time, back in 1992, late 1991, but it was probably about 1993 and I
        lived in Illinois at the time, and every time that I drove into Saint Louis, there was roadwork at
        this one particular place, and it went on forever. I mean, it just, month after month after month
        after month after month, and I mentioned it to Nicole, and she says, “Ma, I don’t understand
        what takes them so long. Why?” I said, “Nicole, actually it’s intentional, honey.” I said,
        “They’re doing it to frustrate people, in heavy traffic and drive time. Traffic is piled up for
        miles, even in non drive time, you’re a mile back, because of the road work there.” And she
        says, “Oh, get real.” Well, a few years ago, she said, “Mom, I believe you now. I believe you
        now.” Because, she said, that they’re constantly, you know, doing road work and blocking traffic,
        and closing lanes off, and they hang out in the same place for a long time. And folks, if this
        sounds, if you happen, to be a new listener, and this sounds out of this world to you, it’s because
        it is. And if you continue to listen, I believe that you will realize that what we’re saying is not
        paranoia, or right wing wacko, radical wacko, but it is exactly what it is for, to cause
        frustration and stress, and…

        Alan: It’s also to create – I mean, Sudbury is the nearest town to me, and since I’ve been here for
        the last almost three years come winter, there’s been one stretch of road that they’ve dug up and
        then re-surfaced, and dug up and re-surfaced, and they keep going every year with the same stretch,
        and what it is, Sudbury is very, very Masonic. The lodges, all kinds of lodges are everywhere, and
        what they do is dish out the tax money to the high guys who own all the construction companies.
        It’s a job creation scheme for high Masons. And it goes on and on and on. Just dig it up and fill
        it in, dig it up and fill it in. And the public are just used to it, you know. That’s how it goes.
        You know, that happens in every city too. And then they’ll dig it up, and say, oh we have to put
        another pipe underneath there, that we missed the last time. And then they pull out these brand new
        pipes and stack them all, they’re spanking new. They’re only a year old, and then they put another
        bunch in. And this con game goes on forever.

        Jackie: Probably fiber optics, though. I think they’ve been replacing. They started this a long
        time ago on the main highways.

        Alan: And along the railroad lines. I saw them doing it. They’re actually burying them alongside
        the railroad tracks. So, yeah, they are doing that. There’s a lot that goes on that the public are
        totally unaware of. But I was going to mention that there was a caller last night that talked about
        October. October is a very popular month for the ones who rule the planet, the money boys, and
        their minions of very high Masons, down to the humble low ones. And Red October, of course, was the
        Bolshevik Revolution in Russia. And Red is the color of the active principle, as they call it,
        the regenerative power, the flame, the fire.

        Jackie: Because it’s the color of blood?

        Alan: Blood and fire, you know. If you’re staring at a fire, in the middle of the yellow flame,
        you’ll find the Red, you know. So, Red is their color. It always has been. And Red October is
        extremely important to them, and this time of course, you have the Red Planet, in its closest
        conjunction for I think one and a half thousand years coming up, and they love these dates to cause
        some kind of mayhem. So, I wouldn’t be surprised if they do something in October.

        Jackie: Mars? Are we talking about Mars? Alan: Yeah, that’s the God of War.
        Jackie: The God of War. I haven’t been out to look, but I had read this, that you’ll be able to see
        it very, very clearly, and it will look very large. Is that going on right now, Alan?

        Alan: Not just yet, no, but apparently it will. It’s not going to be huge, but it’s going to be a
        lot brighter than it usually is.

        Jackie: And it’s closest to the Earth than it has been in thousands of years?

        Alan: I think one and a half, they said. So, they couldn’t miss an opportunity like that. Jackie:
        Wow, that’s why you have a hunch that something is going to pop in October. Alan: Yeah, they have
        all these dates, April 19 is another popular one.
        Jackie: Well, then there’s hallowed evening in October.

        Alan: Yes, and Ides of March, the Ides of September, which is September the eleventh. Jackie: We
        have to take a break here…
        (Commercial Break)

        Jackie: Alright, folks, we’re back on with you. I don’t know if we’re back on the shortwave or not,
        yet, and I don’t even know if you got my address or heard anything I said. Alan is going to tell
        you, how you can get his books. And so, Alan, I’ll be back, okay. You go right ahead.

        Alan: Yes, I have three books, it’s a series, really, called Cutting Through. And I just number
        them 1, 2, & 3. And I go through the ancient societies, right up to the present time, how they
        still run the world, of the profane, as they call the mass of the people, those in the darkness, in
        other words, and I go through a lot of Masonic coding, which isn’t mentioned in regular Masonic
        books, in the language itself. The English language was updated and created by them, really, in the
        1500s, and within the English language, they encoded a whole bunch of ciphers, which they
        themselves use all the time. And they use it in newspapers, and they speak it too, on the main
        news, and if you understand it, you get the other meanings that you’re being told, but it’s really
        meant for higher Masons, not for the guys below 33 degrees. And I also give you photographs of the
        rituals and things like that. I also tie it in to the money system, from the earliest of times,
        going back from the days of Sumer. And I know there were civilizations prior to Sumer that also
        used gold and silver; and they weighed it then, before coin came in, around 800 BC. So, I pack
        these things with information. And One and Two are written in a sort of Gestalt manner, because, as
        you read it, you’ll have to start thinking, your mind will do it automatically, and things will
        suddenly come clear to you, that before you simply glossed over. And you’ll wonder why on
        Earth you never saw all this before. Number Three is written more in a normal format, with the
        history of the banking tied in with the merchants of ancient times, and how they created wars and
        manipulated nations, and installed their own tyrants, who then began to tax the people. Taxation
        is very important to their rulership and it dominates the countries forever.

        So, these books are [see ordering information on transcript]. And I’ll get them out to you, as soon
        as I can.

        And you certainly will not only enjoy them, but it really will show you things that you should have
        seen all your life, but you’ve been blinded by the indoctrination of the system. And the history,
        again, is taken from ancient philosophers, who occasionally mentioned money, the secret societies,
        which they all belonged to. They admitted that back in ancient Greece, that they’d all gone to
        Egypt to study and join the societies of priests. Every single philosopher did that. And Plato,
        being from the aristocracy, also trained in Egypt, and then, he went to India, for another higher
        degree, and then to the so-called Holy Land for another higher degree, and then went back to his
        home town. So, this is a regular route that these guys took, and they seldom mention the money,
        just once in a while. Which is rather odd, since the whole money system ran the ancient world, just
        as it does today. It wasn’t food and carrots that ran the world, it was the money. And that is the
        artificial system in which we live. It would be very, very hard for them to build cities, where
        they can then create the artificial system of taxation, if you paid them in food; they wouldn’t be
        able to do it. And neither could they get a standing army together to go and conquer other
        countries, unless you get the city first, and then use the money, train soldiers and pay them, and
        that’s the beginnings of mayhem.

        We take these things for granted, simply because we’re born into a system where these things all
        exist. And Lenin himself, who was trained by the best bankers on the planet, wrote about it, and he
        said that the public must never realize that there is a thousand directions that humankind could
        go, and societies could go, but they must never know this. They must think that the one they’re
        born in must be natural, because it seemed to have evolved that way. That’s the
        trick. And of course, if your parents don’t know it was all fake – and since all mammals learn from
        their parents – if your parents don’t know and they can’t tell you, then you’ll fall into the same
        trap. You’re then trained, in school, to go out and run after this thing called money. They pour
        out movies, rags to riches movies, which condition us to believe that you just work hard and you
        get there.

        Jackie: Well, that’s the American Dream, Alan.

        Alan: It’s the American Dream. And of course, they’re all snoring, but that’s what the dream is
        for. It’s not reality. And you don’t get up into the upper ranks unless they open and bring you up.
        Not allow you up, but actually bring you up.

        Jackie: What I did, while I was gone. I wanted you to hear this. This is what Tim sent me about the
        tornado, and it’s Canisteo. I think I’m pronouncing it correctly. It’s around, somewhere around,
        Corning, NY, which is just above us. Reports of a tornado touched down, Friday afternoon, that
        would have been last Friday. It was about 2:30 according to Jim Brewster, Binghamton based
        meteorologist. Most of the damage was confined to wooded areas, and a cornfield, and then there was
        some damage, I’m not going to read this whole thing. They said the couple was sitting on their
        enclosed sun porch when the storm hit. They had a pole sheared, and it snapped a 60 foot tall pine
        tree, and embedded two pine trees into a camper. It was a tornado. But they were sitting on their
        enclosed sun porch when the storm hit, they saw the beginning of the wind damage, before deciding
        to move further inside their home. She said it started to rain. There was a little hail, and all of
        the sudden, there was a roaring wind. We saw the pine trees start to fold down, and headed inside
        for cover, because it was really severe. It was unbelievable, she said. The whole thing only took
        about 60 seconds before it was over. This is why I wanted you and our listeners to
        hear this. And then they talked about the damage to their property, and that the cows weren’t hurt.
        Okay, let me go down
        here. There was power outage. Okay, listen to this now. “The tornado was confirmed by the national
        weather service, Saturday, as an F1, meaning, winds range between 73 to 112 miles per hour.
        Brewster said the winds for the Canisteo tornado were likely between 75 and
        80.” And I think Mel told me that the winds that they had there in North Carolina with their storm,
        were around, they were close to hurricane force winds. But listen to this, Alan, “Brewster said,
        I saw enough evidence to confirm an F1 tornado. It appears as if it was a tightly wound, brief
        tornado, that was about a hundred to a hundred and fifty yards in width, and ran about a
        mile.” It basically ran right along state route 36, over Bush Hill, dropped down behind a
        residence. And see, Tim was right next door to the residence that got hit. It was pretty much
        confined in the area between Gravel Run Road and Rock Run Road. Stewart said, listen to this, “The
        damage to the corn field looked like crop circles. Which Brewster said looked very unusual. That
        was very unique, Brewster said. There was definitive damage in the storm track and then they
        had these other strange circular damages to the corn field.” This is the newspaper article. Crop
        circles. But you know what I thought about, we’ve talked about this before, I don’t
        know if we’ve talked about it on the air or not, but the fact that they can pinpoint. I think
        that’s probably what they’re doing, is practicing, their little mini tornadoes. So they could hit
        a particular property, and just take it out.

        Alan: They can do it.

        Jackie: I think so, because back about 19, I think it was ’98, it was in the summer. In fact, I was
        doing, no, yes, well, I was doing 6pm at the time. And so, it would have been that summer. The
        children were visiting, Jodie was here. And I was in the studio here, around 5 o’clock and Ashley
        came running in and said mama, come and help us, it’s raining and the rain is coming in every
        window. And I ran out of the room, and by then they had shut all the windows, but, now this is not
        a tornado. We’re up 1800 feet, okay, Alan. We always keep all the windows in the house open in the
        summertime. And it’s good that we did, because Jodie was in the kitchen, which is a wide entrance
        to the dining area, the dining room. And when I got out there, she said mom, you wouldn’t believe
        this, she said, that wind came in here, and you could actually feel it swirling around. She said it
        was just like a tornado was inside the house.

        Avatar photoEK

          Well, it was over in
          matter of minutes, same thing. However, we didn’t know this. There’s some very huge, it’s a

          poplar tree, a hybrid poplar. They’re probably about 90 foot tall out there, or 80. They’ve very
          tall, big. They’re not the kind of poplars that are tall and skinny. They’ve got great big
          spreading branches. And so, anyway, the people that owned the place, before we bought here, stopped
          by, after dinner. And John came in, and he said, “I see you, I see you took down one of
          the big poplars.” I said, “What?” He said, well, one of the big poplars is down out there. And
          Alan, the top of that tree came off. If it had come to the house. It was actually not in center of
          the house, but to the left of the house, a little. But it went over to the left, and took half of a
          little crab apple tree out. That would have totally come through the roof. Huge trees. I’ve had
          them topped by the way, since then, so that that can’t happen. But it was, I know it was a mini
          tornado. And we were the only one that got hit. There was no damage anywhere else
          around. And it took a tree right out.

          Alan: It’s micro-management of the weather. They admitted that in the newspapers, that the US would
          shortly own the weather. And that was about four years ago.

          Jackie: Well, there’s a website. It’s an air force website. Basically, it says the air force owns
          the weather.

          Alan: And they do. And of course, NASA controls the satellites, which can also be used in
          conjunction with all the various HAARP technologies that they have, and beam it exactly back down
          on earth, wherever they want it. Four years ago, I was working under a truck, and in broad
          daylight, it was in the middle of summer. And I heard this voh-voh-voh sound, and I looked to my
          left and I saw what was like a stroboscopic light, like a flashgun going off, in a strobe fashion.
          I thought, my, I’ve been under here a long time, I better stand up and see if I’m
          okay. So, I stood up, and I felt fine. And yet, everything was still flashing. I went inside the
          house, turned on the radio, and I could hear the same zap, zap, zap in time with the strobe. I
          turned on the television, which had rabbit-ear antennas on it. And it was picking up the signal on
          the picture, in conjunction with the radio sound, going across there. And that night, I had three
          or four calls from different people in different parts of the States, and a couple in Canada, who
          said, this might sound really weird to you, but I thought I saw like flash guns going off, strobe
          lights, in the middle of the sunlight. And I said, yeah, I experienced it, and they’re using some
          sort of new satellite technology. But that meant they were basking Ontario, and who knows where
          else up this way, right down into Carolina and different parts. That’s a huge area.

          So, they do have different technologies they have been testing on the public. And I have no doubt
          that they’ll keep records of different kinds of sicknesses, through their doctors records, and
          hospital visits and so on, and police reports to see how psychological changes occur with violence
          or depression or whatever, and cede it all back to them; but it was definitely some big experiment.
          And it went on and off, over a three week period, maybe three times. So, they are using amazing
          technologies, which they’ll never tell the public about. And of course, in the high noble Masonry,
          I’ve been told from three separate sources in these organizations, that there are three levels of
          science, and from professorship down is the lowest level. So everything that the public are
          informed about is the lowest level of science. CIA and so on, they get to use the middle level for
          their gimmicks that they use. But there’s a higher level above them, that belong to the Guardians,
          who run the whole show for the planet. And that’s how this system
          works. And that’s why those at the bottom say, “well that’s impossible, I read all the magazines,
          and scientific journals, and they would’ve told us.” Well, that’s the con game, “they would’ve told
          us.” No, that keeps you in the dark.

          Jackie: Right. You know, Alan, I don’t know if you recall this or not, it was in the summertime,
          and I have no idea what the year was. Maybe ’99? The children were here, it was

          summertime. And it was in the evening. We were out in the garden, in the big garden, the children
          and I. Chuck was up closer to the house. And suddenly, there was an explosion. And I stood there.
          And it was so intense. And my first thought was, oh, my God, they’ve done it. I was thinking of a
          nuclear explosion. And the children and I looked at each other, and we took off running for the
          house. And Chuck came out, and he said, don’t go in the house, don’t go in the house. It could have
          been a gas explosion. We have natural gas here. And so, we walked out to the road, you know, to
          look down, because it sounded so close. And it was real hazy out that night. And when I looked down
          the road to where the neighbor is, I thought, oh my God, I wonder if Sharon’s house blew up,
          because it looked so hazy. Well, then, the next thing you know, a car is coming up the road, one of
          the emergency, you know, volunteers. And they said, do you know, do you know where that occurred?
          We said, no, it sounded like it was down there. Well, we got in the car and started driving
          around, and as far as we went, even up into the state line, people were talking about it, and
          everybody you talked to, they thought it was right near their home. Okay, well, there were
          newspaper reports, the next day. We were told that an airplane crashed, someplace, I forget what.
          But in the newspaper colored photographs of corn plants, that had these little perforations,
          perfect perforations across the leaves of what do you call them, the fronds, the stems. We never,
          ever found out what the heck
          happened. But the perforations in the corn plants, and it happened in many of the areas. Alan: This
          was when? When was this?
          Jackie: I’ve got the newspaper articles in there, in my file. Isn’t it interesting how something
          like that happens. It’s so intense. And then, it’s like, gone. Like you said.

          Alan: Well, I think it was last year the major news up here reported that something was exploding
          in the air, over from British Columbia, at least, it said British Columbia, all the way down into
          the U.S. states. And it had set off car alarms in the middle of the night, all the way down. And
          then of course, the speculation came out, they brought out, oh, it might be some kind of strange
          meteor, and so on and so on.

          Jackie: Right. Well, see, we were also told that, that they thought a meteor hit some place, but

          Alan: Well, the odd thing was, a week later, Australia had the same thing happen. And what they’re
          doing is using, again, the Tesla technology. They’re superheating parts of the atmosphere, and
          they’re literally exploding. That’s what it does.

          Jackie: Wow. That’s probably what happened here. We’re out of our hour. And ladies and gentlemen,
          we will be back with you tomorrow night. Thank you for being here tonight. And I hope you were able
          to hear the broadcast, and not have to pick pieces out of our conversation.


          Jackie Patru: Good evening. Thank you for joining us tonight on Sweet Liberty. Today is the 17th of
          August. Is that right, Alan?

          Alan: It is.

          Jackie: It is August the 17th, folks, in the year 2005. And it is, of course, the end of our
          broadcast week. We’re here Monday through Wednesday, and WFAR has a new satellite, and I was going
          to get it, and I am so sorry that I just now thought about it. For those of you, I guess people who
          are listening on satellite know it then, because I know that it’s been announced. But I will get
          it, and I will share it with you, for those of you who prefer, if you have a CBAND satellite, who
          prefer to do that. Alan is back with us tonight. Actually, I had told Alan this afternoon that
          it was going to be you and me tonight, folks, because I had stuff I wanted to share with
          you, and I canned today. I haven’t canned in three years, because, for the last two years, the
          garden has just been totally drowned out. And I got 17 pints of delicious pickle relish today, from
          my homegrown cucumbers. And it was a thrill, but I had forgotten how long a process it is and all
          the steps that we have to go through to get that done. And it was about 5 minutes till the hour of
          nine, before I filled that last jar. So, Alan graciously, when I called him, said, of course, he
          will be on with us, and here he is. And Alan, thank you.

          Alan: It’s a pleasure.

          Jackie: Our spiritual message, and I didn’t want to forget this, and I did. This would be from
          Psalm 139, folks. “Search me father, and know my heart. Test me and know my anxious thoughts. See
          if there is any offensive way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting.” That’s from Psalm 139,
          verses 23 and 24. Know thyself. Jesus said there is nothing more to
          know. And maybe that’s our whole mission here in a sense, Alan.

          Alan: I think it is, because, I mean even though a lot of the Psalms were taken from the Egypt
          wisdom writings, there’s a lot of truth in there. But when you were saying, search me father, I was
          seeing in my mind, search me government, because you see these black-clad guys searching people all
          over the place now.

          Jackie: I know. You said that the last time I did this.

          Alan: And of course, they’re looking for anything they can find as well that’s out of the ordinary,
          even your opinions. So, we’re certainly going through the opposite side you might say of what was
          given thousands of years ago. They’ve reversed it, and now the government, or the state, or the
          world state is really in charge. And we’re seeing the misery that it can produce. But we’re just at
          the beginning, at least in the Western countries, of the beginning of misery.

          Jackie: You know, Alan, the one thing I keep in mind, and you’ve said this before, that this plan
          is millennia old. It’s been forever going on. And they’ve never been totally successful. And it
          doesn’t mean just because of what it looks like to us right now, I just, it can’t. I mean, I’m not
          saying that we should just sit back and say, oh, it ain’t going to happen, but to be aware of what
          they have in store, what their intentions are. We see what’s happening. I mean, it’s like the price
          of gas right now. And it just keeps going up and up and up, and as you said, you know, when I
          mentioned, well, you know, everybody is complaining, but, we only complain to each other, because
          where do you go? And in this system.

          Alan: There’s no complaints department.

          Jackie: There’s no complaint department in this system. So, I am not trying to make light of what
          we see, and what we’ve learned, that their intention for us and for this world is. And yet, things
          happen. For example, I don’t know if you’ve heard this. Maybe it’s been talked about on other
          broadcasts. The lady, who went to Texas, who’s in Crawford, Texas, camping out, protesting the
          death of her son, in Iraq, because she knows that her son died for nothing. He died because of
          lies. And now hundreds, and hundreds, and hundreds of people, parents of these soldiers that have
          been killed are coming to support this cause. And there evidently is a group in California, that
          had started what they called Arlington West, Arlington Cemetery
          West. And what they did, is they made wooden crosses, and they’ve made a graveyard of all the names
          that they know of the soldiers that have been killed. There’s about 2,000 of them now, I guess, and
          Alan, I think probably that count is probably half of, and of course, it doesn’t even bring in all
          of the ones that come back missing limbs, legs, and arms, and half of a face, and etc. But anyway,
          because of what this lady is doing, and she’s just sitting there very peaceably, well, the people
          in California, moved their Arlington West cemetery to Texas. And they’ve got, there’s a website I
          was reading it today, in fact, I’m going to send it to Darren to ask him to post it on
 But what they did, is they put all of these crosses down the road, in a ditch,
          and you know, one by one by one by one by one, and there are more and more people coming all the
          time. And those are the kinds of things, people that are not just sitting back. People, maybe this
          woman doesn’t know diddly-squat about a long-range plan, but what she’s doing from her heart is
          protesting the sin, the crime, of what is happening to the young men and women that are killing and
          dying for the New World Order. And that kind of stuff is uplifting.

          Alan: Yeah, I think that’s one of the reasons they’re going to rush forward with their plans for
          Iran, and try and get it over and done with before anything else happens back home, you know.

          Jackie: Well, and then there was that email I got that Governor Bill Richardson of New Mexico, and
          I went to the website of the state government of New Mexico, and it’s there. When I first read it,
          I wondered if somebody just made it up. He issued an executive order, calling an emergency to
          protect their borders there, I think four counties there at the line, the Mexican border. And one
          of the statements he made in the press release was that the federal government is doing little or
          nothing, and that something has to be done. Now, they’re still trying to work with the federal
          government, but they mentioned, you know, besides the illegal aliens that are swarming across our
          borders, stolen and killed cattle, and drug running, and this type of a thing. Now, I don’t know if
          there’s more to that. I’m sorry to say this. Maybe I’m becoming jaded, but I think there’s more to
          it just than this guy, because I don’t know any governors that aren’t in the pockets of, you know,
          the controllers.

          Alan: Well, it isn’t as though they’ve just noticed. This has been going on for years. And I’m sure
          there will be some other government rule, or law, ready to get it put into place; it was probably
          all drawn up long before he came up with this. And it will effect probably everybody in the US,
          rather than just the ones who are coming across the border into the US. There’s got to be something
          else behind it.

          Jackie: There probably is, but for right now, it looks good. Let’s put it that way. And we’ll watch
          it. We’ll watch to see.

          Alan: Because George Bush has already signed the unification of the Americas, back in March, with
          the two prime ministers, one from Mexico and one from Canada. So, we know the federal scheme. And
          this guy has to be in on it, you know.

          Jackie: Or he wouldn’t be alive today, Alan.

          Alan: He wouldn’t be alive. And he had to have known when they signed the unification. Well, it
          happened, you know, down his way, when they went down and signed it anyway. He’d have to have known
          about it. They wouldn’t leave him out of it. So, there’s another reason behind it, for sure.

          Jackie: I think there probably is. In fact, as I said earlier today, it could even be something as
          simple as a close friend of his owned a ranch that got raided or something. Well maybe not.

          Alan: Either that, or the drug drops didn’t work out properly, and they’re peeved.

          Jackie: You know, his name is Bill Richardson. Well, I just noticed this. And what I want to look
          into, it probably isn’t the same person, but there was a Senator, Bill Richardson, from California,
          and he was the same one that wrote the book when he was a state Senator, titled, “So You Think We
          Read the Laws”, “You Think We Read the Bills” it was supposed to be, it was supposed to be
          humorous. But it really basically told about, you know, how the state legislatures, they don’t know
          what the heck they’re doing, and they just rubber-stamp everything. He was also the one that
          started, the other Bill Richardson, and I don’t know if this is the same guy, but
          seems like I saw a picture of that Bill Richardson, and this guy looked like him, to me, from my
          memory. He started gun owners of America. And of course, that’s another shill organization, phony
          conservative, Larry Pratt, who heads it up, of course, is a long-time member of the Council for
          National Policy.

          Alan: And also the big family that started up the CFR in the US for the Royal Institute of
          International Affairs, was the Pratt family.

          Jackie: Oh, you’re kidding. Alan: I wonder if he’s related.
          Jackie: Oh, now wouldn’t that be interesting to check out.

          Alan: In fact, their main record house in New York is actually called the Pratt House. Jackie:
          Pratt House, yes, it is.
          Alan: You always find the same family names cropping up down through history, over and over and
          over. So, I wouldn’t be surprised. The thing is, I mean, there’s nothing hidden about the agenda,
          because it’s all been well documented by many of the people involved, who were all for it. H.G.
          Wells back in the early 1900s called it The Open Conspiracy, because anybody could get the material
          and the future by simply reading the books that they put out themselves. And he went through the
          entire agenda, leading to the air police, he called them, where the air police would simply bomb
          all those countries or gas them, actually, or spray them from the skies, until they conformed to
          world government. And it’s to be a world government run by scientists and experts. And everybody
          would be subject to them. So, this is well documented, there’s nothing….

          Jackie: Who was this, Alan?

          Alan: H.G. Wells. And he worked for MI5. He was a spokesman for the British government. He was a
          propagandist actually. And, of course, most people know him for his science fiction writings, and
          even those were actually, it was a form of predictive programming, they called it, to program the
          public, through novels, of what was to come. That way, when it really does happen, you’re sort of
          familiar with the ideas, and you accept them more readily as being inevitable. But he wrote an
          awful lot of books, which were non-fiction, and he was getting all the material for both of
          those types of books, from professors at Oxford University and Cambridge, and he just had to write
          a sort of story around them, to get them over to the public. But he was the main propagandist for
          World War I for Britain. And he coined the phrase, because they were running short of troops. They
          couldn’t get enough cannon fodder, with the heavy machine guns, which, Maxim, Henry Maxim sold to
          the German side and it was Lord Vicars, went in partnership with the same guy, who sold them to the
          British and the French.

          Jackie: Now who was he? Was he an American or what? Alan: Vicars was English.
          Jackie: He was British.

          Alan: So, Vicars and Maxim formed a company based in Switzerland, a neutral country. And they knew
          the war was coming up, because their peer group had told them so. And so, they sold these heavy
          machine guns to all sides, and made a massive profit. You might say they made a killing, you know.
          And, of course, they weren’t prosecuted for it. And Vicars was promoted from being a Sir to a Lord,
          for his part in it. But anyway, H.G. Wells coined the term, because they were running short of men,
          the War to End All Wars. That was to get the young idealists to join up.

          Jackie: In other words, we’ll go fight for this, and then we’ll have World Peace from now on.

          Alan: That’s Utopia. So, he wrote a book called The Open Conspiracy, and goes through the whole

          Jackie: I read a piece today, when I pulled up my email. Somebody wrote, I didn’t read the whole
          thing, I do a lot of skimming, scanning, whatever, but, it was somebody who had mentioned. Oh, I
          know, it was a website. I tried to go there too, and wasn’t able to get into it. But, whoever wrote
          it, mentioned that the wars, that mentioned the Christians, that all the
          versions that there are of the Bible, every single one of them is the word of God, and not to be
          questioned. And made that point, and that all of these wars are right out of the Old Testament.
          Because the Old Testament is full of nothing but wars, Alan.

          Alan: Oh, of course it’s all wars, because that’s the system. See, this is a system that was
          developed thousands of years ago, based on money, not food or anything else. Money controls
          everything. And we’re all trained to work for money, not to work for food or clothing, or whatever.
          We’re self-maintained slaves. We buy all our own stuff, and the rest of it goes to our betters in
          taxes. So, it’s a system, but the Bible has been tampered with, heavily. Old Testament is OT which
          is also the Order of Templars. We should remember that to begin
          with. And it’s the Black Book. Black is law in the Talmud. And Black is also law in the Kabbala.

          Jackie: Well, and Moses Mendelssohn was quoted as saying that Judaism is not a religion, it is a
          law religionized.

          Alan: Well, all of them are. All of them end up in laws, based on it, and really whether they call
          it religion or whatever. If you go to the 46th psalm, see the number 10….

          Jackie: And folks, when Alan says Sam, we pronounce it Salm. I just, that confused me when you were
          talking about that before.

          Alan: Okay. Yeah, if you get six and four, or four and six, you get ten. So, all combinations that
          work out to ten are the binary code, which is very high in High Masonic Coding. You get the 46th
          one, and you count from the first word forward and you’ll find the word, “shake”. Then, forget
          “selah” at the bottom, which just means, make it so. That’s put on to all of them. Forget that one,
          and count backwards, 46, and you’ll find spear, Shakespeare, in there.

          Jackie: Say, okay, would you repeat that one more time? I’m making notes, but I didn’t get it all.
          46 psalm.

          Alan: Count forward, 46 words. Jackie: 46 words forward.
          Alan: You’ll get Shake. Then you take, from the bottom, the end, forget selah, which is like amen,
          added on to it. And count 46 back, and you’ll get spear.

          Jackie: Okay, you go to the end of the 46 psalm. So you start from the front, go 46 forward, you
          get Shake. Go all the way to the back, count 46 back, and you get spear.

          Alan: And that’s a little Masonic joke, right in there you see.

          Jackie: No, but you know what. There have been books written about Bible Code, and what they do is
          show that this could not have been done by man.

          Alan: That’s nonsense.

          Jackie: No, I know that. Excuse me. I shouldn’t have said show. They use it as proof. Alan: I know.
          Jackie: That this could not have been done by man, because there’s too many of these types of codes
          in the Old Testament, because, I’ll tell you, when I read this, it was very astounding to me. And
          now, it makes sense.

          Alan: It was a joke. I mean, Bacon, Francis Bacon is claimed by the High Masons, was also
          Shakespeare, which makes a lot of sense, because the history of Shakespeare, who basically, with
          all of the 180,000 words he came out with in his plays, that were new words, he created the English
          language. That’s how they put it over. And then the Bible, the King James Bible, reinforced that,
          because prior to those days, people were speaking, in England, they were speaking Old Saxon German.
          That was the language. So they created a new language and Bacon wrote about it in his own memoirs.
          He said, we are creating the international language of the future, to be called English.

          Jackie: Francis Bacon, does his name have anything to do with Ham?

          Alan: Actually, it’s a play. Frank is Red, like Franklin, Benjamin Franklin. The term even in
          medicine for bright red blood is called frank. Frank blood, you see. And so, you have Ben, which is
          son, Jamin, which is I am in high Masonic coding.

          Jackie: Benjamin?

          Alan: I am the son of the red. That’s what it means, the red way. Jackie: But what about Francis
          Bacon, that world Bacon?
          Alan: Well, he’s the same red, and there’s two ways there. You’ve got a beacon, which is like a
          lighthouse, you might say, Illuminati. And Illuminati did not begin with Weishaupt, because even
          the old Oxford dictionaries say it’s a movement which first began to be noticed, or put its head
          above water around the 13th Century AD in England.

          Jackie: Douglas Reed suggested that possibly, that Weishaupt received it from the Knights Templars.

          Alan: Weishaupt got it from the Royalty of Europe. When he was, it’s in the official history books,
          when he was chased out of Bavaria, he sought refuge and was granted refuge in the House of
          Saxe-Gotha. The present Queen of England, her full name is Saxe-Coburg-
          Gotha. So, they gave him a pension, in Saxe-Gotha, which was a part of Germany. And they gave him a
          life-long pension to live there, and he lived there till he died. So why would royalty grant
          Weishaupt, who was supposed to overthrow everybody, why would they grant him refuge there and a
          pension to live on, unless they had put him up there in the first place, to cause the revolution.
          That’s the key to it. These particular royal families eventually came over to England, and they
          took over England as well. They all traced their roots back to Prussia. But that’s the official
          history, you know. And Weishaupt is a pseudonym for Wise Leader, that’s what it means.

          Jackie: Wise Leader. …The way that he explained it, he didn’t say that Weishaupt got it from the
          Templars. He just suggested that possibly. But he explained how it’s set up in cells, and that the
          people on one level, they just take orders from the person just above them. And they don’t know
          anything else that’s going on.

          Alan: It’s still part of Freemasonry’s oaths today. It’s said that you must obey immediately an
          order by a superior degree, and put your own moral judgment and opinions in reserve. You must carry
          out the order, regardless.

          Jackie: And when you take a look at it, kind of from above, like a bird’s eye view of it, first of
          all, it does make sense. You know, the fact that so many of their minions that are carrying out the
          plan, they’re only given like an Nth degree. They have no idea. They may be given an ostensible
          reason why they’re doing a particular job or something. And they could be working alongside of
          other agents, that are doing their own part of it, and neither of them know that they’re agents.

          Alan: Very often that’s the case.

          Jackie: Okay. And then, when you look at the whole thing, and you have the CIA and CSIS and the
          Mossad, and you know, all of the Secret Services in every country, then you see that it’s all,

          I see it like a puppet master up there. That’s what I see in my mind’s eye, just pulling the
          strings on all of them. It is a global spy network.

          Alan: Oh, it is, it is.

          Jackie: It’s a global spy network.

          Alan: Every part is compartmentalized from the department above it. And that’s why they’re all kept
          in the dark, except for their own little role or mission, and as you say, you can work, you could
          actually be working and there’s guys above you sabotaging your work, you know. And you’d never
          know. And those guys would have higher clearances than you, and all you would be told is the word
          would come down to leave it alone, don’t go any further.

          Jackie: And not only that, but they actually kill each other, thinking that they’re killing an
          enemy. So, talk about minions, Alan. Pawns in a game.

          Alan: Sure, and that’s the whole thing with secrecy of any kind. Secrecy always is used for
          subterfuge and power. That’s the reason for secrecy. And Secret Services are at the top of the
          whole list. And as I said before, Peter Wright, who was in MI5 and MI6, in his own book said that
          when he joined MI5 as a specialist, they took it for granted that he was a Freemason, and the woman
          who basically was stamping his cards for him, his IDs said, you must be a Freemason. He says, oh,
          no. She says, well, that’s impossible, everybody that works here is a Freemason. So, he said it in
          his own book. And that’s the same in Russia. Trotsky said in his own memoirs, My Life, he said, I
          was initiated into Freemasonry while in prison. And when he died, or was assassinated, he was
          writing what he called, he said it would be the greatest volume on Freemasonry ever written. So he
          was going to, probably through his own ego, start to expose some things which he shouldn’t expose.
          And he said, when he was escorted from Russia, because he was ordered out, his guards crossed
          different borders by giving Masonic signs to the opposing guards in different countries. So,
          there’s the brotherhood at work, even at all the different guard posts. No questions were asked.

          Jackie: Do you think it’s true – I’ve heard this and read it – that if a person goes into court,
          that if they have some of the Masonic positions and etc, that if they can project that to the
          judge, that the judge will be lenient with them.

          Alan: Yes. It’s their law. Jackie: Their law.
          Alan: They cannot deny a fellow Freemason in distress.

          Jackie: Well that would be, then it would behoove us to get some of their little, well, not a
          handshake, because you’re not going to be shaking hands with the judge, but some of their little
          sayings and phrases and positions. Like Jack Benny. Remember how. We have to take a break right
          now. Folks, we’re going to be back right after this, with Alan Watt. Stay with us.

          (Commercial Break)

          Jackie: Alright, we’re back with Alan Watt. Alan, you and I were going to on the break monitor our
          shortwave radios, and I forgot to do that. Did you happen to flip yours on?

          Alan: I didn’t; I didn’t plug it in, even.

          Jackie: You didn’t even plug it. Yeah, okay. Maybe we’re losing our memories, Alan. Alan: Could be,
          Jackie: Anyway, folks, I wanted to remind you. I mentioned this last night. I don’t know how we’re
          coming in. The one big one that I get constantly is that I am overmodulated. My voice is
          overmodulated, which I don’t understand, because I understood the engineer, Jason, at WWCR, to say
          that they were getting a beautiful clear, crisp signal, from the satellite. And if it’s going in
          that way, it should be coming out that way.

          …Alright. We were talking about the Masonic hand symbols or signals and stuff. And I mentioned
          Jack Benny. And remember how he used to stand with his arm crossed over his chest, and then his
          elbow on his hand, and then he’d hit the side of his face. I was told that that’s the Masonic
          symbol of the square.

          Alan: It is. You’ll see a lot of people, famous people, including Stalin and Napoleon, with their
          hand across the chest and the right angle.

          Jackie: No, but I mean, do you remember, did you ever see Jack Benny on TV? Alan: Oh, yeah.
          Jackie: Okay. It wasn’t, it didn’t have like the right hand up across, but it was like really a
          square, because his hand, his arm, the forearm went across the chest. And then his elbow was rested
          on that hand, and then his other hand was against his face. But I was told that that’s a

          Alan: You see it every time world leaders meet on television. You’ll see Mr. Bush greet Tony Blair,
          or whoever. They did it with Arafat too, so they’re all Masons. And it’s toe to toe, knee to knee.
          And of course, it’s hand to hand, then your left hand goes to the elbow, then behind the back, hand
          to back, and they hug each other, and then they whisper in each other’s ear. And that’s the five
          physical points of Freemasonry. So, you see it all the time, with all the world leaders. They’re
          all Masons.

          Jackie: What if somebody was standing before a judge in a court room? What could they do or say?

          Alan: As a real last resort, if you really are in the wrong, and you want mercy….

          Jackie: I’m not saying, no, forget it. Very few people that go into court are in the wrong. Alan:
          You’re talking about Masons.
          Jackie: I’m talking Freemasonry.

          Alan: And I’m just telling you that that’s what you do as a last resort as a Freemason, apart from
          having a word with the Sheriff’s Clerk, he’s more important than the judge.

          Jackie: The Sheriff’s Clerk?

          Alan: That’s right. And then you go before the Judge. And if the Judge still didn’t quite clue in,
          as a last resort, you try your Joseph Smith thing, of the Mormons, because you throw your hands up
          in the air, as a Y, the letter Y, and you say is there no one here to help a widow’s son. And
          that’s the final plea for mercy, and he must grant you it.

          Jackie: What about just a person that’s in court, and shouldn’t be there, but is? That would be a
          final plea. But is there anything that can be done or said, that would let the judge know?

          Alan: It all goes through the Sheriff, beforehand. That’s traditional, in every country. In every
          single country, you have a word with the Sheriff, and you tell him, and he’ll say, I’ll see what I
          can do. That’s why you’ll see some cases drag on, petty little cases. And other ones, the same type
          of thing is dismissed right away. That’s been going on for hundreds of years. And it’s no different
          today. And so many of the public who are….

          Jackie: And the Judge has to give you leniency?

          Alan: Yeah, once you’re a brother, and you let them know you’re a brother, and you’re in bad
          straits, etc, and this will upset your reputation, or whatever, or your job. They must grant you
          mercy, and it will be dismissed. And men, of course… see, the only thing that you can do wrong
          as a Mason, is to break a Masonic rule against your fellow brother Masons. What you do to the
          public is almost irrelevant. And you’re allowed to have intercourse with anybody’s wife, as long as
          it’s not a Freemason’s. That’s in their rules.

          Jackie: Even the judge’s wife? Alan: No, not with a fellow mason’s.
          Jackie: Oh, that would be wrong. Oh, yeah.

          Alan: Then you wouldn’t be tried in a court for it, you’d be tried on the square, inside the
          Masonic lodge. So, they have their own little courts for their own rules and laws.

          Jackie: How does one get a hold of the Clerk?

          Alan: Oh, you just go in and see them. You just ask to see them. And they’ll give you little clues.

          Jackie: What about a woman? I mean, does a woman count too?

          Alan: Well, if she’s in the Eastern Star, although they’re all side degrees, that counts as well.
          Especially if they’re at the heads of different charitable organizations, which they’re encouraged
          to do. So, sure. It counts for them, as well. And that’s why the public are so
          confused when they see the same types of cases, same supposed charges, and five of them are
          dismissed as soon as the person’s name is read out and the charge, and other ones with the same
          charge go through two or three hours, and then get a fine or imprisonment. It’s because ones are
          Masons and others are not. That’s traditional. The court is a Masonic Lodge. It’s set out that
          way. And the bar is your bar between the peasantry and the man who sits as god. He presides
          over the court. He wears the Saturn, the black Saturn gown. He is a god, you know. So that’s how it
          is. Now, getting back to Bacon though, I meant to mention too,

          that Bacon, when you break it down, is also B A Con. You know, Con is a priest, a Cohen. And
          so you have all that in the name.

          Jackie: Well, I thought of ham, because you’ve mentioned the name Ham before. And when you
          mentioned, brought up Francis Bacon, the first thing I thought of was ham.

          Alan: Oh, as ham and bacon. (Chuckle) But that’s how they hide their names and so on. And William
          Shakespeare, the High Masons all claim, and Francis Bacon were one and the same person. And of
          course, Bacon did help to write the King James Version. King James was a High Mason himself.

          Jackie: And a pervert. A big-time pervert.

          Alan: Yeah. He chased the page boys all over the place. That was his hobby. Jackie: Well, the stuff
          I’ve read about him, it was even worse than that.
          Alan: Oh, it was worse, all right.

          Jackie: He rolled in the blood of dead animals, and had sex with cadavers.

          Alan: Well, I don’t know if it was that bad, but he certainly chased the boys, and that’s the
          official Scottish history records. They called him Shamey Jamie.

          Jackie: Well, you know I think maybe I saw a movie one time, and I think it was one of those old
          movies that they show sometimes. It seems it was in black and white. And if I’m not mistaken, they
          showed him as a real mincing, feminine male.

          Alan: He also had a bad limp too. And he was kind of deformed. But, yeah, he was definitely
          homosexual. There was nothing hidden about that. He was married, but that was for offspring only,
          and that is not unusual.

          Jackie: And that is the accepted and treasured and idolized and worshiped version of the Bible by
          many people.

          Alan: Well, that’s the one that Jesus used.

          Jackie: Oh, okay. It seems to me, and I don’t think that people think about it. Or maybe they
          don’t. Maybe they do, but I don’t think they do. That they worship that book, a book, more than

          Alan: That’s why it’s called The Holy Bible. It is a book, but they’ve made it a sacred object.
          Jackie: Well, Bible means book, doesn’t it?
          Alan: Yeah, but holy, holy. I mean holy means it’s sacred. Now it’s been deified as the book being
          sacred. So you’re not supposed to worship any image. And of course, how did they get
          onto those pages? It’s called engraving. It’s a graven image. So, I mean, it’s such a
          joke, you see.

          Avatar photoEK

            Jackie: Well, you know what. It might seem like a joke to you. I find it, Alan, I mean, it’s a joke
            on us. And I don’t think it’s a joke to you. I think it’s much more serious than that. Because, I
            find it so, I don’t know, just so deep, sad, that it’s so easy to mold people’s minds.

            Alan: It always has been, and if they leave us unchanged, unmodified, it always will be. Like
            Gorbachev, when he said, he said that the world has always been ruled by religion to keep the
            people obeying the governments. And he said We, and he’s an atheist, in the same book he admitted

            Jackie: Gorbachev?

            Alan: Yeah, Mikhail Gorbachev. Towards a New Civilization was his book. And in it, he says, we are
            now creating the new world religion, which will be based on Earth Worship. So, here’s a guy who
            tells you he’s an atheist, who’s in the business now of helping to create a world religion, to keep
            the public in check. So they understand this.

            Jackie: He has offices in the Presidio in California.

            Alan: Yes. And he had that, if you check into the official license to operate, Mikhail Gorbachev
            was granted the license in the US, before he left Russia, and while he was still President of the
            Soviet Union. So, there you go, everything is a farce, as it’s presented to the public. So, here he
            is, who was the head of the KGB, and the President of the Soviet Union, who was granted by the US
            government a license to reside in the US and operate this global governance little
            depot. And they granted it to him while he was still the President of Russia. Jackie: And he came
            over here, and people cheered him.
            Alan: Well, actually, it was the greatest PR move ever done. Maggie Thatcher was the first one to
            bring him over to Britain, Gorbachev and his wife. And the press, years later, the press admitted
            that they had all agreed, your free press now, that’s there to inform you, all agreed not to ask
            any pertinent questions concerning Communism or the true state of the Soviets, but only to ask
            about his wife’s lipstick, her hairdo, what kind of hair salons they had in Russia, and where
            Mikhail Gorbachev had his nice light flashy looking suit, you know. So that was a PR stunt. And
            then, when they brought him over to the US, they did, after the same kind of publicity stunt,
            because the press in the US did exactly the same, they kept to their lines, they didn’t ask any
            nasty questions. And they did a poll survey, and they found that over 75% of the people in Britain
            and the US wouldn’t mind if Gorbachev was their president one day.

            Jackie: Oh my God. Alan: That’s in the books.
            Jackie: You know what, we’re almost out of our hour. And we’re, of course, out of our week, here.
            One of the things that we’ve discussed, and I would like you to take a few minutes to talk about
            it. On Sweet Liberty we don’t talk about the, oh, what Senator did this, and what, all of the
            little, you know, everyday things, because, basically, I mean, you could literally be broadcasting
            eight hours a day.

            Alan: Or more, if you could stay awake.
            Jackie: If you could stay awake. And, will you comment on that, Alan.

            Alan: Yeah, I mean, the nitty-gritty of who says what today and so on, I tend to ignore, because
            I’ve got an overview of the whole agenda, and that’s all anyone really needs. I don’t need to have
            the confirmation of the blow-by-blow daily stuff that the mainstream gives you, or certain
            shortwave broadcasters give you, because I tend to avoid the mainstream media, which is there
            simply to put you into a state of panic and subservience. And when the shortwave picks up on the
            same daily themes of what they’re doing to you today, and going to do to you tomorrow, it becomes
            overwhelming, which is it’s object. It’s meant to render you incapacitated basically through fear.

            Jackie: And it does.

            Alan: And it does. Yeah, I mean, some people have phoned me up and they’re
            immobilized. And I’ve told some of them to slow down. One I told to shut up. I had to, because he
            was almost screaming with neurosis. And I said, who do you listen to? He told me who he listened
            to, on the shortwave. And I said, you know, this is what psychological warfare is intended to do.
            It’s meant to give you a nervous breakdown, so as you cannot function. And I said, look, has
            anything nasty really happened to you yet? He said, no. I said, well, what’s your problem? So, that
            is how panic and fear and terror, can incapacitate someone, if you get hooked on some of these

            Jackie: Well, and this is why I wanted to bring it up, because we don’t do that type of
            broadcasting. And I wanted our listeners to understand, hopefully, the value of the information
            that they’re getting. It is more of an overview. It isn’t all the nitty-gritty, but see, I can
            attest to what you’re saying, because back in 1992, somebody gave me a copy of the Machelvani
            Intelligence Advisor. I think it was about 12 pages, Alan. I was in my office. I owned my business
            at the time, and I was working late. And so, I opened it up and read it, and I sat there paralyzed.
            And then I subscribed to it, got my first one, and went out and sat on the deck at home and read
            it, and I couldn’t do anything for the rest of the day, because I thought, ‘Oh my God. What the
            heck do we think we’re doing? It’s hopeless. It’s gone too far.’ And folks, that’s what I wanted to
            bring up before the end of this broadcast, just so you know, why we don’t, because it’s all
            symptoms of the whole bigger picture. We’ll be back with you, Monday. And I hope you have a lovely
            next four days. And I hope you will join us on Monday next.

            Jackie Patru: Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for joining us tonight on Sweet
            Liberty. Today is Tuesday and it is the 4th of October in the year 2005. …And tonight, we have a
            guest. Alan Watt is with us. I called Alan today. I was thinking that probably tomorrow night would
            be our last, and we could not end this broadcast without having Alan Watt back one time, at least
            one time with us, because regardless of the some times that he and I had our differences. We don’t
            always agree on everything. None of us ever do. But there can be nothing that could diminish the
            information and the time and the love that Alan has given. And because it is love. It is done out
            of love. His mission in his heart is to enlighten and awaken as many people as possible. In every
            single broadcast we’ve done, Alan has done it on his dime from Canada. And truly, he’s brought us
            out of the Dark Ages. He’s brought us out of the forest, so that we get a chance to see the trees a
            little bit. So, I’ve invited Alan to be here with us tonight. And Alan, thanks for being here.

            Alan: Yeah, it’s a pleasure. …And I do have three books for sale, going through the history,
            including some of the ancient, ancient history of this system. And I go through it in volumes 1, 2,
            and 3. I tie it in with the money system, present and past, going back thousands of
            years. And the agenda is all there basically. And also, if anyone wants one or all of these books
            [see ordering information on transcript].

            Jackie: …Alan, so we have little time left to share whatever it is that you would like to share
            with our listeners. I’ve got three days next week. I have some thoughts in mind, that I would like
            to do. But, this is, tonight is yours.

            Alan: Well, I think really, for those that understand that there’s nothing new in this system,
            they’re simply upgrading their system, that’s what we live in. It’s their system. It’s not ours. So
            there’s no real reason to suddenly panic. Those things which we’re afraid of are generally change.
            And what we don’t realize, is, as I say, they’re changing from that to which we’re familiar, which
            we think is our way of living. But really, even that lifestyle was given to us as well. Our
            routines were given to us. Our training at school for certain jobs and so on. Even marriage,
            pensions, retirement, everything. That was all part of their old system, and we’re post-industrial
            now, so they’re upgrading it to the next step. When you realize this has been going on for
            thousands of years, step by step, including the wars and the reasons for the wars, and the money
            men behind it always, you know, then you realize nothing has really
            changed. The techniques they’re using are the same. They have incredible sciences at work, because
            they never allow the general public to have up-to-date knowledge of what they really have at any
            time, you know. And they’re so far ahead of what you’d even imagine as science fiction, that’s how
            they maintain their power. I have to laugh in a sense, when I watch the troops going into different
            countries, and sure enough, you’ll always see a new style of rifle, or the latest model this, or
            whatever, or the latest stealth bomber. And yet, all this stuff is obsolete, and it was
            obsolete before the second World War.

            Jackie: Like you were saying, earlier today, when we talked, they’re carrying the guns and heavy,
            heavy bullets, and using gunpowder that’s been around forever.

            Alan: Yeah. And so really, this is to make us believe, you see, that this is the latest, and that’s
            what they have, but all of that stuff is obsolete. It’s us that must be kept in the dark, you
            see. It’s one reality for the general population, another one for the CIA, and another one for the

            boys above them. There are always three realities on the go at the same time. It’s almost like
            three computer programs running independently, all fed the same data, but the second level is fed
            more and the third level is fed even more. So, that’s how our reality is. And we do know, we all
            know what’s coming down. The changes are not hidden.

            Jackie: We just don’t know how they’re going to pull it off, Alan. For example, you know, 9/11. And
            then, you know, they have geared us to expect another “terrorist attack” and then they, it’s a
            “natural disaster”. And last, this past week, the Discovery Channel has been evidently playing, and
            they played it more than once, this is a three hour long thing called ‘Super-Volcano’. And it’s all
            about Yellowstone, and how it’s about ready to blow. I’ve been reading articles about this for
            quite a while, you know, from the internet. But they’ve already
            said that if this happens, it will disrupt the economy of the entire world. So, you know, Katrina,
            first 9/11, then Katrina and Rita, and now they’re, now, see, they’re evidently, this is a big
            thing to prepare people. And then, maybe they’ll surprise everybody and have a terrorist attack,
            again. See. Because, that’s basically what people, and isn’t it telling that they can get us into
            that mode, where we’re actually expecting.

            Alan: Well, that’s what it’s about.

            Jackie: Because they said it, yeah, it’s going to happen. We don’t know. Alan: We’re being trained.
            Jackie: We don’t know when or where, but we do know it is going to. It’s only a matter of time, and
            it’s going to be much worse than 9/11.

            Alan: That’s right. And so, see, they’re the shepherds, and again, we’re the sheep. And for the
            last century or so, we’ve all been led into the same pasture everyday and we graze, and then they
            drive us back. But now we’re getting driven into another pasture, you see. So, we’re being trained
            to go into the next pasture.

            Jackie: And we say the prayers. The Lord is my Shepherd, he leadeth me into green pastures, he
            restoreth, my cup runneth over, your rod and your staff comforts me. And, you know what, Alan, I
            was thinking of this a couple of days ago. What in the world is the rod? The staff, that you said
            is for the sheep, because they’re so stupid, that if they get into a corner, they don’t have sense
            enough to back out. So, they use the crook there to pull them out. What is the rod for? Is it to
            whack them with?

            Alan: That’s right. That’s what law is based on. If you ask any, anyone who’s into the law system,
            the legal system, and government too, all laws are put out there with
            intimidation. That’s how people obey. It’s mainly through intimidation. And for the few who won’t
            be intimidated, they will actually use force.

            Jackie: Yeah, so we say a prayer, and say thy rod and thy staff they comfort me. Alan: Well, that’s
            for the abused victim, who loves their abuser.
            Jackie: Yes. And I’m glad. Thank you for really bringing that into my mind, because we do have new
            listeners. And sometimes it’s something, certain things bear repeating. This is not to in any way
            invalidate or denigrate Jesus. But what they gave us, that he is the Shepherd. They say that he,
            excuse me, I’m having trouble spitting this out, obviously. He is quoted as talking

            about his lost sheep of Israel, and all that stuff, and I remember a long time ago, you said, I
            don’t think he ever said that. Because the sheep is the stupidest animal around. And he wouldn’t
            have called people sheep.

            Alan: Yeah, and it’s only, I mean, sheep are domesticated animals. They’re not free animals,
            they’re domesticated. They’re specially bred to be domesticated.

            Jackie: And sheered.

            Alan: And that’s their function, is to supply their master with wool and meat. That’s it. There’s
            no other purpose for them.

            Jackie: And then taking it back further, and of course, this is all stuff that you’ve already
            shared with us, but these are things that we would of, I would have never thought about. Not even
            knowing it, or not noticing it, the pictures of the ancient…

            Alan: Pharaohs.

            Jackie: The pharaohs with the staff in their hand, the crook.

            Alan: Yeah, the crossed arms with, it looks like a little candy cane crook, because it’s a symbolic
            crook. It’s not the long one. But that’s what it represents. You know the kind you hang on
            Christmas trees?

            Jackie: Oh, yes. Oh, I’ve done that a lot.

            Alan: That sort of. So, he holds the short one in one hand, and his arms are crossed, because he’s
            an illumined man, and the crossed arms mean the illumined man. And he is the sun, in fact. And in
            the other one, he has the club, basically. And sure, that’s the whole idea. You intimidate with
            threat of force, and if that doesn’t work, you actually use force. And nothing has changed in the
            system, since that time.

            Jackie: So, we see that the religions have so indoctrinated us, that we actually thank our keepers
            for the abuse that we get, in a sense. We’re not praying to them, of course, but, I remember, Alan,
            you were talking about the word, repent. Am I taking us on a track that you wanted to say something

            Alan: No, carry on. I’ve got a train just passing by, so it’s hard to hear.

            Jackie: Well, I remember you talking at one time about the word re-pent, and pent up, and how they
            used to pen them, and would you share that with our listeners, who didn’t hear that explanation.

            Alan: Could you speak up again?

            Jackie: Yeah, when you were, this was a long time ago, when you were talking about the word,
            repent. Is the train gone?

            Alan: It’s just gone now, okay. The word was what?

            Jackie: The word was repent. And about pent up and how they pent them up. Would you share that with
            our listeners that didn’t hear?

            Alan: Well, the ancients loved hunting, and the modern ones still do. A lot of these big boys that
            we see behind the scenes, that appear, they love to go off to different countries and hunt. And in
            ancient times, even in Greek times, they’d often go along the coastline in boats, and they would
            get little peninsulas for instance, and they’d come in, like a five-pointed star, and work their
            way inwards, and they used nets to catch the people, and net them, basically. And those people
            became slaves. But that was a form of sport. And, of course, the pent is from the 5, number 5, the
            pent angle. And that’s where it really comes from, you know. So, when we’re repenting, we’re
            actually in a sense acquiescing to become slaves once more, you
            know. Willing slaves. But it’s nothing new. What amazed me, even looking at Sumer, and some of the
            major cities in Sumer were obviously bureaucratic, because they had no fields around them, so all
            the foodstuffs and so on came into them, but the frescoes on the walls were fascinating, because
            they showed you these young people, obviously very healthy and happy, and obviously nobility too,
            with hawks. You know they have the hawks on the wrist? And then you’d also see them on horseback,
            going after different animals and deer and so on.

            Jackie: Is a hawk the same thing as a falcon?

            Alan: Yeah, it’s a type of hawk for sport. And they had falconers even in the Middle Ages. The
            Normans brought that into England with them. And up until the 1800s, 1900s, that was still a
            popular sport with the nobility. So, you find the same MOs all down through history with the
            nobility that was there 5,000 BC, and of course, the Egyptian nobility were exactly the
            same. And if you look into the merchant banker class who lived in the Aegean Islands, and the
            historians give them the name, the Minoans, they also had exactly the same frescoes painted on
            their walls, with the hunting scenes and the sports and the falcons, and so on. So, then we see it,
            as I say, coming into Europe in the Middle Ages, with this Norman class, who took over, and still
            basically run the world yet, you know. They were a knighted nobility. And if you notice, even all
            your top United States famous people, like Kissinger and so on, Schwartzkopf, in fact, even the
            mayor of New York, after 9/11, they all went over to the Queen, and the Queen knighted them all.
            So, this is very important to them to be knighted, in England, by the
            Queen. Because, we’re dealing here with a religion that predates Christianity and most other
            religions, and it goes back to at least, at least 5000BC, that we’ve dug up so far, and no doubt,
            there’s much, much more of it to go on beyond that.

            So, if we go into the histories of other countries, like India, they go back into millions of
            years. And they claim that this type of thing has been going on for millions of years. And I
            wouldn’t be surprised in the least, because the techniques of controlling the minds of whole
            countries are so perfect, and they always have been so perfect, that this was not a new science
            that they were picking up as they went along. They knew it from at least Sumer onwards, how to take
            over countries, how to introduce this thing called money, how to get people to marry young, to be a
            working class, who would then produce their goods, because these bankers were also the merchant
            class, and they owned the ships and the trading routes. So, they owned the whole system. It was a
            materialistic system, based on money. And once you have money, you can get a standing army.
            Without money, you can’t keep a standing army together. Once you have it, you send it off into the
            rural areas, and you conquer the
            peoples. And that is our history of the world. And right now, in fact, the US is finishing off the
            last part, the last few countries, who haven’t joined the World Bank and this system they call
            democracy, which has various definitions, if you look at it, you know. Actually, the definition of
            democracy is pretty well the same as the definition of Communism. By the Royal Institute of

            International Affairs’ own words, going back to the 1920s, and even earlier, when Cecil Rhodes was
            on the go, and then Milner, Lord Milner took over from Cecil Rhodes to create a world empire. He
            defined democracy for the Royal Institute of International Affairs. The CFR is the American branch
            of it, of course. And he said the definition of democracy is a world where the individual is
            subject to the majority. In other words, individual free will is a negative thing, and it’s
            unhealthy to the whole.

            Jackie: But they refer to themselves as the majority, don’t they?

            Alan: Well, they themselves don’t even classify themselves within that. They see themselves as a
            separate race almost, you know. We are just the people.

            Jackie: Superhuman race. Alan: Yes.
            Jackie: We have to take a break here. And I’m going to request, I talked to one of our listeners
            today, and she said that the beginning of the broadcast last night was very clear, and then in her
            area, it just totally disintegrated, so she couldn’t hear a word. And I would just request a couple
            of calls giving us a reception report, if you would. Folks, we’ll be back, right after this.

            (Commercial Break)

            Jackie: …Okay, Alan. I missed our spiritual message this evening. And I had it laying right in
            front of me here. And I would like to do that before we continue. This is from Matthew 5, beginning
            at verse 14, Jesus said, “Ye are the light of the world. A city that’s set on a hill cannot be hid,
            and neither do men light a candle and put it under a bushel, but on a candlestick, and it gives
            light unto all that are in the house. Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your
            good works, and glorify your father, which is in Heaven.” Thanks, Alan.

            Alan: I’d like to add to that little definition of democracy that Milner put out for this group
            actually that’s running the world. When they defined it, they said, every individual, because
            they’ll have certain rights, will also have a duty to serve the state. To serve the state. And
            that’s very, very important, because it puts the state, this entity, in another category, apart
            from the people. And therefore the people do not create the state. The state basically becomes your
            rulers. And you serve them. And that’s the definition that the current CFR branch of the Royal
            Institute of International Affairs uses today. And it’s identical to the Communist definition.

            Jackie: So, when they say the State, it takes people’s minds off people. Alan: It does.
            Jackie: The state is an institution of some type, and forgetting that there’s a hidden hand that
            controls those who are in the State, doing the dirty work.

            Caller: Okay, Hello. Jackie: Hello?
            Caller: Okay, I can hear you a little bit. Yeah, I was going to say, you sound loud and clear,
            tonight. Very, very clear.

            Jackie: Thank you, Storm. How about last night?

            Caller: You know, a matter of fact, I just came in about ten minutes ago. Now, as far as last
            night, I didn’t get last night, because I was out.

            Jackie: Okay, okay, thanks, Storm.

            Caller: I will tell you this, something strange, is that, I’ll say this quickly. Early this
            morning, I was listening to Radio Netherlands. And at the very beginning of the broadcast, when
            they were talking about Turkey from the Netherlands, they came in very crystal clear for the first
            minute, and then approximately about 7:02 in the morning, Eastern time, that must be 11:02 UTC,
            okay, there was like a big fade in of distortion and interference, not jamming, but like an
            interference, almost like you would think it was the atmosphere. And all the sudden, about a half
            hour later around 11:30 or 11:27 UTC, that would be 7:27, UTC.

            Jackie: Alright, hurry up, hurry up, Storm.

            Caller: They started coming in again. And it’s the same type of similar thing that occasionally I
            hear on your show. But not tonight, and not that much last week.

            Jackie: Okay. Thank you, Storm. Thank you.

            Caller: I’m not sure whether that was the government or what. Maybe they want to keep out something
            with Turkey. I don’t know what that was about but it did seem suspicious.

            Jackie: Thanks, Storm. Okay, bye-bye. Caller: Okay.
            Jackie: Alright, thank you, Storm. I was curious about last night, Alan. Alan: It’s clear up here,
            Jackie: Oh, that’s good, that’s real good. I’m glad to hear that.

            Alan: But they’re using, of course, their technology, their jamming technologies and so on, because
            once they have the next big panic, FEMA will be using that, across the country. We saw it used when
            they went into Yugoslavia, and Bosnia. They flew aircraft. It was on the television. They flew
            special aircraft across the country that jammed every radio station, and television station, and
            they could also, from the aircraft, play their own propaganda programs directly into everyone’s
            television and radio.

            Jackie: In other words, over-ride and interfere and intrude. Well, I understand that during
            Vietnam, the technology existed also, because my friend Mel worked in communications. And he said,
            they could clear a path. They could wipe out communications in any direction they wanted, so that
            they could send their own signal. That was Vietnam.

            Alan: And so, especially, it’s so easy to interfere with shortwave, because shortwave depends on
            the ionosphere, which in part bounces signals off the ionosphere, so they can actually really play
            havoc with shortwave.

            (Phone Rings)

            Jackie: Hi, you’re on the air. Hello? You’re on the air. Gosh. Okay, nobody there. Alright, folks,
            we’ll forgo the phone calls, because there’s just something. We’ll just forgo the phone calls and
            thank you. I was just curious. Maybe, I can talk to somebody who was listening last night, somebody
            else, somebody not in Indiana, and maybe let me know. I was just
            curious. And I did not mean to interrupt this broadcast so many times. Today, when we were talking,
            Alan, as I mentioned to you, my thoughts are so much and so often on people, because on this
            broadcast we’ve talked about how important it is, if you can, get the heck out of the doggone
            cities. Etc. And, I do know that there are people, now, who are in cities, who really want to leave
            cities, and they don’t have the means to do it. And, of course, the economy is getting worse by the
            hour, not by the day. And so, therefore, my heart goes out to them, and mostly that they aren’t
            living in fear, and they aren’t living in some type of a box, if you would, feeling “doomed” or
            “hopeless” because they can’t get out of the city. Because, hell, rural cleansing is going on right
            now, under our noses. I don’t know how much time we have left, in the country. I wondered about
            rural cleansing, and how are they going to move people out of the country. Well, our energy costs
            are just going up, just horrendously. I had to go on budget for my heating gas bill, last year. And
            over the course of the year, it averaged out to
            $191. Now, you’ve got a good five or six months there, where that bill is around $40. (Phone rings)
            And, Hello, thank you, you’re on the air.

            Caller: Yeah, hello. Yeah, this is something that I wanted to ask Alan Watt, and then I was going
            to hang up.

            Jackie: Okay, make it very short, Storm.

            Caller: Okay, yes. You asked about how people are going to like leave the country, or whatever. I
            understand there’s like some kind of detention centers around the country. What I was thinking is
            that, if they wanted to get people in these detention centers to pull off this global New World

            Jackie: They’re doing it.

            Caller: …what they could do is have a nuclear blast where the radiation comes from the air.

            Jackie: Storm, excuse me. I’m sorry, Alan. He wants to ask a question, but he just talks about what
            he thinks. Actually, they’re doing it right now. All of those “evacuees,” they’re still living in
            those detention centers.

            Alan: And they’ve done programs here in Canada. They’ve shown on television, a lot of, now, it
            could be to train us all, of course, which everything generally is. But they’ve interviewed lots of
            them who say they’ll never go back there. And of course, that was one of the objectives, was taking
            them out. We also have no idea how many have been removed out of there, and I certainly do not
            believe the figures they tell us for the death rate. I think it was far higher.

            Jackie: Oh, of course.

            Alan: And they’re really playing it down. Jackie: Alan, how would they even know?

            Alan: Oh, they would know. Oh, they’d know. In a place like that, there were so many people,
            especially in the poor areas, who were on welfare. They have records for everything, not just
            locally; they have back-up systems, probably all the way to the Feds. They know everyone, their
            numbers and so on, and who claims, who doesn’t, and who’s not claiming now. And believe you me,
            when FEMA moves people out, they don’t just ask your first name. They get everything from you. So,
            they know how many they’ve moved out and how many have died.

            Jackie: One of our listeners called me last night, and had run into a gal from New Orleans, and
            said that her home was totally safe. There was a tiny bit, evidently, of wind damage, maybe some
            shingles or something. And she was moved out of her house at gunpoint. And she doesn’t know when
            she’s going to be able to go back. They evidently claimed that they were going to let people start
            coming back, and then of course, Rita came along. Now, she still can’t go back. She’s staying with
            friends in Pennsylvania.

            Alan: Well, even Bush himself in one of his first speeches said, it will be a minimum of three
            years before it’s habitable again. And of course, I’m sure, just like the fire of London,
            Christopher Wren had the plans for the new, international London drawn up prior to 1666. They love
            three sixes there. And, luckily enough, along came the fire, and they could put his plans into
            motion. So I’m sure they had the same plans drawn up for the new city of New Orleans, a much
            smaller city, because the United Nations has said most of it will remain as wetlands, and that’s
            been their spiel for the last few years. Before it all happened, a good part of that city would be
            called wetlands. The new city, I’m sure, will be a small one for the refinery guys, for the new
            refineries, which the taxpayers will build for Halliburton.

            Jackie: And for the elite, only.

            Alan: Yeah, and a few, you know, gambling casinos and things like that.

            Jackie: Yeah, but I mean, for anybody who’s living there, I believe at least at this point, that’s
            their plan. And there have been articles. There was a Wall Street Journal article, I think it was,
            Old Line Families Plan the Rebuilding of New Orleans. And they’ve said, it’s not going to be black
            and there’s not going to be those suppressed people, either it’s going to be white, or we’re out of
            here. And they are already laying out their plans. Donald Trump had….

            Alan: Oh, I’m sure all this was, as I say, designed before that hurricane hit.

            Jackie: Well, think about it. This humongous building that Donald Trump is supposed to be building,
            that couldn’t have happened. They couldn’t probably engineer and design a building like that in
            four weeks.

            Alan: No, even the surveyors couldn’t go over it in that time.

            Jackie: Exactly. And then the mayor there, what the heck’s his name. He’s saying that real estate
            is real hot right now, in New Orleans. [Call] You’re on the air.

            Caller: Yeah, but what about if the people have guns? Jackie: I’m sorry about that.
            Alan: But that’s the whole thing there.

            Avatar photoEK

              Jackie: Well, they’ve taken the guns away from the people anyway.
              Alan: They have been doing that down there. They showed that on the television here.
              Jackie: Yes, they did.

              Alan: They were going door to door. But that’s standard.
              Jackie: Did you know that there was a judge that put a hiatus or a stop, well at least ordered a
              stop on the confiscation of guns there? I’ve only got one article on it. It was a news
              article. And I don’t know if they listened to that judge or not. It’s been, there’s not been a lot
              of news coming out of New Orleans lately.

              Alan: No. Once FEMA took over, they did admit that all subsequent news coming out of there would be
              controlled by FEMA. So, it’s almost impossible to get any truth out at all, at least the whole
              truth. So, that’s the whole thing, with FEMA, it is all about containment and
              control. That’s what it was set up to do. So, this is the first big exercise in containing and
              removing on mass, Americans. But it won’t be the last one. It’s interesting too, that the Hurricane
              came in, and there’s a huge bridge going across the river there. The Pontchartrain, which is the
              French for the Bridge of Katherine, you know. And then, when you look where the hurricane came into
              Texas, you had, just south of Beaumont, you had SaRita, and I thought yeah, I guess we can always
              tell by the names they give them.

              Jackie: Oh. Katherine, Katrina, and Rita. Please repeat that, Alan, right from the beginning. Alan:
              The first hurricane, Katherine.
              Jackie: Right, Katrina.

              Alan: Or they called it Katerina, same thing. And it came in, and where it passed over was
              Pontchartrain, which in French means the Bridge of Katherine. They love bridges too, of course. But
              that’s the Bridge of Katherine. And then, Rita came in just north of SaRita.
              Jackie: Sarita?
              Alan: SaRita, yeah. Just south of Beaumont, Texas. So, you knew it was going to hit
              Texas. So, the next big one I think is to be called Stanley, and we’ll have to scour the map to see
              what state that is in, because I’m sure that’s how they’re doing it. Ha, ha, ha. They love to put
              it right in our faces.

              Jackie: Oh, they do, don’t they?

              Alan: I’ll give you a good example. Canada, because Canada is a member of the commonwealth, the
              British Commonwealth, it still has this strange system of having a Parliament, and a Governor
              General appointed by the Queen. And they just appointed a new Governor General, and they gave her a
              Coat of Arms. The Coat of Arms, by the way, goes all the way back to Charlemagne, it was copied
              after that in fact. They swore her in, she’s the 27th Governor General, they swore her in on the
              27th of September. The number of days, right through the year, to the 27th of September was 270,
              and when they were swearing her in, the ceremony took 11 minutes, and they showed the clock outside
              the Parliament building, exactly

              at 11 minutes past 11. Well, 27, 2 and 7 is 9. And then you have the 11 after it. It’s 911. They
              just keep showing this in our face all the time, you know. You couldn’t make this stuff up, you
              know. But they made a new Coat of Arms for her, and the lineage on the Coat of Arms depicts the
              line of Charlemagne.

              Jackie: What is Charlemagne?

              Alan: It’s the dynasty that supposedly came up through and eventually were appointed by the
              Catholic Church to force Christianity on the rest of Europe. So, he was the first officially
              Catholic appointed military leader and king. And, of course, the Knights Templars are heavily
              involved with Charlemagne and all this kind of stuff. But, yeah, he forced Christianity on behalf
              of Rome on the countries of Germany and France and a few other ones, at the point of the sword. And
              in behind him, came the money boys. In fact, Charlemagne, who was officially crowned by the Pope as
              the first Vatican sponsored king, Charlemagne set up his first bank, in what later was called
              Switzerland. And it’s called the Bank of Zion. And the River next to it is still called the River
              Sion. So the Priory de Sion, which is one of the high Templar groups, and still based in France,
              connected with Switzerland, and they move money around the world, that’s their job, and other
              stuff, goes back to Charlemagne. But it was interesting to see them making a coat of arms with
              the two bears and the five-pointed starfish of Charlemagne for this new Governor General. You know,
              plus all the mystic numbers they add into it. They do this all the time. There’s a whole language
              involved, every day, and the people don’t understand it, don’t even realize it’s going on. But
              that’s how open they are.

              Jackie: What do you know about this new Pope?

              Alan: They haven’t said too much about him. He was in the German Army during World War Two. There’s
              different versions of what he did in the German army. What you’ll find with most modern Popes for
              sure, is that they have to have the right lineage to get in there. That’s the bottom line.

              Jackie: I’ve received quite a few emails on this Pope, and I’ve put them in a file to read, and
              haven’t read them. But if I’m not mistaken, I read that he was a Jew and became a Catholic.

              Alan: It’s possible. It’s very possible. I think it was in the 8th century, the first Khazar was
              appointed, a Jew, was Leo the Red.

              Jackie: Oh, yeah, the Khazar.

              Alan: And even Ron Calli in the 1950s, Pope Ron Calli, he was Jewish. I mean, the Catholic Church
              is open to anybody that goes through the rituals, you know. And, to be honest, you see, all the
              religions were created by the same group, long ago. I don’t care if it’s Moslem or Christianity or
              Judaism, that’s your trinity all connected, you see. They all have a common base somewhere, a
              common connections, but they’ve all been used for the same purpose, which is to exploit the people,
              make them subservient, and bring in a materialistic system based on money and conquering other
              countries with armies, up to the present phase, where they’ll eventually blend them all in, back
              into an updated version, so the three will become one. That’s the real mystic meaning of the
              Trinity, in High Freemasonry.

              Jackie: You mean the three religions will become one. Oh, it is, isn’t it becoming that.

              Alan: And so that’s the key of making things change, by using the laws of nature, you must create
              opposites. And so, opposing forces fight each other to create the Third Way, which is the outcome
              or the synthesis. And without at least one opposing force, no change will happen. So, if you have
              three opposing forces, all apparently fighting each other, but the boys at the top are all
              connected, it’s the herd once again who are being trained into a new way of living. And that’s your
              trinity, you know. If you want to move sheep, you use two sheepdogs, especially. One dog, running
              at the pack, will make them move one way. However, if you don’t want them to go in exactly that
              direction, you have another dog, just across the way, but when they both move diagonally towards
              those sheep, the sheep go in a straight line to where you want them to
              go. Which is the sheep pen. So, once again, you have a trinity formation. Jackie: Repent.
              Alan: Repent, yeah. So, every group who’s fought each other, down through the centuries, has been
              used for completely different outcomes than the one they envisage at the time.

              Jackie: Yes, that they envisioned.

              Alan: So, we’re dealing here with a very complex chess game, where the people don’t even know that
              they’re on the chessboard. And they can’t see the hands that are moving them. But it really is a
              chess game, a very complex one.

              Jackie: Okay, you know what. You were telling me today, and I wasn’t on the internet at all today.
              But you were telling me that they have been holding meetings in Colorado, or excuse me, Texas, and
              it’s a UN, and it has to do with water and septic systems.

              Alan: They’re going…

              Jackie: Alan, we just got our one-minute warning. Alright. Would you like to come back tomorrow

              Alan: Sure, yeah.

              Jackie: Well, you know, okay. We’ll do that. I’ve written this down. I would like to pick that up,
              tomorrow night, and folks, we will be back with you tomorrow. Thank you for being here. And Alan,
              thank you for being here.

              Alan: It’s a pleasure.

              Jackie: And ladies and gentlemen, my wish for you is peace and love, and I don’t mean that in any
              way to be trite. I mean it with all of my heart. We’ll see you tomorrow night. Good
              night. Good night, Alan. Alan: Good Night.

              Jackie Patru: Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for joining us tonight on Sweet
              Liberty. Sorry, once again, for that delay. I kept dialing in and I wasn’t getting a ring. Nothing
              was happening. It’s just kind of ridiculous. Thank you for being with us tonight. This is
              Wednesday, and it would be the 5th, yes the 5th of October in the year 2005. And for those of you
              who haven’t been tuned in, I will just announce once again that as of next Wednesday, this
              broadcast will be going off the air. And it’s a necessity, folks, because we have not been able to
              bring the airtime bill down, and it keeps ever growing, and ultimately, as I’ve mentioned, this
              debt is mine. And I am not in a financial position, actually, even to pay what this is. So, I just
              cannot let it go on any longer. And I want to thank each and every one of you who have supported
              this broadcast. And as I’ve said, I know that you’ve done as much as you can
              do. And tonight, our guest, once again is Alan Watt. And Alan, thanks for being here tonight. Alan
              Watt: Yeah, it’s a pleasure.
              Jackie: Our spiritual message, I want to share this. We were talking last night, you were talking
              last night about the religions, and the religions of the world. And I had talked about this
              somewhat on Monday night, although I have heard from several people who said that after I made the
              announcement that I was going off the air, they weren’t able to pick it up for whatever reason.
              Last night the reports were that the reception, shortwave reception was great. But this is about
              religion, in a sense, it’s about faith. “Faith is a state of openness or trust. To have faith is
              like when you trust yourself to the water. You don’t grab hold of the water, because if you do,
              you’ll become stiff, you’ll become tight, and you’ll sink. You have to relax. And the attitude of
              faith is the very opposite of clinging and holding on. In other words, a person who is fanatic in
              matters of religion and clings to certain ideas about the nature of God and the universe becomes a
              person who has no faith at all. Instead, they’re holding tight. But the attitude of faith is
              to let go, and become open to truth, whatever it might turn out to be.” That was written by
              Alan Watts. W-A-T-T-S. It’s titled the essential Alan Watts on faith. And our guest tonight is Alan
              Watt, not to be confused with the author of this little statement. Lots of Watts around, aren’t
              there, Alan?

              Alan: There are a few, yeah.

              Jackie: There are a few. I guess that’s quite a common Scottish name, is it? Alan: It’s not too
              common, not too common.
              Jackie: Okay, well. That is irrelevant. And last night, we were having a conversation, and I said,
              darn it, I wish we were having this conversation on the air. And you made a few notes of what you
              had been talking about, and I would like it if, I don’t know where you’ll begin with that, because
              our conversations do have a tendency to flow from one point to another. And then we get into
              something that is so relevant, and that is what happened last night, in the course of the
              conversation. Would you like to get started?

              Alan: What exactly were we talking about?

              Jackie: You said you were going to make notes, Alan. Alan: I’ve got a whole pile of papers here.
              Jackie: Okay, well, we were talking about people who, okay, where this started actually, we were
              talking about archeology. And I said, you know, that I had seen some, because we don’t know when we
              get these reports that archaeologists have discovered this, and archaeologists have discovered
              that. We don’t even know if that’s true, because we find out that everything that we’ve been told
              for the most part is a lie. And I remembered somebody emailing me, and they were skulls, different
              really weird looking skulls, that were allegedly found dug up. And I remembered this one, and you
              had seen it too, and I asked you what you thought about it, and you said that you thought it could
              have been an engineered, a genetically engineered, because of the size of the brain cavity in it,
              etc. Remember that? Well, that’s where it started. And you were talking about how people are bred
              for their psychological traits. And lacking certain emotions and certain, okay, can you pick that

              Alan: You’ll find evidence that the breeding of people for specific functions was perfectly
              understood, just by reading Plato’s Republic. So, you’re going back 2,300-odd years. And Plato of
              course, like all of the aristocracy of Greece, had been educated in Egypt. That’s where they all
              went. And, so everything that he talked about in the Republic, came really from Egypt, which had
              already ruled the world for a few thousand years, the ancient world. And he goes into the methods
              of selective breeding for specific purposes.

              Jackie: And we want to remember, excuse me, I just want to reiterate this for our listeners, that
              there were pharaohs, or maybe, I don’t know if all of the pharaohs, but they were white, not
              Egyptian, and some even had red hair.

              Alan: Yeah, and they’ve found the wigs, of course, in the tombs, that they wore, the black wigs,
              made from the native people’s hair. And the males and the females of the aristocracy or nobility of
              Egypt and Sumer wore the black wigs.

              Jackie: What do you think about Cleopatra? Was she one of them?

              Alan: Well, Cleopatra was actually Greek. She came from the Ptolemy line, and of course Ptolemy was
              a General of Alexander, and he took over the reign of Egypt, and she was descended from the
              Ptolemies. So, yeah she was definitely white and from that type of
              class. But if you go back into this breeding program, Plato went through what they’d done with
              animals, just like today, if you want a domesticated dog for hunting, you know what kind to look
              at, the types of breeds. If you want one for a faithful pet, there’s a whole variety for that, so
              they all have specific traits. And if you want a guard dog, you know what type to go for. And it’s
              done by literally selectively breeding personality types together for size, strength and
              temperament, and that particular psychological trait that you’re after. And Plato went through
              that. And he said, we can do exactly the same with people. For the working class, he
              said, you don’t want highly intelligent people, but you do want strength. So you want them short,
              squat, if you like, muscular. And he went through the methods of simply selecting a male and a
              female, and interbreeding them, and then, taking their children, and doing the same all over again,
              until you had the desired outcome. He said, if you want tall ones for picking apples, you make
              them, you simply select the tall ones and keep interbreeding them. But it’s the same thing with
              psychological traits. That’s why they went to such incredible lengths for genealogies for rulers
              and kings and queens. You want people who have psychopathic traits in so much that they cannot feel
              empathy for others. So, that part of the brain which is developed in most people, it gives us our
              sociability, and our empathy for others. You can actually breed that out of them by selective

              Jackie: And yes, and that you said has to do with different areas of the brain.

              Alan: They knew in fact in Ancient Egypt what parts of the brain affected the types of emotion, the
              areas for taste, smell, and hearing and so on. They had that all mapped out. In fact, one of the
              pharaohs wrote one of the first medical books, and detailed all of this. So, this is well
              understood that certain parts of the brain had to do with what we call gifts, like skills in
              mathematics and so on. So, they could, by picking a male and a female who had similar qualities,
              either increase that ability, or if they wanted to get rid of a particular quality, like empathy,
              you wouldn’t want a soft ruler. You want someone who’s hard and cruel if need
              be. So, you simply breed a male and a female of similar temperaments, and then the same thing with
              their offspring, and then the same thing again, until you have the desired type. So, when they talk
              about keeping genealogies of nobility down through the ages, they’re not just talking about who
              their fathers or mothers were. They’re also keeping track of the qualities that they possessed.

              Jackie: To know who they wanted to breed with who.

              Alan: For specific types of qualities. And for nobilities of course, and kings and queens, you’ll
              find that they have all the temperaments of ego, typically psychopathic. They have tremendous ego,
              so they love to be praised. They love to have battles and so on, and come out on top. But they’re
              never very smart. They’re not what you would call terribly intelligent. So they in turn could be
              manipulated by the priesthoods that do all the selection, you see. And that’s why kings and queens
              have all the advisors around them. They’re supplied with the advisors just like today. It’s no
              different today. The advisors to presidents and prime ministers are not elected by any public.
              We’re never told where they’re trained. And yet we know that they’re all trained in the same global
              tactics, because they all know each other. They all push presidents and prime ministers to go along
              with the same agenda. So, someone appoints these particular people, and they’re trained somewhere,
              but we are told very little about them or their background. But they’re far more intelligent than
              the people that they advise.

              Jackie: And they in turn are taking their directions from someone above them, yes?

              Alan: Yes. In very high Freemasonry, way above your 33rd, they call these advisors the Grey Men.
              And the Grey Men, that pertains to the ones who are in touch with those of the Earth, the chess
              board, the black and the white strips or squares. So, they come to the world, the earthly world,
              and that’s the black, basically, but they also go to the light, the one that directs the whole
              thing. So they’re in between presidents and the real controllers. So, they’re called Grey
              Men. Kissinger and the Brzezinskis and these guys, these are the Grey Men. They know a lot more
              than presidents do. And they’re far more intelligent too.

              Jackie: Getting back to those skulls, and then we’ll come back to this. Some of them were very
              weird. And see, so when I looked at them, it was fascinating, intriguing, but I also knew that I
              didn’t know if these actually were skulls that were dug up, or if somebody molded them out of clay.
              It’s hard to tell. But the one, explain the one that you saw and what you thought about it.

              Alan: Well, you’ll actually see, there was a big debate, some years ago, on the paintings and
              architecture of Akhenaten, who’s a big player in high Masonry. They model the Moses story after
              Akhenaten, who brought in the one-God worship into Egypt. And I don’t believe he did, because he
              was way too young. He was only 15 when it happened. But in the paintings in the tombs and also in
              the frescoes they’ve found, his skull in the painting, and his wife, they have elongated skulls at
              the back, so the back of the head is elongated, and the children’s are
              too. And of course then the archaeologists stepped in and said, well that was just a change from
              one art style to the next. But they did unearth a lot of the skulls of Akhenaten’s family, and sure
              enough, they have these strange elongated, they’re real skulls. They’ve found so many of them in
              that particular lineage.

              Jackie: Okay, well, the ones that I saw, you know, there wasn’t any, like this is from Akhenaten’s
              line or anything. But what does this indicate if there’s an elongated skull and it’s towards the
              back did you say, or towards the front?

              Alan: Yeah, it’s high. The head is high. And the occipital lobe at the back is longer as well. So
              the whole cortex, really, in other words, there’s more brain cells there. There’s no doubt about
              it. And also, if you look closely at the skull, you’ll see that they’re more roundish towards the
              front. So it’s presumed that they were all given birth by Cesarean section. When you go through
              the birth canal, for instance, you know that the lobes, the parietal lobes slide over each other
              in the baby’s skull. And it’s always been debated how much damage that does. And so, a lot of
              the nobility, not just recent, but in ancient times…

              Jackie: Unless a woman is, excuse me, I’m sorry, these thoughts come and I just spurt them out. If
              women are basically built for childbearing, but there are some women who are narrower hipped and
              narrower pelvis, where I would think that that would be the case. But would the woman who was
              really built for childbearing, there wouldn’t be that kind of damage, would there?

              Alan: There would still be some, because that still would have to, they still slide, basically.
              Jackie: What is it that slides, Alan?

              Alan: Well literally, the skull has two plates you might say, two main plates that will slide over
              each other.

              Jackie: That’s where that soft spot is at the top on a baby.

              Alan: The fontanel, yeah. Anyway, getting back to this, these guys knew this back in ancient Egypt.
              And the strange thing was, when you look at the ones they’ve unearthed in the Aztec lineage, the
              nobility and kings and queens, they’re the same. They’ve got these same strange elongated skulls,
              which are also thicker than a normal human skull at the back, because again there was another
              debate in medicine, well, was this due to hydrocephalus, which can actually build up spinal fluid.
              But no, because you wouldn’t get a thickening of the skull. These skulls both in the Aztec
              rulership and in the Egyptian rulership, were both thicker at the back. So, it’s a strange trait,
              which could certainly have been done through intense interbreeding for those very abilities that
              those people actually possessed.

              Jackie: I recall, this was, I think, during our first, very first broadcast for that five-week
              period in ’98, and I’ve relistened to the tapes, a couple of times now, but the second time around
              was extremely fascinating, because quite a bit of time had gone between. But I remember you talking
              about Akhenaten, and you said that he had basically over-ridden in a sense the priesthood, and he
              had brought in the one god, worship of one god, and that he was a very humble person. In other
              words, he didn’t have himself painted or sculpted as a big broad- shouldered, but he had kind of a,
              you know, squat body and pot belly and…

              Alan: Big hips too. In fact, he had bigger hips than his wife.

              Jackie: Wow. And you said that soon after he died, all of the temples that he had erected for the
              one God were destroyed and they went right back to the multiple god worship.

              Alan: Yeah. It was a strange time period. As I say, he had to have been coached as to what to do,
              even with the theology to go along with this one-god worship. And the god, of course, was the sun.
              It was the sun he was talking about. And actually, the sun is a symbol of the light bringer or
              Lucifer. We have to remember that too. In all mystic religions it’s always the
              same. And he had, you’ll see pictures of Akhenaten and his wife, and from the sun comes these lines
              like almost like the lines cast from a ship. And at the end of it, you have the Ankh. And that’s
              what an Ankh is. That’s where we get the word anchor from. And the old
              Egyptian anchor was Ankh shaped, you see. It didn’t have the hook at the end, as it did in later
              times. So, that was the symbol of being anchored to the light bringer. And, but it wasn’t for
              everyone. It was only for a special class of people.

              Jackie: Alan, has there ever been a time in the history of this world that you’re aware of, where
              people actually didn’t have a god that had, you know, human personalities and etc, or the
              sun. I’ve wondered to myself sometimes, did they worship the sun as representative of the one
              creator, given that the sun gives physical life on this earth.

              Alan: Yeah. That was one way of looking. See, long before there were rulerships as we know them,
              you know, people lived in small communities, and everything had a magic to it, a natural magic,
              simply meaning a nature of life which they could not understand, but it was wonderful to observe.
              That’s what it meant. And so, they didn’t build up any theology about it, or

              dogma. But along came the priesthoods, who subverted all of this. And eventually, they had them
              trained in Egypt, and the Mayans did it too, and the Aztecs, that if this priesthood didn’t get up
              in the morning, and have enough gifts and money presented, then they wouldn’t perform the ceremony
              that would make the sun rise, you see. So the natural awe that people held for nature in general,
              for life itself, was subverted and taken over by very intelligent psychopathic types.

              Jackie: The priesthood.

              Alan: Who then used it against the people, and built up dogma and rules and regulations. Jackie:
              And created nations.
              Alan: That’s right. And made the people, turned the people into slaves.

              Jackie: And turned the people into slaves and turned the people into warriors to protect the
              nation’s borders.

              Alan: That’s right.

              Jackie: Now, you know when you first said that, those are concepts that, because, I don’t know that
              it occurred to very many of us, how did nations come about, and I didn’t necessarily buy into it.
              But it was an interesting thought, especially, when you, you know, explained the meaning
              of the word, international. It means inter, to bury, the nations. And yet, they in the writings of
              the elite, those who call themselves Jews, they say, that they were the ones that created the
              nations. And, of course, they weren’t the ones, but somebody asked me after that broadcast, and you
              were talking about what it was like before the priesthood was in control, or in areas where they
              got control. And that that was the most natural way of living. And somebody emailed me and said, is
              he insinuating that we all need to go back to the cave days? I said, maybe so. Maybe so, maybe not
              cave days, but…

              Alan: Well, here’s a paradox. Here’s a paradox for everybody, and it’s the meaning of. See, the
              Bible, in the Old Testament, is allegory, is Masonic allegory. And everything, every story in it is
              an allegory for something else. Which is well understood by those near the top. And so Eden
              represents nature in its pure state. And if you’re not content with nature in its pure state, and
              you leave nature, and you put your faith in science, you see, because once you leave the place
              where everything is there that you need, and you become dependent on specialists, whether it’s a
              blacksmith or whatever, then there’s only one path from Eden, and it leads eventually to where
              we’re going in the future, actually now. It leads to the extinction of the human will, the human
              mind, and independent thinking.

              Jackie: And in the villages, where there were clans and etc, they had toolmakers, people who seemed
              to be more gifted in that area. They had their healers, people who knew the herbs to use for
              medicine and etc. And their “holy men” or women, and these were women who took a lot of time alone
              for contemplation and not to coin a phrase, but spiritual enlightenment, so to speak. And so, it
              was all there, within the village. And each person had different talents. And it was all shared.

              Alan: Yeah, yeah. Because the strength of the tribe depended on everyone being involved. No one
              went hungry, for instance. And they didn’t have the moneyed work ethic, a different type of work
              ethic, where the individual who accumulates has the right to dominate the rest. That didn’t exist.
              And in fact, up until the 1700s, in the highlands of Scotland, you’ll find that iron nails were
              still exchanged as a form of money. It was more important to them to have something that was
              useful. But of course, they had the rebellion then, and that was all arranged, because they had to
              destroy that old system. And they did. They cleared the highlands.

              Jackie: The rebellion being a revolution.

              Alan: Well, they sent over Prince Charles, who, he was over in France at the time. And they sent
              him over, and he led a revolution which failed. I think it was intended to fail. And everybody, no
              one knew, except him, I’m sure. And then, they used that as an excuse to clear the highlands, even
              though only a few clans took part.

              Jackie: Would you hold that thought? We’re at the half hour. We’re going to take a break here.
              (Commercial Break)
              Jackie: Okay, we’re back with Alan Watt, folks. You were mentioning the uprising in Scotland.

              Alan: It was a handful of clans followed the Bonnie Prince Charlie, as they called him, Charles
              Stewart. And I lived in a place called Culloden for a while, where that last battle took place, and
              he led them there. He went off a couple of miles away, into a Culloden house, for the night, and
              left them on this bog, it was an actual bog, and they got up in the morning early because of the
              British army, and it was British, because there were Scottish regiments, southern Scottish
              regiments there too. So they were all arrayed with their cannon and firing away for about five
              hours before Charles gave the order to charge. And it turned out that Charles had
              scampered. He hadn’t even arrived on the battlefield, and he escaped back to France and then to
              Italy. So, they were left as a sacrifice. Interestingly enough, there’s a story involved with this,
              that tells you how the future is planned. It truly is planned. Because there was, in Scotland, you
              have these seers they call them. And one of them was called the Brahan Seer, who could see into the
              future. And the Brahan Seer lived in the 1500s. And I read the original book in a library, from the
              1500s, and he did say that when he was passing what became Culloden, it was called Drumossie at
              that time, Drumossie Moor, he said, woe, for Drumossie Moor will be the death of the flower of
              Scotland, as he called it. And flower of Scotland is the young men. That’s what that means. And
              just before the battle, about a year before the battle, it was officially changed on the maps, that
              Drumossie Moor to Culloden, which is the culling of Odin, you
              see. Because the old clans still had Odin as their deity.

              Jackie: The culling of Odin. Now, how long before this happened was this written that this Seer
              said this?

              Alan: About 200-odd years. So, that’s how things are planned. We’re taught and trained and
              indoctrinated to believe that life, we just bumble along and politicians stumble through crises
              that they can’t foresee, and nothing can be further from the truth. Because, when you go into
              history, you’ll find very elite sects of people writing about the future, because they belonged to
              organizations which planned the future. And of course, you’ll find the whole globalization effort
              with all of what we now think of as the UN agendas, interfering with all phases of our life. You’ll

              find Cecil Rhodes and his Secret Society, and then followed up by Lord Milner, who then ran it
              with the Round Tables. They wrote about it, and Carroll Quigley documented most of it in his two
              main books, Tragedy and Hope, and he wrote another one, it was called The Anglo- American
              Establishment, where he gives you the names of the big players, the big families that are involved
              in this, and where they thought they could bring us. If you go into the writings of Lenin in the
              early 1900s, he said towards the end of the millennium we shall see a global society come into
              view. Lord Bertrand Russell said the same thing around 1920. So, these guys knew exactly the
              time lines that they were working on with five, ten, twenty, fifty, one- hundred year plans. And if
              you look into the United Nations today, they’re still working on those same types of schedules,
              with fifty and a hundred-year plans.

              Jackie: I was doing some searching today on the internet, seeing if I could come up with that
              meeting that you were talking about, meetings that they had been having, UN environmental meetings
              in Texas, relating to water and septic and etc. And border region 20, is now called border 2012. Or
              border region 21, I guess it was. Whatever, it’s now 2012.

              Alan: And right now, they’re having an Earth Summit in Alaska. And we know what happened from the
              last Earth Summit, it was a tremendous impact, on all our way of living with the environment and so
              on. So these things are ongoing, continuous, and actually, they’re speeding them up. But, as I say,
              Lord Milner and Cecil Rhodes and Lord Rothschild, and all these guys who helped set up the
              secret society that they formed. Again, it was a high Masonic society, with passwords and so on.
              They wrote about what’s happened in our lifetimes. They helped bring on World War II, and Carroll
              Quigley documents that very, very well, from the records of the Royal Institute of International
              Affairs, which the Cecil Rhodes and Milner group set up. And the American branch is called the CFR.

              Jackie: And you can go back a hundred years to the protocols and it is so eerie what they said a
              hundred years ago, and how they were going to do what they were going to do, and how it has been
              done, even to the point of saying, we’re going to give the President the authority to declare war.
              Well, he’s never been given the authority other than by those advisors, who say, yes, you should do
              this, and yes you can do it. But that is happening today.

              Alan: Well, even the New American Century document that was published in the ’90s and drawn up by
              Wolfowitz and Cheney and that bunch, and that was a private organization at that time, they had the
              whole war, which countries they were going to invade, beginning with Afghanistan, and then Iraq,
              and then Iran and Syria. So they had all the countries mapped out in
              advance. And then they went and did it. So, sure. And then Brzezinski’s book came out, called The
              Grand Chessboard, in the late ’90s. And he said, we need something on the scale of a Pearl Harbor
              situation, to motivate the American public behind us for those countries we wish to go to war with.
              And lo and behold, things always seem to happen in their favor.




              Avatar photoEK

                Jackie: Yes, and then there was Kissinger. I watched and listened to this man, within a couple
                of hours of 9/11, and he said this is an attack just like Pearl Harbor, and we need to address it
                in the same way.

                Alan: Yes. And immediately too, Brzezinski was on television saying we should go to war with Iraq,
                you know. And you know, most people today, they’ve done polls in Canada and the
                re, most people in the US think now,
                because of all the propaganda by the media, they’ve forgotten that Afghanistan was supposed

                to be the hiding place for the Al Qaeda, and they’ve come to believe that Saddam Hussein was
                responsible for the attack. Even though I’ve got it on videotape during the inquiry where George
                Bush said, he says, No, I never said that we were attacking Iraq because Saddam had anything to do
                with blowing up the towers. He said, I went into Iraq, he said, because the world’s a better place
                without him. So, you know, but the public truly have been brainwashed by retrospective propaganda
                by the media to believe that Saddam Hussein was responsible.

                Jackie: Well, I recall, maybe that was a process, because I can remember them saying, first of all
                it was Afghanistan, because that’s where Osama Bin Laden was hanging out. And they had to go in
                there and find him and the terrorists. And the next thing you know, Saddam Hussein was harboring

                Alan: That’s right.

                Jackie: Now, Al Qaeda was not associated with Bin Laden, was he?

                Alan: Well, the Al Qaeda was a term that the CIA gave them. And of course, the CIA had formed and
                sponsored and funded and trained these groups, when Afghanistan was occupied by the Russians. So
                they trained them and formed them to do what they did.

                Jackie: Yes, Osama Bin Laden was a CIA asset.

                Alan: That’s right. And he’s a member of the nobility of Saudi Arabia.

                Jackie: And for any newer listeners, Osama Bin Laden’s family was very closely connected and in
                business with the Bushes.

                Alan: And they did documentaries on the CBC on that. In fact, on the very day that the towers went
                down, Bush Sr was at a meeting with the Laden family.

                Jackie: Yes. And they were flown safely out of the States, I understand. Alan: That was the only
                aircraft allowed to fly the following day.
                Jackie: Yep. And then Osama Bin Laden was the bad guy.

                Alan; That’s correct. It’s just amazing how they play these tricks with us.

                Jackie: Yes. I’d like to bring this up a little bit to closer to today, if we could. Because
                something that I’d like you to share, if you would, with our listeners, well, I had a call from
                Jerrie in Wisconsin, and she was very interested, when at the end of the broadcast last night, we
                were talking, just briefly about rural cleansing. And the one thing, and I will say this once
                again, because I couldn’t understand. I didn’t doubt that they intend to move people out of the
                country, into the cities. And I’ll tell you what really clinched it for me, was that, in the Old
                Testament, after they took all the people’s grain and made them pay for it, and then created a
                depression, and then they had no money, so they had to give away their flocks to the pharaoh, and
                finally they sold themselves and their children into slavery. And it says right in there that
                Joseph gathered the people up from the country and took them into the cities. And, anyway, I

                figure out how are they going to do this, you know, just say, okay, you can’t live here
                anymore. Well, now we’re experiencing rural cleansing. Besides the rewilding, they’re already
                getting their playgrounds ready, but here in the rural areas, first of all, we have rural electric,
                rural gas, and there are all these, oh, we can’t make any money. For example my heating bill is
                natural gas. And Pennsylvania is natural gas rich. In fact we’re a natural gas pocket where we
                live. And yet, they keep taking these hikes, of course. Last year, it got to the point where I had
                to go on the budget plan, and it was, it budgeted out to $191 a month throughout the year, when
                during the summertime my bill was running maybe $27 to $38 a month. So, I got close to $400 in some
                months. I received a notice from the gas company that according to my usage last year, the budget
                plan for my monthly will go up to $247 a month. And when I called them, basically, I got the same
                story that I did the first time I called about this. Oh, well, we can’t make a profit, it’s against
                the law. Well, then why are the rates so high? Well, it’s our suppliers. We get our gas from all
                over the country. I said, what about Pennsylvania? Why don’t we get it here? It must cost bukoo
                tons of money to pipe gas from states all over this country. And I have to go to the Energy
                Commission, or something like that, in order to get answers to
                that. But, so, our costs of electricity have risen. We took a rate raise, she said, in September,
                and there’s going to be another one in December. And the electricity has gone up. And they are
                raising our property taxes every single year. And of course that’s happening at a local
                level. And it doesn’t matter if people swarm these county commissioners, township supervisors, they
                do it. They just absolutely do it. And I still think that a damn good, excuse my vernacular,
                tarring and feathering, and I don’t mean scalding somebody with hot tar. But it seems like it has
                to stop some place. But then you look at the prices of gasoline for the cars, and so, in the rural
                areas, I’ve heard people actually talking about maybe not being able to afford to keep their jobs
                because the gas that it’s going to cost them to get to their jobs, they’ll wind up making
                nothing. And I suddenly thought, it’s rural cleansing.

                Alan: All this was discussed in the Kyoto conference. And they reiterated really what’s been said
                before by the UN many times, that they want to bring North America back to the energy consumption
                of the 1960s. And that’s what they’re doing. This is all to do with the Kyoto.

                Jackie: And I saw an article about bicycles and how many hundreds of thousands of people, there
                have been a few million, I guess, that are switching to bicycles. I have an article here from the
                1950s, a newspaper article or a report. It could have been a report on a political agenda, that
                they intend to get the people out of their cars and driving, riding bicycles. And here we are.

                Alan: China is the model state for all of this, but what China or the main cities there don’t get
                is lots of snow, you know. And they won’t let us use spikes on our bicycle tires here, because it
                churns up the road, you see. So, I guess we’ll be skating to work, maybe, or skiing, maybe skiing
                to work.

                Jackie: And we had a conversation, quite a few weeks ago. One of our listeners here in Pennsylvania
                was telling you that in his county and it’s actually a county right next to this one, it was a
                road, that was not really heavily traveled. One accident occurred on that road about seven years
                ago, or one accident in seven years, and yet they’ve lined the highway for miles with guard rails.
                And what you kind of figured out, you said, you know, because they’re talking about these
                all-terrain vehicles or the SUVs.

                Alan: That’s right. I used to wonder why on earth, the SUV, they’re attacking so much. Then you
                realize, when you look at the recent events in New Orleans and in Texas.

                Jackie: Relocation, yes.

                Alan: Everyone has to stay on the same highways. They don’t want people wandering off. So, whatever
                is coming down the pike, they don’t want people with the ability to drive off the road through the
                country, you know.

                Jackie: Because the guard rails aren’t on any particular slopes. Alan: That’s right.
                Jackie: And how many miles did he say this guard rail went?

                Alan: I don’t know, but it was just the fact that it was done so quickly for no real reason. Local
                governments don’t spend money like that. In fact, generally, when it’s something that’s necessary,
                it’s hard to get them to act at all, but this wasn’t necessary, so there’s other reasons behind it.
                And I think whatever is coming, they’re going to want people staying on certain roads as they herd
                us all into where we’re supposed to go.

                Jackie: Yeah. Well, it occurs to me, we could have an “unnatural disaster” here in the area, where
                they say, okay, we have to get you out of here for your own safety. And it does make sense that
                those SUVs would easily be able to drive off a country road, through a field, even through light
                woods if they’ve got trails, and they don’t have to stay with the pack, with the herd.

                Alan: That’s right. And you know, in New Orleans, I don’t know if the public are still aware, they
                still have road checks all over the place. Every so many miles, you come up to
                roadblocks. And you show your ID and all the rest of it. That’s still going on, right now.

                Jackie: I told you, I mentioned last night, about the lady that was here with friends. Not here at
                my place, but in Pennsylvania, and she tried to go back, if I recall, and she was turned
                away. And she doesn’t know when she can go back. And her home wasn’t even flooded, but she was
                ousted at gunpoint, and I really would love to know what is happening in New Orleans, or in that
                area. I’m not asking for calls this evening, but listeners who might have, because, Alan, it’s been

                Alan: I know. It’s like they dropped it all together.

                Jackie: I know, but usually on the internet, there are reports from people, you know, people who
                lived in the area or etc. And I still get a slew of emails, and those I pull up when they come
                in. Those are the ones that I want to take a look at. And it’s just been so quiet, that you just
                don’t know what’s been going on there.

                Alan: No, I know. So, it’s a huge training exercise for sure, for the military and the police and
                the multi-jurisdictional task force. They’re all one now. One fraternity they were called on the
                main media here. One brotherhood is another term they used on the CBC.

                Jackie: The brotherhood of police?

                Alan: Police and military. International brotherhood of police and military. That was said.

                Jackie: They have had for a long time, and this is so amazing, when you think how slick they are.
                They have the, let’s say a county association of police. Police chiefs. They’ll have then the
                state. Then they’ll have the national association. And the international association. And they have
                the international association of mayors.

                Alan: And they all are international, which means they’re registered with the United
                Nations. And they have their own publications that are sent around to the police chiefs all over
                the world. And they promote the agenda. And if they promote the agenda they know that they not only
                stay in their job, they’ll get well rewarded for it.

                Jackie: Well, you know, I read a book, and it was a very intriguing book. It’s been a few years
                ago. And it followed this one particular police chief and he went from one state, Alan, to another.
                He kept showing up in other states. Very corrupt. Very evil. And he would leave after things would
                get so hot, and then the next thing you know, he’s a police chief in another state someplace.

                Alan: I’d like to say though, I tuned in one Sunday, through the shortwave, I was scanning the
                shortwave, and the FM stations in New Orleans have got together because of the damage, so they’ve
                got together as an amalgam, a temporary amalgamation, and they’re broadcasting on shortwave at
                certain times during the day on 15.825. And the last one that I listened into, it was the reporters
                and the media, from those stations, getting an update from the FEMA representatives there. So, you
                get it live as it happens on 15.825.

                Jackie: And it’s various times throughout the day?

                Alan: Yeah, the rest of the time, it’s religion, but then it comes in, and it will tell you. It’s
                called WWL, that’s one of the FM stations. URBC is the other one. And there’s another one. There’s
                three of them together, in fact, but they’re broadcasting on the shortwave, and that’s where you
                get the news from, straight from there.

                Jackie: Yeah, but do you think it’s actual real stuff you’re getting?

                Alan: That’s what the people in that area are receiving themselves on their FM stations. They’re
                simultaneously broadcasting it on the shortwave.

                Jackie: But why would we think that they’re getting the truth, Alan?

                Alan: Well, I know. I know. In fact, that’s what they did show you, it was a question-answer thing.
                So you heard the answers that FEMA were giving to the press. And it’s up to the individual to suss
                it out, sort of thing. But it’s a huge exercise with FEMA totally in control.

                Jackie: Alright. …And Alan, we’re just about out of time. We do have next week coming up. I’m
                going to be talking to Darren Weeks, our webmaster, and I would like to invite Darren to come on
                with us, next week, for one or two days. But I’m thinking, it would be appropriate, as much time as
                you’ve given, and as much enlightenment that you’ve brought to us, to invite you to come on
                Wednesday night, which would be our last broadcast night. If you would like to do

                that. …Okay. Folks, we’l you for
                being here, and Alan,
                thank you for being here. Alan: It’s a pleasure.
                Jackie: Good night. Good night, folks. And God bless you.

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