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    The BSB is a new step in the Orgonite broadcasting, of the entirety of the Orgonite arsenal I personally have not seen anything that gave so much positive results.

    The concept is simple: broadcast the Orgonite energy into the electrical grid complex

    How: take any Orgonite device and wrap an electric cord around it 7 or more times

    Plug the cord into a electric socket and in the other end plug in a night light, salt lamp, Christmas light, etc… or any appliances .

    From the report that we are getting from the field it appear that the grid is becoming in it self an Orgon generator, and that the “death” towers are now broadcasting Orgon energy.

    It is now possible and recommended that your ‘gifting’ be done from your living room, not much need to address impossible locations when you can go to the utmost hidden and remote secret places by energizing the grid.

    Another step is to wrap your computer cables; this will travel to another grid, possibly world wide (WWW)

    And at last you also can wrap your telephone cable as well and that will go to again another grid.

    By doing all of this you are just about guarantying yourself a blue sky


    Hi, as a newbie to all this, I’m having a bit of a difficulty visualizing the “electrical cord” connections. Pics would help. If I go to Radio Shack,for example, what do I ask for? How effective is the BSB by itself? And is that gold foil on the surface? It seems a bit of a shame to hide the beauty of the piece with your every day cord. Any ideas on ways to keep the aesthetics while powering up?

    Also, I read on WM that orgone tends to attract insects, true? I get roaches, ants, etc. and am already probably self-poisoning myself with pesticides. But I don’t want to have to wrap orgonite then connect it to one of those outdoor insect killing zappers, the vibes would seem a bit conflicted, if you know what I mean.


    Hello Nepenthe

    If you go to viewtopic.php?f=2&t=4 you will see many options for making the BSB, and you are correct, we are hiding a beautiful creation every time we wrap a cord around it, but we are making a trade for heavenly looking clouds , and beside you can make two, one for the BSB and the other one to look upon , also you can just as well wrap the cord without the salt water, I thought the salt water help, but the inconvenience is not worth it for me anymore, it works well without.




    11 (54).jpg
    11 (25).jpg



    As far as insects, that is the further thing from the truth, I had a delightful cat (passed in my arms last year ), and for about four years before that there was not one flea on her, and my present beast (the nicest pit bul you’ll ever seen) have zero flea, both spend their time outside in the grass and in the woods, as well as no ticks, I have never used any chemical products on them what so ever

    Now to get rid of unwanted insects, it is easy and not toxic, what you must get is Diatomaceous Earth, is not toxic (I take some everyday) and will eliminate all of your pest (children and spouses not included) .

    The broadcasting is a good thing, the best for getting beautiful clouds








    by anonymous

    I first appreciate the magnanimity of Josh for revealing his pillow secret.

    May God bless Josh for this divine act. My sincere gratitude to Josh.

    I am searching for sea weed to make Josh pillow in Dubai.

    I am new to orgonite, in the learning process before making the first one.
    request certain clarifications.

    1) The DOR to OR conversion rate
    a)is directly proportional to the current flowing through the cable wound
    above the HHG or TB? or only a simple power supply cord with an indicator bulb will do?

    b) is limited by the capacity of the HHG? ie, if the HHG is bigger then the conversion rate is bigger?
    or this is limited to the area of the power generator supply lines?

    2) HHG made with only superfine metals( XHD)and 4cm length crystals, will this perform better due to the EMR from the wrap around cable? I have superfine iron powder with me now and trying to get copper powder.

    Thanks in advance,

    Best Regards

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