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    by monsoon gecko on Sun Nov 07, 2010 2:52 am

    G’day, I found this as a little insert on another orgonite forum..can’t remember, just added as favourite to check later.
    Glad I did….a lot to plough through but had a certain resonance in many ways….worth a look and some sifting,
    Perhaps. the best confirmation for me was the idea of practising Gratitude…no matter the circumstance ..something I’ve
    been trying to observe for years….so far it works well ! Smooths out things regardless, but can be very difficult at times.
    A very Karma erasing training,…ha ha

    Worth a look, Enjoy

    Here, have another photo…ha ha
    Now. which one will I pick….mmmm….. the charging plate is pretty.


    Thanks Monsoon :) ,

    I went to that link and may return at another time to see if I can locate what you are talking about, though I didn’t see it this trip.
    I ditched out of there when the anonymous self-appointed wahoo said he/she/it was requiring (i.e., happy about) a negative harvest in humanity.
    That indicated to me that there is a vast polarity difference between me and it.

    Since attention is power, I removed mine from the site.

    I love the light, and I love your charging plates :) . Thanks for the pic :D .


    Linda :idea:


    by Lightning on Sat Nov 27, 2010 3:15 pm

    Hey Monsoon,

    There is a great book, co-authored by 3 folks, one of whom is a very focussed Lightworker named Mary Hardy, PhD.
    The title of the book is “Pyramid Energy: The Philosophy of God, the Science of Man”. I cannot encourage you strongly enough to find and read that book, I think you’ll love it. That book is the first place I ever read of the “Law of One”. It also explains the calculations and effects of pramid energy, in both its 3-sided and 4-sided forms.

    Mary Hardy is also a veteran dowser and IIRC frequents the Toronto Dowsers (Canada) conventions.
    She has a website called . I do not know if she has others.

    Nother little piece of info: Edward Leedskalnin, who singlehandedly built the ‘Coral Castle’ in Florida, USA, was heard to be playing “Greensleeves” by folks in the neighborhood..

    I do know that the bunch Mary is involved with will be happier to have a “positive harvest” from this dimension of polarity.

    Throwin some ballast on this scale- Ho!

    I hope you’ll check this out.




    G’day all…Eh, Linda , Hidden Hand was just sharing scenario…big picture. Good thing about this is we can discern,
    or awaken to how we are being manipulated and change course. It’s the info presented that’s useful.

    Had a look at that other site ….interesting too.
    Here’s one from Cloudwalker on OA. … re=related

    Wow…totally outstanding ! 12 parts
    Here’s one from ..the crowhouse forum….on which I’m posting about orgonite. They hadn’t even heard of it
    till recently….got to get info out there to help everyone…..well ,this is an hour and a half with feel good ending

    We certainly live in exciting times.
    Enjoy !

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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