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    Here are some reviews from various customers:I have used several variations on this unique device by Josh over the past 8 years. He used one model to make my old farmhouse’s aluminum roof transparent to life energy. The effects were noticed by several people immediately , who did not know that he was doing anything. We have charged water and improved the taste, altered food and wine flavors, criminally flattened the carbonation is a glass of beer. It has some unpredictable effects. It is fun to play with the new model. The energy is not like orgonite but much more subtle. I like the leather pouch as it is most comfortable to carry. -SenseiReporting on Life Pillow… My dad was over tonight and we were drinking tea. He put liquid stevia in his cup and my husband waved the pillow it while my dad was holding it in his hand. My dad immediately goes “Oh, I felt it, like a tingle in my hand, definitely something”, and so after some prompting, he waved it over his hand again and right away felt it again. We didn’t tell him he would feel anything beforehand either. We’ll be tempted with crap food tomorrow so more experimenting abounds. I can’t wait to go around and flattening everyone’s crappy gmo corn fructose soda pop!!! -Nepi Pemi

    I have two Life Pillows and wanted to share some of my experiences with them . Energy wise output is about 100,000 Bovis, feels smoother than orgone energy (as Sensei stated). Energy field seems to radiate out about 4ft. I had some neck pain, putting the life pillow on it for a few min really seemed to diminish the pain and loosen up my muscles. Has some left knee pain, felt like it was out alignment, took two Life Pillows and held over my knee for about 1min, knee pain gone! Josh recommended putting one Life Pillow at my head and the other at my feet, that felt similar to a Reiki session and created a nice field of healing energy I had some ankle pain and the Life Pillow relieved that pain as well. Passed the Life Pillow over my cheapo carbon water filter and the water had a smoother more energized taste to it afterwards. I like it! Nice work Josh! Blessings -Steve

    I recieved my own life pillow yesterday afternoon. Thank you, Josh! The first thing i felt led to do with it was put it on my crown chakra. I have a lump there, 1 inch off center, an implant I think, which they are occasionally able to reactivate. The lump went down from the size of half a pea to the size of half a lentle in a few minutes. This morning I had a hard time even finding it. Of course I used it on my food and water. No noticable changes there (I don’t eat much garbage food, mainly raw milk from Jersey cows for 3 meals out of 4.) I Then I lay down on it- it wanted to be at the base of my spine. Felt an easing of tension there. Digestive system (another major area of attack) seems to be detoxing. Next I held it in my hands. The joints in my hands are deformed by the years of attacks, and I cannot close them normally. (According to the doctors who have checked, the patterns of damage and the bloodwork indicate that the damage does not come from either type of arthritis.) After holding the pillow in each hand for 1/2 hour each, I could close them around the pillow. I used it for the cat’s food. I know it made a change there- the cat did not recognize the scent at first, then ate with gusto. I have it tucked under the waistband of my pants as I write. It has a very soothing presence. It’s interactive, and responsive. I feel what it’s doing for me. I want to know what I can do for it. -Ruth

    I feel very fortunate to have a life pillow. At first I focused on what it does which is push the spin resonance of anything in a positive direction- certain strange affects that were immediately noticable were the smel and taste cahnges. Right when I got it, took a walk with it, and when I walked by a neighbor mowing his lawn I surprised to realize that there wasnt the trademark gasoline and pollen mixture which tends to b an irritant to me. I even put the life pillow back in the house and walked by again-IMMEDIATELY smelled the gasoline after leaving the house-laughed-got the life pillow out of the hosue and continued on my walk(with no abrasive smells) It has a very pleasant feel, altho as has been stated more subtle than orgone energy and hard to explain. Personal experience seems to b the best way to share- I agree with Steve 100% on the water, i have good water filtration but noticed quite more livliness(structure, taste) after a couple seconds near the life pillow- it seems as tho anything more than a couple seconds is overkill(ive had much less thirst, yet have not had more water than usual) I also have been exposing all my food to it with great benefit, besdies taste. It seems as tho treated food and herbal supplements(life pillow+ astragalus= YES) assimilates much better in the body after being pillowed, especially with the pillow near the stomach. I even tried indulging in foods that ive been staying away from (thanks nepi i may have taken it to the market… to play )- which include white flour, soy, and fried foods- Low and behold ive had not a single stomach problem(believe me, pre-pillow if i ate what i did yesterday- wi ouldnt b able to type now), =[ from the frist day of life pillowing my appetite has greatly increased ( after putting so much orgonite in the house the past month- food hasnt been as necessary?) even my animals are eating more and more lively. Orgonite loves it. all of my pieces respond positively having the pillow around- the nano shield particularly apprecaites sitting next to the pillow. At first i didnt get the name completely, but now i do! Its Life in a pillow!! and very confortable. Ive been sleeping near it (soundly) and when i wake up its generally in the same spot(WEIRD). I have been known throughout my life for being an active sleeper so to not move it during my daily 8 is just plain weird. overall- something that is hard to put ones finger on- considering the seemingly endless amount of uses I figured the drastic physical changes would show the less sensitive individuals an idea of the amazingly capabilities of this leather pouch of goodness! KUDOS JOSH- Its amazing that you could harmonize this thing into existance- Thank you. -Orgonaut

    OUSTANDING ! Josh , thankyou for the opportunity to trial the Life Pillow here in Australia.
    I’ve had Pillow for 2 days and already experienced some amazing results.
    As the lady handed me the parcel at the post office, I noticed her warm smile and glow
    and knew it had arrived. Been like a kid waiting for Christmas!

    First thing noticed was the herby fragrance.Not unpleasant,…Pillowed quite a few items
    that evening. Water tasted better, smokes milder, and degassed a glass of homebrew.
    Normal throw together dinner was surprisingly delicious. Slept on Pillow that night.

    Next day ,early start, woke refreshed. Off to my favourite school with all the little energy sensitive kids , armed with the Life Pillow and a couple of other orgone devices. Of course, students were receptive and after describing the contents passed the Pillow around. They all picked up on the smell.The best desciption was like cut grass and seaweed. I continued to talk about how it’s used and mentioned purifying water. Well there was a rush on pillowing their waterbottles. It was really funny to see their surprised faces at the difference in taste.

    So out for some morning sport. One girl took a tumble on the concrete surface.I directed the student who was minding the pillow to race over and give the it to her. She held it on the pain and was gone in a couple of minutes .
    Back in class I caught one guy squeezing the living daylights out of the pillow. OY, DON’T YOU WRECK THAT ! He said ” I can’t feel any crystals in here !” I replied they’re probably in a crushed form…make a big batch so many pillows can be made at one time.
    At recess students pillowed their food with many reporting better taste. At lunch they didn’t need reminding. I had to hunt up the pillow to purify my meat growler with red zinger ….pie and sauce …..Ha ha ,It actually tasted like a gourmet product, not normal.
    Slept on the pillow again last night. Noticed the whites of my eyes clearer this morning.!
    The red veins seem to be shrin -Stephen

    Hi Josh,
    I’ve got another good one- or two, actually.

    1…I’ve been working with the life pillow, trying different positions, wearing compared to carrying. I put it in my left rear pocket, and suddenly realized there was a blank space there. The ache that had defined the area, that was my “normal”, was gone. It felt like nothing- no pain. I’m wearing it there now. Thank you.

    2…No hay fever. Normally the allergy year started in February with tree pollens, and came to it’s grand finale in April, May, and June: grass pollen season. This year- nothing. No itchy eyes. No faucet nose. etc. Thank you. -Ruth

    good job -tiggar

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