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    Yo….G’day you mob ! Been pretty quiet here of late…Times are still exciting, even moreso with people
    like James Horak and John Kettler sharing the big picture….the future’s looking good.

    Ok, to the Cb..a big thanks to Josh and Dan for sharing their expertise…certainly answered a few queries
    that were confusing me….Oh, …and Starseed, mate, if you see this, a huge thank you for sharing your
    techniques on induction orgonite, both Hhg’s etc and Cb,s…just fantastic energy output !

    Firstly, I must say that nothing so far beats a water CB with constant flowing water…for me , number one
    and you know, the funny thing is , that all the other forums I research don’t seem to have a clue…very
    greatful to the inovation of people Sharing in this forum……Yo


    The base pipes were tripple dipped and let harden between dips… create induction effect.


    The base pipes were tripple dipped and let harden between dips… create induction effect.
    The energy goodies….CCW ..beachsand, up to smokey quartz, selenite, black tourmaline, blue kyanite, pyrite (I ran out of paramagnetic rock on my trip), shungite, quartz points and in the centre is a very large resin life pillow cone with its own huge henniker quartz….to the left an 8 inch mobius wrapped quartz with 15Hz frequency generator.:Missing from the photo is a medium yoghurt tub full of broken smokey handful, with the sand thrown into each as the pour progressed


    the base started with sand ,quartz and black tourmaline and let gell, followed by steel and the LP cone,
    hardened then the pipes with the bottom template spacing them out..mmm..forgot to photo that stage doh !


    So the various layers prgressed, letting gell and pouring the next layer using less hardener each time as the
    heat from the previous layer was setting everything quickly.
    The powered pipe sat on top of the LP cone and is submerged in the the matrix about 2 inched deep.

    The little green plugs are glow in the dark pieces …bit of bling in the night !


    The layers, about 9 all up, are steel, aluminium, brass and copper in varying layers


    and the template material at the top…plastic sign board 3 pieces glued together..single piece in base.The photo shows
    a strange haze around the pipes , not seen in the other photo taken 10 seconds before…

    This is still an ongoing project…I have a joiner and center pipe ready to go over the powered pipe..It has a great orgone field around it already…but really jumps out even more when the F/generator is switched on… touching the base, the pulsing tingle is very obvious, surprising a few people who tried.

    The other future trial is to make orgonite plugs that fit in each pipe and contain a little secret coil (thanks Dan) and decent quartz point exposed, ..not necessarily those in the picture…but just to show the idea


    Anyway…I wanted a kick ass CB that can be pointed at cyclones and other targets.. and I reckon the final product may just be that ….it’s great already….but so expensive to build..reckon I’ll be keeping this one …ha

    Well hope you enjoyed the sequence.




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    Re: Latest Cloudbuster

    Unread post by edostar » 

    Hi Stephen.
    Monster CB.
    Excellent work!

    The only thing that I would be cautious about is fitting a seventh long pipe in the middle.

    Laozu Kelly says that a centre pipe interrupts the flow of Chi from within the device.

    In a regular six-pipe configuration like yours; there’s a ‘transmutation point’ amidst the ring of pipes about
    a third of the way up from the base.

    Orgonite Plus.Net • View topic – Latest Cloudbuster viewtopic.php?t=23
    9 of 15 31/05/2013 7:53

    A centre pipe seriously disrupts the natural dynamics of the CB at this point.

    The powered crystal in the centre is no problem at all and there are many precedents of it adding considerably to the power of the device (just as long as it doesn’t extend too far up the space between the pipes).

    Laozu designed his ‘Torsion CB’ with a seventh pipe in the centre but it is used to channel the EMR towards the top of the ‘transmutation point’ only.

    All the best. Dan.

    Monsoon Gecko

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    Re: Latest Cloudbuster

    Unread post by Monsoon Gecko » 

    Hi Dan…thanks for the heads up on the middle pipe….I installed it before I read your post…
    Quite interesting actually…on initial set up of the 6 pipes we had a couple of days with sylphs everywhere,
    very blue sky behind


    The third day, chemtrails….heaps of them, two planes working in tandem , maybe a dozen trails by mid mommg.
    The sky got crappy real quick, so I thought more power, quickly cut center hole in template and rigged up the center pipe with the frequency on …seemed to be working well as the chemsoup seemed to clear a little, with sylphs active amongst it all…later in the afternoon, considerably clearer skies…my mate and I enjoyed the action…though a gifter and skywatcher he was quite surprised at how quickly it did clear, as on similar
    days it doesn,t….we put it down the the CB, and!assumed the center pipe was kicking in big time,especially seein-g it was the only with but now not sure.


    Can you pick up the energy flow just by viewing the picture ?
    Guess I’ll have to keep trialing….yet to make the coil,quartz plugs for the other pipes..all the gear is still


    monsoon gecko


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    Re: Latest Cloudbuster

    Unread post by edostar » 

    Hi Stephen.

    The CB seems to be working more fluently with only the six pipes than with the 7th pipe added.

    Being an ICB; it’ll work anyway pretty much whatever you do to it (even capping the pipes with metal)
    but as you’ve built it to the standard Croft configuration; you may as well take advantage of the dynamics
    associated with that set-up.

    I don’t think there’s any advantage to putting a pipe on the power wand anyway as it will super-charge the
    central pillar of POR anyway and from what I can see; the centre-pipe is a distinct disadvantage.

    When you add the crystals inside the pipes; they can’t be capped anymore as the crystals need ‘line of
    sight’ with the target (chemtrail altitude) and the ‘resonant cavity’ effect is operable.
    In ICB mode; the pipes act in a similar way to a car radio ‘whip’ antenna but in Croft CB mode the pipes work as ‘wave guides’ and channel the EMR down the insides to the crystals in the bases.

    Was the PW hooked up to a battery in the first shot you posted?

    If not; please post another photo with just the six pipes and the PW on.


    Monsoon Gecko

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    Re: Latest Cloudbuster

    Unread post by Monsoon Gecko » 

    Once again Dan …thanks for sharing… first photo…no battery
    …second photo..battery connected


    These photos taken in slow drizzling rain,,,,rained all night. you can see the discolouration of the resin
    on the base pipes where they’d been tripple dipped
    Getting more interesting as the story unfolds
    In the first photo…young magpies,,,,very entertaining the amount of wildlife that comes to play.
    My favourites are the butcher birds, like a smaller version of the magpie…often they’ll sing you up
    for a bit of handfeeding…ha


    Hi Stephen.

    Thanks for posting this direct comparison.

    The energy is distinctly amplified in the second shot (with the PW battery connected).
    It seems to greatly improve the efficiency of the CB.

    I experience a similar plethora of wildlife in my garden with all the various devices standing around and buried in various places.
    There are lots of birds and frogs and butterflies and bats and even snakes and large monitor lizards from time to time.

    It makes sense that animals are attracted to the areas most suffused with positive etheric energy. It was due to the presence of this energy that Life became viable in the first place and continued to thrive in pristine health for millennia.

    It’s only in recent times that the fallout from electrical installations and electronic devices has split the ambient water molecules into H+ and 0H- ions; in which ionized form, the water can no longer conduct the positive etheric energy into the area so highly charged with EMR.

    Only when Orgonite absorbs and neutralizes the EMR, can the water molecules re-form and conduct the positive energy back into the area again.

    Your Power CB is doing performing this task very impressively.

    A good job done, Stephen.


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