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    Hello Everyone,

    I am new to this forum and new to orgonite making… I’ve read a lot of info on how to make it and decided to make a few:
    I used clear cast polyurethane resin, copper powder, copper wire/beads, stones, oils and crystals. Round piece came out of glass, and the pyramid of the metal cooking mold… I used oil to spray the molds; glass came out fine, but the pyramid is all cloudy. Question: Can the finished piece be polished and how?



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    Congratulation on your first pieces, they look really good (you should have seen my first one :cry: :cry: ), yes you can polish your resin, this is what you do, if the surface is good just a little marred you can go over with 400 grit sand paper and polish it with a good car wax, if the surface is a bit too rough for that, sand it down a little with 220 paper and coat it with shellac, or poly
    To spray the mold I use the grilling high temp Pam, sometime the resin will get hot and this Pam works nicely
    Again : good work


    Thank you, josh!

    I will try 400 first, and see how it will come out. It has some air pockets on the surface, but I will keep them, otherwise I will need to sand down a few mms :) I will use a pam oil next time and epoxy :) I thought that the resin would smell when cured, luckily there is no smell at all, except some oregano oil that i mixed into it. It somewhat reminds me of amber that i really like…

    Thanks, again!


    SandAndSun, as you found out there no smell with the epoxy, the bad smell is only with the polyester resin.
    Now with the Orgonite there is never anything wasted, if the piece is to ugly to keep around, you can just bury it somewhere or throw it out in the water, it still work :D


    I learned on WM that using sandpaper in incrementally smaller grit up to 1000 and then using car wax has satisfactory results. Personally, I focus on the details so I would not stop at 400 or even 600 grit.



    SandAndSun on Tue Jun 22, 2010 6:24 pm


    I will try gradually increasing the grit and sand the imperfections off and then wax it. I will post the results, when completed.

    Thank you!



    600 and then 800 did the job, then used turtle wax to finish it off. Sides of the pyramid have almost a wet look to it, not as the bottom, which is almost see through, but very close.



    Hi SandAndSun,

    If you wax the inside of your pyramid mold with the turtle wax before casting again, and then apply a tiny amount of mold release before pouring, you may not have to sand next time…

    …This piece of data was gleaned from some forum or other on Orgonite building where folks were having the same problem…Sorry I don’t remember where…

    Stay well,

    Linda :-)


    by josh on Thu Aug 12, 2010 5:02 pm

    Huuhhhh, I think it was me on David Ike forum, and also a while back on WM, the info come from the resin manufacturer after inquiring about my Orgonite having hard time de molding , if you call the gentleman named Mark at US Composite he is the one who told me years ago….and it worked :D :D


    Postby SandAndSun on Thu Aug 12, 2010 10:15 pm

    Linda, Josh,

    I will try it next time with the wax and then the release agent. I’ve given away most of my first pieces already, soon will be time for more… :)

    be well

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