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      Maybe can put a little testimony here, as all the materials , the goodies, have arrived in good order.
      First, let us start with the pendants….as I never had any what I call ” old school ” aka orgonite, it was quite an eye opener, especially being worn as a pendant, so close to the body. It does surely work, but in a new way, it is completely different than what is use normally, the selenite method, it gives off a different vibe, it is completely different than plasterite… big time, it is more earthly in a way , I can clearly feel it work, creating a sort of shield or field around the body, not too big but effective in neutralizing nefarious influences, radiation, wifi, you name it , also inside it harmonizes.
      To me the effects are OBVIOUS as I never had ” orgonite” , the metal resin etc, although the pendant is more fancy , it has also other materials, stones, in it, plus this copper ring, it has a profound impact.
      As orgonite virgin I do admit blushing it sure does good for the body and that is what it is intended to to in this case.
      It also has a spiral in it on top
      gives the whole thing a swoopy twist
      it is a pleasant feeling
      it is yin yang at work, paramagnetism, the stimulating effect, it lifts you up, clears up brainfog, a certain slowness in us, it makes us more energetic, impulsive , creative thoughts flow more natural and unhindered, the flow of the body is restored in its natural order. On the other side it relaxes, makes calm, grounded, at ease, more confidence , less worrying, the tendency for grumpiness is way less wearing the pendant.
      Even though things in the world, especially nowadays, can be quite hectic and insecure ” changing” as they call it with a nice word, orwellian speek, I can only advice the pendant with a clear heart.
      It will be beneficial for all really.
      It is also quite small and therefor easy to send per post from australia, as postal costs are a serious killer nowadays for bigger items to be send across the planet.
      For such a small item I am impressed by its strength, had not anticipated that, honestly, I knew it would do something but it is more intens than expected. A true blessing if I may say so.
      Another person , close to me, tested the pendant before me, she said she slept like a baby, so yes, facts cannot be denied, it is a true bonus for everybody and not expensive either.
      It will have a noticeable positive impact in many ways on you, that in itself is a good reason to go for it.
      It makes you very calm, even if you are somewhat of a jitterbug like me, you feel so much more at ease, just more balanced that is perhaps the word, less chaotic and it settles emotional insecurity, nervousness, tenseness, etc.
      Have been wearing it for say four, five hours and the effect holds, it is not a fluke, it is a genuine change for the better.
      Will it hold after I take it off ? Good question !
      Gosh, now you are asking something , no idea , but will look into that. Not a big deal, just wear it or keep it close to you
      does not have to be on the body per se I sense, but has to be close, like in your pocket of your jacket, or even in your back pocket or so, does not matter but say within a short range of the body.
      In short, in my own experience, now, the orgonite works more on an emotional level whereas the plasterite works on a pure spiritual level. These are different tools of light, both valid but not in the same soup.
      Plasterite you use to ” fight the beast” so to speak, the system, the evil grid in which we are born, big things, massive changes, clear the skies of this chemcrud, etc etc, a sort of nuclear weapon so to say, massive artillery, whereas the orgonite is different, is is closer to the person, it also effects those matters mentioned above but on a different,lesser scale, it is not really meant to do that. It is more like a shotgun, for close range and does a good job at that.
      Yes, back to the pendant, profound stuff, amazing job Stephen Geddes, top work, quite suprised by it. Did not expect it to have such a massive impact. Makes me silent, really so. Did you program that piece or what, dunno, but whatever you did to it , it hits the mark, bulls eye.
      It also gives a more positive attitude on the outlook of life itself.
      A more laid back presence of mind.
      You don´t get wound up so quickly, you are more in balance, less likely to flip out for minor reasons.
      Have not dowsed it all, radius, depth, etc, can feel the field is not too deep but deep enough to protect you, that is in the end what counts, you will have say a twenty inch field around you that does the trick and keeping you safe by neutralizing/deflecting negative influences and we have not shortage of that nowadays.
      We are drowning in it.
      This particular pendant does have a special emblem at the back, maybe it is that what makes it pump, can´t tell but it is much stronger than a basic orgonite piece, did hold a few in my hands long ago, never had it on the body, but that was not as strong.
      Also it has a nice spiral embedded in it , at the front. The piece , energetically , suits me well, it is my type of device, fits me like a glove, another piece , pendant, got send to me but that one is for Jenny Mortell , and it does not really resonate with me that much, still feels good but ” not for me” sort of thing.
      Although this black pendant is small, it feels like a rock , emotionally balancing me out , I need that as I am a ” far out ” guy
      I see the big picture , I am out there spiritually, that is all fine and well but for someone like me a heavy piece is needed to ground me back on earth, to stabilize me during my wild trips , a gentle pendant like the one for jenn, would not do the job.
      For most folk this black pendant would be overkill or just too much of a good thing, too heavy. Oh yes, but some need such a guide to keep them in check. So for me it is perfect.
      Technically speaking the pendant is the opposite of what I am , the yin yang thing coming into play, the black and white, the inversion of opposites, call it what you want. I think this is an overlooked issue in the selenite world, it does open up the soul, gives you those shamanic journeys, this great insight and awareness but it also almost blasts you out of this dimension, not kidding, so the need for some tool to ground us , balance us again is perhaps something we have not paid too much attention too. At least , now we do !!!
      Now I am not saying it cannot be done without this tool, as I use all sorts of mechanisms to bring me back into the ” normie world”
      but still
      this tool is very effective, puts you back in a flash, no questions asked.
      Of course this incredible tool Stephen Geddes made is a customized tool, it is designed for me as stephen knows me, the type I am , the character etc, where I am in my headspace.
      I can feel the emblem really does a good job pumping it up, I can feel it clearly without it it would still be effective but a lot milder.
      It turbocharges the tool clearly.
      The tool makes me function more effectively in the normie world around me, yes , clearly, less anxious dealing with the robots around me.
      I can feel it works on the heart chakra area, clearly, the emotional area. It is all a true gain. Have not felt so calm and balanced in a long time. It works for me , what can I say.
      Voila, there you have it , for our five fans, a full report. Uncensored.
      All I can say is Wow , we got a winner.

      I am home now baby ????


      my post got whacked by fb again
      the missing part
      I know you did and I know I failed, years ago, as I only caught on many years later, and when I did, I remembered your post, strangely enough
      and I wondered why I did not see it, must have neglected it somehow or thought it was just about gardening agriculture itself, but it is not , it is more broad and all compassing.
      actually some, not all, is saved on the internet archive
      but I caught up now…..callahan s book ancient mysteries is not easy to get, long out of production, did put up a copy on the internet archive.
      secret life of plants, cute book, it was an indian scientist who went deep into that in the 1930 s, he was member of the royal society
      the royal society is masonic, it usually will never allow a profane in, only if you are a genius, like John Tyndall , Farraday and this indian guy you were asked
      Jagadish Chandra Bose was a multi-talented Indian scientist who also invented wireless communication. Jagadish Chandra Bose proved that plants are like any other life form. He proved that plants have a definite life cycle, a reproductive system and are aware of their surroundings.
      well well, never heard of that type of granite but it can be highly paramagnetic, it is a wide scope…interesting, and you mention that now eh ? You cowboy, keep it all to yourself..hahah
      So you still have a lot to offer, good to know, yes tensor, ties in with Slim Spurling etc
      Callahan did experiments with Slim on that topic
      never knew that , sort of hidden stuff
      often such facts come out in interviews with other folk, they than casually mention it
      so there is probably something to that too
      but than it does get somewhat complicated , high tech ????
      and pricy probably too
      think got Slim s book on the site, somewhere
      ” in the mind of a master” think it is called
      jee, that is a complex pendant !!
      I knew you did something to it, as a base orgonite cannot do that
      so you still go that extra mile eh …nice…appreciated
      I like that
      wonder how many folk are actually making similar pieces, not too many I bet you
      but in the end it all comes down to one thing and that is to test, and many will not go there really , but that is the only way to find out and understand this magic
      it is more than just science
      in the past I did use fossilized seaweed, it works wonder
      how did I know
      I just did
      was shopping – years ago now – and it just guides you
      did not even know what it was but it wanted to be in the plasterite
      to sing its song you see
      and it did, it works way better of course than basic seaweed
      it is a sort of calque you put in
      Granulated calcium carbonate of fossil origin (Cocolites)
      Granulated seaweed lime for universal use in vegetable garden and lawn. This type of lime has a wide action that can be used all year round

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