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    G,day all…just updated slide show .. now runs 14.5 minutes.
    Lucky all the new ones are at the front,
    Haven,t labelled yet…eventually.

    Contains Cb’s, Dolphin cylinders (easier than balls !), UCB and a heap of others.

    http://s814.photobucket.com/albums/zz63 … %20Photos/
    monsoon gecko


    Wow Monsoon ,

    How cool!!! :mrgreen:
    I really appreciate being able to see what double-dipping does to the finish also! I
    was thinking of doing that- Now I *know* I’ll do it…

    Ya know what? I’m thinking that maybe Plasterite might be made weather-resistant by
    double-dipping into resin- Have you done that?

    I also like that you made glowtops on the pyramids.
    That looks like a real production line you’ve got there :ugeek:

    Thank you very much for posting your work.



    Have often wondered if dipping or painting large plasterite with resin would make it
    weatherproof ?
    Or other weatherproofing technique……
    Josh, have you tried any weatherproofing techniques ?
    Have fantasised about large outdoor devices, but not suitable here in the tropics..


    First : Sir Stephen you are doing wonderful work with the Orgonite, profuse and well done,
    we shall ask the Queen to knight you or something , most definitely something :D

    And yes I have tried some water proofing, shellac works OK, poly works better.
    I have made two large muffins that I have left outside for a few month, no coating on them, they do not seem to fall apart I know they will eventually .
    Yesterday I thought: the Plasterite is really strong the first couple of days, then it calm down a little, what would happen if I leave a large piece outside, it would get wet and dry, and wet and dry, it would be as if it was breathing, and would be releasing that initial strong blast every time after a bit of rain, no rain, well use the hose.

    After a while it would fall apart, just because of the nature of the beast, but until then,probably a whole year, it would be really blasting, and after a year, just make another one.

    May be I should put this in the new thought thread :?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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