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    What is that technique for using orgonite in graduating sizes of containers to clear bodies of water? I recall that you start of with the smallest container possible, a tiny bottle and fill part way with orgonite and clear water, then cast that into orgonite matrix in a slightly larger container and add clear water, and so forth, like russian nesting dolls. Is this correct? What do you think of this being used for helping the oceans with the oil spill? Furthermore, what orgonite additive might help with breaking down or neutralizing crude oil :? :?: If this nesting technique works, we should be shipping them by the pallet loads to the gulf of mexico!



    The water cleaning (lake cleaning) technique is, just as you say; take a very small bottle, fill it half way with Orgonite, when the Orgonite is cured fill the other half with the purest water you have,
    Then take a slightly larger bottle (big enough for that small bottle to go in) and put in the small bottle, fill half way with Orgonite , and fill the other half with again the purest water that you have
    Repeat the process with larger and larger bottles, up to nine layers, This is what an engineer told me “each layer increase 7 times from the last”, so you can do the math: after nine layers, the ability of your ninth layer to broadcast clean and clear water is 5,764,801.00 time that of the first layer
    It will be somewhat difficult to find 10 bottles to fit in each other, but if you know of a way please share, I have been able to do 5 layers without having something too large to transport.
    Now what can we do for the Gulf, first understand that there are many ways known to resolve the problem of the oil on the water, but in the equation we must enter that this was done totally on purpose, that the rich and powerful made that happen for reasons known to them, and WE The People have very little say in the matter
    Having said that “little to say” , we did not say we cannot do anything, so what can we do, you can take a small container fill it with good water, tell it it is the Gulf, put in a little straw (since that would clean the oil from the water) and see it at all moment of the day cleaning the area, Emoto have done much work on this: gather a bunch of people (20 or 30) around a container (like a gallon) of a badly polluted lake, pray over it, and 24 hours later the lake was clean.
    But those things will not enrich our corporate leaders, their agendas is too nefarious for us to even consider, I would say that even if you GIVE them a way to clean their mess, they would not take it!!
    Just take a look at this: http://www.eutimes.net/2010/05/toxic-oi … h-america/


    OK beautiful people, just read that the oil spill has entered the gulf stream, this means BAD NEWS for the whole world, I would advise anyone to fabricate this water clearing device and put them in as many waters as possible, from what I see here, the chem crud have just about gone, so those parasites will try something else to eliminate mankind.
    I have done some gifting in the gulf stream some 6 years ago, it look like It must be done in a greater scale at this point.
    Also as the degree of toxins augment in our air, anyone with a Pillow medicine bag, please ware the thing, it will cancel out any toxin.
    Here we are THE PEOPLE; lining up against us are the majority of the corporations, all government agencies, all medical and pharmaceutical mafia, all police, all military, insurance mafia, banking cartel etc etc etc…. and all we have is Good will and Orgonite……………………..shoot: they dont have a chance, they may as well give up

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