Life Pillow by Stephen Geddes – Australia ( monsoon orgonite)

OUSTANDING ! Josh , thankyou for the opportunity to trial the Life Pillow here in Australia.
I’ve had Pillow for 2 days and already experienced some amazing results.
As the lady handed me the parcel at the post office, I noticed her warm smile and glow
and knew it had arrived. Been like a kid waiting for Christmas!

First thing noticed was the herby fragrance.Not unpleasant,…Pillowed quite a few items
that evening. Water tasted better, smokes milder, and degassed a glass of homebrew.
Normal throw together dinner was surprisingly delicious. Slept on Pillow that night.

Next day ,early start, woke refreshed. Off to my favorite school with all the little energy sensitive kids , armed with the Life Pillow and a couple of other orgone devices. Of course, students were receptive and after describing the contents passed the Pillow around. They all picked up on the smell.The best description was like cut grass and seaweed. I continued to talk about how it’s used and mentioned purifying water. Well there was a rush on pillowing their waterbottles. It was really funny to see their surprised faces at the difference in taste.

So out for some morning sport. One girl took a tumble on the concrete surface.I directed the student who was minding the pillow to race over and give the it to her. She held it on the pain and was gone in a couple of minutes .
Back in class I caught one guy squeezing the living daylights out of the pillow. OY, DON’T YOU WRECK THAT ! He said ” I can’t feel any crystals in here !” I replied they’re probably in a crushed form…make a big batch so many pillows can be made at one time.
At recess students pillowed their food with many reporting better taste. At lunch they didn’t need reminding. I had to hunt up the pillow to purify my meat growler with red zinger ….pie and sauce …..Ha ha ,It actually tasted like a gourmet product, not normal.
Slept on the pillow again last night. Noticed the whites of my eyes clearer this morning.!
The red veins seem to be shrin -Stephen


Monsoon Orgonite

G’day Anjali Walsh… yes ,,, a combination of orgonite and Life Pillow mix set in resin …. The original Life Pillow had the pillow mix in a soft leather pouch,,,, These LP charging plates stronger and probably last a lot longer (y)

As far as I know Stephen is the only one around who makes them, the resin types life pillows, they are good and very sturdy. You can contact stephen on facebook
I bought one, ages ago, shipping is expensive from Australia to the US or Europe in general for a while now.

Pillow with shipping was about 200 Aussie dollars that is about 120 US $- I think or about 120 euro 





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