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Orgonaut on the Life Pillow

I feel very fortunate to have a life pillow. At first I focused on what it does which is push the spin resonance of anything in a positive direction- certain strange affects that were immediately noticable were the smel and taste cahnges.

Right when I got it, took a walk with it, and when I walked by a neighbor mowing his lawn I surprised to realize that there wasn’t the trademark gasoline and pollen mixture which tends to b an irritant to me. I even put the life pillow back in the house and walked by again-IMMEDIATELY smelled the gasoline after leaving the house-laughed-got the life pillow out of the hosue and continued on my walk(with no abrasive smells)  It has a very pleasant feel, altho as has been stated more subtle than orgone energy and hard to explain.

Personal experience seems to b the best way to share- I agree with Steve 100% on the water, i have good water filtration but noticed quite more liveliness(structure, taste) after a couple seconds near the life pillow- it seems as tho anything more than a couple seconds is overkill(I’ve had much less thirst, yet have not had more water than usual) I also have been exposing all my food to it with great benefit, besdies taste. It seems as tho treated food and herbal supplements(life pillow+ astragalus= YES) assimilates much better in the body after being pillowed, especially with the pillow near the stomach. I even tried indulging in foods that ive been staying away from (thanks nepi i may have taken it to the market… to play )- which include white flour, soy, and fried foods- Low and behold ive had not a single stomach problem(believe me, pre-pillow if i ate what i did yesterday- wi wouldn’t b able to type now), =[ from the first day of life pillowing my appetite has greatly increased ( after putting so much orgonite in the house the past month- food hasn’t been as necessary?) even my animals are eating more and more lively.

Orgonite loves it. all of my pieces respond positively having the pillow around- the nano shield particularly appreciates sitting next to the pillow. At first i didn’t get the name completely, but now i do! Its Life in a pillow!! and very confortable. Ive been sleeping near it (soundly) and when i wake up its generally in the same spot(WEIRD).

I have been known throughout my life for being an active sleeper so to not move it during my daily 8 is just plain weird. overall- something that is hard to put ones finger on- considering the seemingly endless amount of uses I figured the drastic physical changes would show the less sensitive individuals an idea of the amazingly capabilities of this leather pouch of goodness!

KUDOS JOSH- Its amazing that you could harmonize this thing into existance- Thank you.  -Orgonaut

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