The Way I Went – A Selenite Way

  Think it is that time of year that I may try to put it up, if I even did, perhaps I did, long ago, partial or in full, fragments on long gone forums, who knows, hard to say. Besides, perhaps it is better to put it up now, after seven years , being on … Read moreThe Way I Went – A Selenite Way

Interview Joe and Phil

    1.Paramagnetics. 2. World War II. 3. Agriculture. 4. Natural Cures 5. Entomology 6. Radio Technology 7. Infra Red Technology I. Title. PART ONE Joe and Marilyn Blankinship visit with Philip and Winnie Callahan at their home in Albuquerque, New Mexico in 2004. A few initial minutes of introduction are not captured on video. … Read moreInterview Joe and Phil

Tuning Into Nature

  This 25th anniversary edition, updated by the author, reveals the miraculous communication systems present in nature. Learn how plants and insects communicate through emissions in the infrared frequency range and why poisonous pesticides do not solve the real problems facing agriculture. In this breakthrough book Phil Callahan uncovers why certain insects are attracted only … Read moreTuning Into Nature

Nature´s Silent Music

Nature’s Silent Music : A Rucksack Naturalist’s Ireland by Philip S. Callahan 1992, Trade Paperback   In this book, Callahan shows how ”civilized” insanity is turning Ireland away from her naturally harmonious, aesthetically pleasing, sound practices. Why remove a thatched roof to replace it with galvanized tin, only to increase the heating bill? With insightful … Read moreNature´s Silent Music

Archive Orgonize Australia

    Recently the forum went down, so put the bits and pieces together in a pdf so you can still access it and learn a trick or two.   Another one memory holed, it is getting repetitious…. I know there is a lack of interest, at least publicly, behind the scenes there are always … Read moreArchive Orgonize Australia

Geo-Engineered Transhumanism

        PDF Geo-Engineered Transhumanism     Table of Contents   Preface e Wuhan Showcase Chinese New Year 2020 Introduction PART 1: As Above, So Below Chapter 1 Still Under An Ionized Sky  Ionosphere Jets and “Contrails” Geoengineered Fires Chapter 2 e ree Primary Transhumanist Delivery Systems  Chemical Aerosol Soup Water Ozone Group … Read moreGeo-Engineered Transhumanism

Exploring The Spectrum – Health and Light – Dr. John Ott documentary on the health effects of light

I read Dr. Ott’s books back in the 80’s and spoke with him by phone once or twice before he died. This extremely important 1974 documentary on the health effects of full spectrum light and often feared the ultra violet frequencies has been almost lost to humanity as few have ever seen it. He told … Read moreExploring The Spectrum – Health and Light – Dr. John Ott documentary on the health effects of light